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That is weird….really no different than auctioning off a puppy for a fundraiser...

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Toledo, OH - LOST RESCUE DOG - A small basenji tan & white around 5-6 months was brought from Jackson county on transport, got loose has rescue's name & phone number on coated tag. Was in parking lot of Comedy Club off Heathedowns by Putt Putt. Please call if you find his or SEE him, he is suppose to be outgoing but maybe scared too. You can call Shelly 614-578-1250 or Jody at 419-276-3569.

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I think they understand the practicality of right and wrong as in 'I just did something that the leader doesn't like'…or 'I just did something that the leader does like'. I think they don't think about it much when we aren't there...but if we were able to give them a quiz and say 'are you allowed to take things out of the garbage?' they would be able to answer correctly. But I don't think they have any context for right and wrong outside of what they have been taught; and they cannot generalize, they cannot say 'well, it is not okay to chew up the stuffed toy over it must not be okay to eat these underwear over here' And when in doubt, they always revert to 'dog law', if it smells edible, and they aren't sure if they are allowed, they will proceed as a dog would.

And then there are some dogs that just don't care. Just like there are some people that just don't care. No amount of correction, rewarding, bribing, whatever will override 'dog law' for them.

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🙂 You had me worried there for a minute!

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Yes, one of ours DEFINITELY peed to send a message on more than one occasion. Ivy got in trouble for something (so long ago, I don't remember what) and she ran directly into our room jumped on the bed, and peed on my pillow….

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Happy Birthday Diggie!!! Hugs from all of us 🙂

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It sounds to me like she isn't feeling good, so everything else is just pissing her off (no pun intended). She may have a UTI.

Oh, I just saw that you said you are pretty sure she *doesn't have a UTI. You might want to have her checked just be sure. One of ours will be crabby (and she normally never is) when she has a UTI.

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??? we knew 😉 Nice piece 🙂

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That was interesting! Any idea when the research was done?

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Personally, I have never seen a situation where positive reinforcement methods have put a human at risk. As with any other training method…if done incorrectly, one could fail to correct the problem they are trying to change...but there is no point in arguing the details of our methodologies.

I think one reason that we see more cases of people dealing with problem dogs, is that when I was kid, and probaby you too. If your dog bit a kid you did either one of three things: you told the kid "don't bother the dog anymore", or you took the vet or the shelter where it was euthanized, or you took it behind the barn and shot it. People didn't want to understand why their dog bit, and they didn't really care, and they didn't think they could change the dog. Now people view the dog as a family member that you don't give up on, and many set up unrealistic expectations for the dog. People with problem dogs have to become instant experts, and they have people tell them they don't have a good relationship with their dog, and that they screwed up with the dog as a puppy because they were too lenient,or too harsh. When all they really want is a technique to improve their dog's behavior.

I am rambling.... 🙂

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