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At Wal-mart it is in the Baking Goods aisle, where the flour & sugar is!

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Echo is behind my knees under the covers, Blue is a Daddy's boy and sleeps next to him under the covers but with his head out on the pillow. Merlin sleeps at the foot of the bed on his own bed, but at the first alarm ring in the morning hops up and goes straight under the covers for 10 minutes of snuggle time. Echo has been known to actually crawl into the duvet and get trapped. It's fun pulling him out a 3:00 in the morning. He always pops out with his tail wagging like he's wondering "how did that happen?"

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Is there a simplified type of lure course that we can tryout with our boys? They seem to really love chasing low fast things. We have a lot of property to work with. I just did not know if there is a course that can be set up without motors, etc.

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About 7 years ago I lived next door to her in Carbondale, just outside of Desoto. I grew to really like her dogs and would put them back over the fence if they got out. She had two brindle/white females & one red/white male. She had two litters of pups at once and I fell in love with the breed. I wanted to buy one but they were $300 and I could not afford it. After several weeks she had one puppy left. She came to my house and offered me the dog or she was going to have it put to sleep. She gave him to us because he was sick. This is when I learned that free dogs are expensive dogs. Monty was in and out of the vet for months, he was diagnosed early with an unknown auto-immune disease. He suffered from a massive bone infection in his shoulder and lost most of the mobility in his right leg & shoulder. He had calcium deposits throughout his body, his tendons teared easily, his toes were always coming out of joint. He was always still happy & very active, just very prone to hurting himself. After Monty died we answered an ad for Basenji Puppies and it turned out to be the same person. We bought Blue, who is as healthy as a dog can be. We had pick of the litter and we chose well. Neither time that I received a dog from her did I get papers, but I never asked.

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I got Blue from a breeder in DeSoto, I also got Monty from her as well. I have noticed that she does put in her ads "rare barkless odorless breed" We all know are not necessarily barkless and definatley not odorless! I haven't gotten this weeks paper, I'll it post again if she is still running the ad.

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You guys are great, it's so nice to have people care about Echo's problems! His IBD is not a topic to many people care to talk to me about. When we lost Monty to Blastomycosis last year in March, Echo showed up seemingly out of no where 2 months later. Call me silly, but it seemed like a sign and we just had to have him no matter the rectal incontinence! Also, in order to check him for IPSID, wouldn't I have to have a biopsy done? The best news is that he had solid poop about an hour ago. He is beginning to feel much better. I got some soft ZD and mixed it with some of the dry ZD so he has some yummy meals.

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Adoption is so great! Good for you. She has TONS of adventures in store you. This is just the beginning of life with a Basenji, your world will never be the same again!

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I just read in the classified pets section of The Southern Illinoisan Newspaper this ad:

FREE BASENJI, 2 yr old male, housebroken, rare, odorless, barkless dog. Good with kids. Call 618-922-4921

This paper is obviously in southern Illinois, but the area code is for the Carbondale, Marion, Murphysboro, area. About 2 hours east of St. Louis, Missouri or 6 hours south of Chicago. The paper is dated Wednesday May 30, 2007

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Echo, at 3 months old, was found abandoned in a field inside of a box with a dead littermate. He did not start off well. When I adopted him from my vet, which was the day she received him, he was infested with coccydia parasites and round worms. He had absolutely no sphincter control. It was after I took him to a new vet and she diagnosed him with Inflammatory Bowel Disease & put him on pred and sulfasalazine that he began to get better and eventually had completely solid and regular bowel movements. He has gained back about 95% of his sphincter control (has the occasional slip in the middle of the night), but it is obvious that he must have a small "holding area" in his bowel as he poops often in small amounts. I have no way of knowing who the breeder was. He is just over a year old now. He weighs in at a healthy 29 pounds and has had no issues with losing weight. Great skin & coat, very energetic (he has a personality just like Tigger from Winny the Pooh), runs so fast! We were amazed to watch him grow so healthy. This is his "before & after" photo.

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He has Inflammatory Bowel Disease and this is his first flare up since being diagnosed a year ago. He had 7 months of excellent health with a prescription dog food diet, 5mg maintenance of Pred and another drug called sulfasalazine. I wish I knew what caused the flare up! He has an appointment for blood work and a fecal sample tomorrow, the suggestion came from the emergency phone call made on memorial day. Say some prayers that he feels better soon. Thank you for all of your help, this community is a blessing!

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