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"I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it."

~George Bernard Shaw

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Thank you for sharing your love, Pinya… you have indeed been blessed by Gypsy. She will always resonate in your heart, and every January 6th will be poignant for you. Hugs and roos, and please feel free to share. 🙂

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I will be travelling to France in January 2013, so if a NA rescue wants to help this dog, Please let me know!

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Dear Brad and lovely girlfriend…. welcome to the forum!!! I saw your post and was compelled to click on the link~ what a beautiful baby! How are you doing? 🙂
If you need any help, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask! If you are here long enough, you will see how much we love our b's!

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Yes, the internet is a public place and if you post something, be ready to be pounded by criticism. And while this is a great forum for basenji LOVERS… focus on lovers, I would like to make a couple of comments:

1. I'm apparently old, as the original OP is young enough to be my daughter. When I was her age, I was in college and couldn't care less about dogs. If you wanted one, then you'd go to the pound.

2. I know that she's trying to think about the best place for these dogs. And when we are in our early 20's, we are all dreamers, are we not? So we think about being firefighters, teachers, nurses, breeders, veterinarians... and as we grow older and hopes are eroded by reality, we recognize the difference between what we THINK we could do, and the reality of what we CAN do. This is one of Life's hard lessons, to be sure.

3. If I loved my dogs (which, at age 20+ I've already said I wasn't smart enough to recognize as a passion), and if I knew my circumstances meant that I needed to make changes, I would HOPE that I could reach out to people who understood the breed for help... and I would hope that these people would focus on the situation and not on ME, so that at the end of the day, the dogs would be cared for. I would hope that my previous optimistic posts wouldn't be thrown at quotations... and that people that love the breed wouldn't kick me out of the "club" because I had overstepped my personal limits and I now I asked for help. I would hope that people that were older (and wiser than me) would give me a break and let me learn from my mistakes and help others learn from them too.

Being 20 something is tough... we are trying to make our way in life as we are still growing up ourselves. Perhaps it's not an ideal time to pursue dog breeding, but I hope that some of you understand that at this age, we are all gaining wisdom through life lessons.

And while she's perhaps made some "mistakes" in her business decisions for dog breeding... this young lady is NOT a Backyard breeder with over 100 dogs in an unlicensed environment, nor is she selling these dogs as "Rare barkless hypoallergenic dogs" to the unsuspecting internet buyer. She came here first for help and guidance... so why can't we help her without judging her?

As long as we all remember that people make mistakes, and dogs somehow persevere through our ignorance... the dogs will be okay.

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This is a female not a male! Can anyone correct the title?


Fixed it, thank you Jennifer! I hope this dog is reunited with her family!

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It's hard for me to tell if she's a purebred, but perhaps someone can help? This ad sounds desperate:

Found: Basenji, S. Westmoreland ave (stray at pacc)
Date: 2012-08-17, 5:03PM MST
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Animal ID: A397386
Location Found: 150 S. westmoreland
Gender: FEMALE
Breed: basenji
Admitted: 08/17/2012

THE SHELTER IS FULL!! PLEASE go to the address below to claim your dogs. They may not find homes and may not survive. Found animals are held 3 days for their owner to claim them. If you want to adopt, these dogs will be available after the 3rd day. Go to the address below to adopt, foster, or rescue.

Use ID number above to claim or adopt.

4000 N. Silverbell Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85745
(520) 243-5900

To view all of the stray intakes at PACC go to

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I'm surprised this one hasn't been flagged yet, as it mentions a $700 fee…. no wonder that can't afford to have her spayed!

It reads:

basenji - $700 (york)
Date: 2012-08-10, 11:17PM EDT
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I have a female basenji African dog, been around kids and a male dog doesn't get along with female dogs or cats, needs a lot of attention and a lot of exercise we are unable to give her the attention and freedom to run with having 3 kids to care for she loves to take walks and chew on her bone and she is crated during the day loves to snuggle. She is not spayed due to not being able to afford it She's 1 yr old and has her shots and paperwork contact this ad if interested price is negotiable. Pictures are available if interested in the dog

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The ad reads:
Beautiful Basenji (Douglasville, GA)
Date: 2012-08-13, 1:05PM EDT
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BASENJI TO GOOD FOREVER HOME. I have two Basenjis and unfortunately, I lost my job and I can not afford to keep both of them. I would like to find a forever home for my four year old Cody. He is a purebred and I have all his paperwork. Cody is house trained and gets along with other dogs. He also loves children.

He is spayed and chipped. He is very quiet and does not bark. I paid $400 for him so, I am asking a reasonable rehoming fee of $180.00

Please call/text me at 770.547.8494

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Here is another one. There is no photo of the girl:

Free Basenji Dog 4 yrs (Southaven, Ms)

Date: 2012-08-07, 6:10PM EDT
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Female Basenji dog, 4 yrs old, very loyal , not fixed, loves children. Brown and white, she has been outside most her life and is free to a good home.
Location: Southaven, Ms

PostingID: 3190618200

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The ad reads:
Pure bred basenji (platteville)

Date: 2012-08-07, 1:36PM MDT
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i have a pure bred basenji that needs a good home. good dog good for small homes. female, spayed. up to date with rabies shots. $25 re homing fee which includes everything we have for her food, leash ect. need to get rid of her ASAP email me and we can set up a visit to come check her out.

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