B's on TV in Australia.

Came home to be told of some B's on the idiot box the other day:)

Here is the link to the programes website, ABC is our goverment owned TV chanel.


Yay… excellent video where you get a good basenji "overload" by seeing them at the outdoor show. Her dog sure didn't mind the shower too much at all. Hmmmm.... when I bought a Furminator the other day, they gave me a free bottle of puppy shampoo. Not sure whether I will use it or not, but I suppose it is a nice thing to have in case you get a really dirty basenji, for some reason.

Thanks so much, Kyle, for sharing this video with us. Ahhhh... it is summer over there. I sigh.

Thanks for posting the video, i enjoyed watching it. Wish Malaika was as good in the bath 🙂

That was very good video!

It's nice to see so many basenjis in one place! I think the only place in Florida where that can happen is where the Wimauma basenjis are hanging out! 🙂

That was Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

That's a really nice piece on basenjis. thanks for sharing

Neat, thanks for sharing!

First Basenji's

That was neat.
Those darn flies!

Great video, thanks for sharing! I think that puppy "Princess" is "Baagna Elofa Lady", she lives in Belgium now.. I will send her owner the link to this video!

I think Jon Curby (from the US) was one of the judges. Cool.

Ooo i missed it, thanks!

Ohhhhh thanks for posting that…

I missed it too...

Janneke, I think you are right about Princess 😉

Glad you enjoyed it, wasn't to bad for a childrens programe:D


I think Jon Curby (from the US) was one of the judges. Cool.

I noticed that!

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