• One thing I have noticed about Basenji owners is that we don't name our dogs "typical" dog names. I haven't seen a spot, butch, socks, or those other "typical" names. Our dog names usually have some meaning behind it. What is the meaning behind the name you gave your Basenji?

    I have two basenjis, Sheba and Ramasey.

    Sheba: I did not name her but she was named for Queen of Sheba

    Ramsey: he was named after the pharaoh, Ramesses II. He held power the longest of all the Ramesses in Egypt. He was very destructive and started many wars and conflicts. When we got Ramsey I had already decided on his name, but the first week he proved the name to be unfitting for him. He was very shy, docile, and loving. So his AKC name is "Ramsey's Loving Side". Now, 5 months later, he has once again proven that to be unfitting… Lol. He is still very loving but also very destructive, starts wars and conflicts with Sheba and the cat and, of course, us... His pets.

  • Medjai is named for the egyptian word for soldier. He is kind of my personal soldier wannabe, so I figured the name fits. When I get a female to keep him company, because I am going to want to get into breeding, her name will be Nailah which means successful. Although Medjai won't be the stud, I figured that it would be best to name the dog for how I would like her to be.

  • Wow, nice names..

    Mirtillo got his name because of his black/blue hair on his ears and in his neck. Mirtillo means blueberry in Italian.

  • Nicky named himself. The theme for his litter was Time. His breeder would sit on the floor and call out names that went with different Time registered names. He consistently responded to Nicky so he named himself. His registered name is Sherwood's In The Nick Of Time.

    Rally is named after the anime and manga character Rally Vincent from GunSmith Cats, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gunsmith_Cats I loved the character and thought it would be a good fit for a basenji girl. The theme for her litter was Moon so I picked a rare event, a solar eclipse, to name her after, Sherwood's Shadow of the Moon.

    After naming Rally for an anime character I thought it was only fitting that my other dogs be named after anime characters. Unlike Rally, whose name I had known long before I got her, it took me forever to decide on a name for our first homebred puppy. After a long time, we finally settled on Rio. She is named for the character Rio Kinezono from Team Warrior seen in Burn Up W, Burn Up Excess and Burn Up Scramble, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burn_Up_W. Her registered name, Kinetic Sourcery, is from the title of a Terry Pratchett Discworld book about the source of magic, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Discworld

    Our youngest is named for the main female character in Howl's Moving Castle, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howl's_Moving_Castle_(film) Sophie was such a wonderful character, always make the best of a bad situation and winning over pretty much everyone she met. It is the perfect name for half Avongara girl. We also decided to continue to use Terry Pratchett titles to disguish our keeper. Before she was born I was planning on using the name Equal Rites since it was very fitting with her being a half Avongara and black and white. After all the stress she put us through being born via C-section though Soul Music seemed much more fitting so she is Kinetic-Tanza Soul Music.

  • I got Thorn or Little Thorn to be exact ,already named, but I don't know the reason.

    Eos is named after the goddess of Dawn

    Valhi is short for Valhalla (Old Norse Valhöll, "Hall of the Slain") is Odin's hall in Norse mythology, located in the Asgardian realm of Gladsheim and is the home for those slain gloriously in battle (known as Einherjar) who are welcomed by Bragi and escorted to Valhalla by the valkyries. (The "höll" part of Valhöll means 'hall'.) The term 'Valhalla' has entered popular usage for an ideal, heaven-like destiny.

    Timbo short for Viatimbo. I choose the name of the town in Central Republic of Africa (country where I saw my first b) called Iatimbo and because in France for each year we have a letter for naming the dogs (usualy only needed for registration but most people do it anyway for pet names) then as it was V He was then called Viatimbo.

    Uku means five in Sango, langague of CRA, because he is number five dog who arrived in the house, but he thinks he his number 3 :rolleyes:

  • I don't know the story behind my boy's name, but Ruby's came named and is from the song "Bewitched, Bejeweled, Bedazzled"…she's one of 3 girls..she's "Bejeweled" hence Ruby...and her litter mates were Bewitched and Bedazzled. I love that because I love that song...:D 😃

  • Are you ready for this? I decided Jack needed a pirate name because he was missing an ear (plus, I have a little thing with pirates- YAR!) Jack's full name is:

    Captain Jackary Felonious LaPlante, Esq, the Silent but Deadly Marauder of the Backyard!

    My husband wouldn't let me name him:

    Pumpkin-face McGee, First mate of the good ship LaPlante

    So, he goes by Jack.

  • Chance took his name since our first Basenji pup passed away. We decided to take a "chance" with another B. His full name is Dark Lord Chanselor.

    Kiya our tri was named after the wife of Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten. She was his first wife and known as "The Favorite". She was the pick of the litter and everyone wanted to keep her.
    She also goes by Kiya Bear or Kiya Toots (since she has gas) 😉

  • Jackpot's name came about because my boyfriend works for the Colorado Lottery & we got our puppy from a breeder in a small gambling town here in Colorado…so the name just seemed to fit!

    Plus its fun to say/shout (makes us feel like winners!) LOL

  • Squiggy came with his name from the previous owner. I dont know why he has that name but if I had to guess it is from Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley. They both have the little black point of hair coming down in the front.
    If I ever get my red boy, and he doesnt already come with a name, Lenny it will be.

    When I knew I was going to get Squigs, I looked up african words and found one that meant "new home" which would have been so fitting. I got squiggy the day I moved into my first home and Squiggy was going to get a new loving home (didnt have one before).
    But, he knew his name.

  • @Chelbell26:

    Jackpot's name came about because my boyfriend works for the Colorado Lottery & we got our puppy from a breeder in a small gambling town here in Colorado…so the name just seemed to fit!

    Plus its fun to say/shout (makes us feel like winners!) LOL

    I have loved that name since I saw it on here, and now it is even better!

  • I think my dogs have pretty ordinary names:

    Our non-B is Gypsy, which suites her personality perfectly.

    Our Basenji's are Jumoke's Jazzy Lady – which I named her because I was anticipating a spunky dog with flair! Jazzy, however, prefers to sleep. She is, in many ways, atypical. She IS very much a lady in her manners --when she's not cussing out one of the other dogs --- so that part fits her fine.

    Jumoke South Pacific Keoki -- the litter name was South Pacific, and Keoki is Hawaiin for George. Honestly, would NOT have been my choice, but dh liked Keoki,so..................
    {personally, it wouldn't have fit the 'theme', but I wanted to name him Satchemo, to go along with Jazzy. sigh}

    I DO have a cat named Nerfnuzzle, and you have to admit THAT's different, LOL. But our other cat is Ginger, so... we're back to ordinary again.

  • My boys call name is Dallas. We named him that because my boyfriend & I are HUGE Dallas Cowboy fans & well…we hated Cowboy :p His breed name is Serengeti Monterey Jack since each pup in his litter was named after cheese! LOL

  • Digital, who came with his name, is named after a person believe it or not:

    Jet, just because it seemed to fit. His breeder was calling him Saint, but I couldn't see calling a basenji Saint. Jude would have been a good name since St Jude is the patron saint of lost causes, but hubby nixed that name. "Jet" just sort of stuck.

    Mucha (malinois) came with her name and is also named after a person:

    And Zest I picked out all on my own (the name and the puppy). I loved the name and all that it implies and the name came to me before I even picked up my new puppy. It's a fun name for a fun girl.

  • it has really been fun reading all your responses, the meaning of your Basenji names is very interesting. I knew that Basenji owners were just as unique as their dogs… hey, that gives me an idea for my next thread

  • What a fun topic! I don't know if I can tell the stories briefly, so I hope it doesn't bore you!

    Querk - short for Quercus rubra..the latin name for Red Oak. We live in an area called the Oak Openings, globally rare habitat…anyhow, we wanted a name that would reflect that.

    Ivy - short for part of her registered name 'Infinite Velocity'; we named her in hopes that she would be an AWESOME courser...which she is, when she isn't interfering with other dogs<rolling eyes="">

    Blondie - again reference to part her registered name 'platinum quercus' or blonde oak (okay, not a real tree...but blondie fits her well!)

    Bella - Registered theme for her litter was a fiduciary theme...we chose 'closing bell' and it seemed Bella was a fitting name

    Luna - just liked the name 🙂 chose her registered name afterwards 'Quercus Select Incandescent'

    Ariel - came with the name...but love it!

    and lastly...Hippo- how does anyone end up with a dog named Hippo? Let your four year old child pick the puppy names! It was supposed to just be his crib name...but, it seems to have stuck..even though it isn't a very flattering name for a show dog! His 'show' name will probably be 'Carl', as his registered name will most likely be Taji Quercus What In-Carnation</rolling>

  • Myran means ant in swedish I had seen a program about fire ants so as he was red and feisty he became Myran.
    Efia means born on a friday and my little girl was just that born on a friday ok so we quite often call her Fisen which means fart as she has passed some really mean farts from time to time;)

  • "because in France for each year we have a letter for naming the dogs"

    That's really interesting. What great names and great stories.

    Fiji was named Weegee when we got her - her previous owner said it was because she kept them wondering what would happen next (so it was a play on Ouija).

    I might have named a B Kofi if I'd started from scratch, and Fiji's registered name is (Mighty) Meeka, which fits her pretty well. But I didn't want to hit her with any more changes since she was a rescue. Weegee was a little too cutesy for me, but Fiji sounds so close she doesn't seem to have had any problem adjusting.

  • Topper: came with that name, and it fits him (black & white, looks like he is in a "top hat and tail"
    Nicky: She came named Nyako but I like 2 syllable names, so we shortened it to Nicky.
    Eddie: Came as 'Skippy' but he was so thin and moved with fast, spastic moves that I named him Fast Eddie, after the character in the The Hustler. Now he is no longer skeletal, he has lost his "s" and is just Fa(s)t Eddie now.

  • I named my girl Katie Jo, BUT, Jo is to close to No. So we just go my Katie, or Poo-Poo. Not very fancy.

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