• Thought I would share some experience with basenji's and birds. We have 2 basenjis, 2 & 3 yrs old. We also have 6 birds, mostly rescued or needed a good home. All but one of the birds was here before the dogs came. As pups they were very curious about those caged things. The dogs have been trained to leave the birds alone. Blessedly our dogs have never associated the birds they flush outside as being the same things thats inside. We also know that natural instincts are alive and well in the basenjis of today, so they are never all out together. The wonderful thing that has happened is the birds have each selected a dog to be their own. Since the birds talk, they call them, talk to them and have a love affair going with their dog. Our cockatoo has adopted our littlest basenji. He calls her mournfully when he cant see her, at night when she has gone to bed you have to tell the bird she has gone nite nite or he won't settle down. Those two will go nose to nose while the cockatoo is caged. No bites he just loves her. Our best talker a quaker parrot calls them for supper, tells them outside and when our elder elkie is getting into trouble this bird tattles on him. All of this inner action totally amazes us and it was something we could never have taught them

  • How cute!! I used to have a bare eyed peach headed cockatoo that would just love to torment the dogs. He would run over to them, nip them on teh butt and run to the other end of the couch laughing all the way!!

  • What an awesome story! I wish you could get that on video and share it with us!! How cute!

  • that's too funny!

  • Love your story and love your title, too!!

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