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I am so sorry for your tremendous loss. So hard! We just lost our basenji boy (12.5yrs old) to cancer last week (dx on a Thursday and went downhill very quickly, we helped him cross the rainbow bridge on Wednesday). Miss him so much!

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Interesting! I take rapamycin as an immunosuppressant medication following a bone marrow transplant (hope it helps me live longer! Lol)

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We tried Jackpot on Merrick & he didn't like it. Wellness made him sick…so now he's on Fromm Duck & Sweet Potato & doing well 🙂

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We tried Jackpot on Merrick & he didn't like it. Then I did a little tast test with Evo & Fromm & he seemed to like the Fromm the best. Hope that this ia good food for him! Anyone have any bad experiences with Fromm?

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Thanks for the responses guys!!! I was curious about that & it sounds like this might be more than just a coincidence! Jackpot was losing weight on it as well. We are much happier with him on Fromm Duck & Sweet Potato!

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hey just turned a year old

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Hi all,
Just curious if anyone else's B has had problems with Wellness Puppy Mix (chicken is the main protein source). We had Jackpot on it for a long time & he had lots of loose stools & we just thought it was sorta "normal". Well about 2 months ago we took Jackpot to the vet for vomiting & loose stools again (he'd been in for the same thing at least 2 times before & the vet was staring to think that he had "doggie IBS") & vet suggested we take Jackpot off the Wellness completely & try something else with a different protein source. We slowly switched him over to Fromm (Duck & Sweet Potato) and he's a new dog, seriously! No loose stools since we started him 2 months ago & he's got less "eye goobers", etc. I'm thinking he was allergic to something in the Wellness food (which makes me so sad b/c I did a lot of research on what food we wanted to feed him & kept him on it for way too long…silly me! Anyone else's B puppy not do well on the Wellness puppy?

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Keep the pictures coming. I LOVE tri puppies (but yes, the do grow up to be naughty! 🙂 LOL. All of your furbabies are "so goodlooking!" I grew up with a black lab who looks very similar to yours (big blocky head).

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oh and about the pomeranians…Jackpot hates them too! We have a little black pom who lives a few doors down from us named Tank. Jackpot & Tank DO NOT get along! LOL

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Jackpot goes to doggie day care several times a week. He LOVES it & they really seem to like him. Since he started going (he was their first Basenji) there are 2 other B's there now! They are definately the "cool kids" on he playground 🙂 LOL

Our daycare has webcams set up so that we can watch Jackpot anytime (at work I log in & can watch him run around like a maniac). They do "interviews" with new dogs & have them interact with 2 different dogs (one of the same sex & one of the opposite sex) before determining if they are behaviorally appropriate for day care. Jackpot gets used as an "interviewer dog" now when they bring in new dogs. 🙂

I think daycare has been a godsend for us! When he comes home he's exhausted & we get to have a little break. Its fabulous!

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