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You need to take him to the vet for sure.

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I don't know if you've checked it out but there are a few groups on Facebook that list their litters for this year as well as looking on here.

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I agree with Terry and i am also somewhat new.

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How long did you all have to wait for the test results?

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Well, my first show dog is just 13 months old, but she's doing well. At our last two shows she only got reserve winners bitch once, but this time with with her growing pains having gone away, we got a 3 point major. I'm so proud and excited. Hopefully we'll do even better next month at our next show.

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If there is a problem, I would talk to the breeder first, then as eeefarrm said, make sure not to use names if you post anything here.

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Oh so cute. She looks so much like my Nailah.

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The harmful ingredient in chocolate is not present in white chocolate as there is technically no cacao.

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My two sleep like that some times, just without the tails curled together. They like to also push me out of the bed altogether so they can do that.

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Medjai never baroos but howls whenever left all alone and lonely.

Nailah barood the second she got in the door at 11 weeks old. She continues to a lot, but not as much as she did when I got her. I think Medjai is convincing her to be quiet.

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