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to Terry and Tanza thanks thanks.for the ideas i will try them both and hopefully get a good sample. Our boy's brother passed away suddenly from what was thought to be fanconi Very important we get this done. Our babies are actually uncle and niece and they are 8 & 7 years old. Our breeder is great and knows all their history of parents, grandparents, great grands etc. No one else has tested postive only grandfather and great grand father.
We want to know their results so we can be proactive in their care Thank you very much

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To all of you out there that have successfully gotten samples for testing , please send some advice. We have read all the instructions and have scrubbed there cheeks longer than suggested time frame. Thought we had done everything right, but oh not so, we now need to re collect. Our
dogs mouths are so dry, the swab that you are supposed to squeeze onto the test strip has no moisture on it to squeeze anything out of the swab onto the paper. So please share some ideas, so we can get it right this time. I know they can have no food or water prior to testing, so how do you get a sample thats moist enough to transfer the cells. Up for any advice

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Your new little one is too cute. I must admit I am partial to the name as we have a 6 yr old r/w male named Monty . Lots of love and enjoyment to you for many years.

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We live in florida, bug captial of the world. Have recently recieved information on Comfortis. Our vet is now carrying it. We usually treat yard and house and have had a good flea control with that in past years. We know that some new products are not always basenji friendly. Do you feel comfortis is safe for our fur kids? Anyone used this med? Would like some feedback before we make the decision to try it.

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We have had a leather couch for years, 3 basenji's and one catahoula later the couch had survived, but one escaped *cocatoo who wanted up on the couch and used his beak to try and pull himself up on it left a row of large beak marks along the front of all the cushions. My husband purchased some very expensive wax which he says will hide the flaws. He has not done it yet so I don't know if it works but since it was "his" couch before it became "our"
couch I guess he knows what he speaks of. So its not always the dogs that can cause a diaster.

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Is ruby a rainbow lorie. I have a scarlett lorie, she does talk as well as a lorie talks. She does call "daddy peanut" quite clearly. Thats her call when she wants something. She likes her nectar but will finish off her bowl of meat,fruit,veggies, etc everytime when my other birds are fussy and leave alot of it. She likes to play dead, chases a spoon on the counter, will try and lift anything. also is a good mimic and will count back when you tap out 1,2,3,etc she will tap her foot the same amount as you tap

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They look they are having fun. Mine would never do that. I would worry about a bigger bird of prey getting them.

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You are right about the catahoula Great picture. That is about the coloring of our guy.They like basenji's come in many colors. Yes the leopard in the name is because of the spots. Our guy is about 24 inches at the withers and about 50 lbs. They are the state dog of louisana because they come from catahoula county. They go back to the explorer de soto who's bulldog bred with the local indian's dog and therefore became the catahoula. They act like basenji's in many ways. He is so tall when on his back legs nothing is beyond his reach anymore. They are not as of yet akc recognised. They are on the waiting list for approval. When we found out what he was, we did lots of research on the catahoula lepoard dog. They herd pigs and cattle.
At the end of one research page we found the comment "if you like this kind of dog you also might like A BASENJI'. So now we have two basenj's and a large dog that very much acts like a basenji. Will forward pic's

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She is a beauty. I have a special spot in my heart for the sled dogs. I have had 3 elkhounds. They are not very happy here in florida. My last elkie passed in August 08 at age 14. Have two basenji's and a catahoula lepoard mix we saved his life at 8 weeks from our kill shelter he was scheduled to be put down in a few days. He turned 1 yesterday. Now we have a cata what???
He's been a good boy My husband a 30+ year basenji owner has had fun having a dog that will play. He catches anything you can throw, ball, frisbee, bubbles Need to channel that ability into something constructive for him Enjoy your baby if they are like most sled dogs they don't really grow up till they are 2

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our 15 year old had the same kidney values, Our vet put him on KD it was a good kidney diet for him. The problem was he didn't like it much. Stood on our heads sometimes to get him to eat. We also did subQ fluids 3X a week until the vet said to stop. It wasn't helping much and he really didn't like it. Unfortunately with the high renal values we had seizures to contend with. They started out infrequent and then became very frequent and he finally had one that wouldn't stop and we had to help him cross the bridge. But overall we got another year with him using the diet and subQ which I doubt we would have gotten had we not tried everything. Good luck with all that you try.

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