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It's really dependent on the personality of the puppy, if you're willing to sacrifice some household items in the event that the dog isn't ready, and reality.

What I did was set up a time on my offday.....letft skype and webcam on so I could watch the process "away from home"...and left him for several hours alone. But, could come home immediately if things weren't going well... However that might not be an option for you.

You could always just try things out and experiment. My one dog reached his full adult status (personality) by 8 months. The other one I couldn't trust until she was over a year old.

Provided your dog doesn't have anxiety issues or is hyperactive there really isn't a lot to worry about. However, anxiety can lead to costly destruction damage....

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I can sympathize…..IMHO basenjis are the worst dogs to potty train and crate train. Both of my dogs had accidents in their crates as puppies, and one of them ended up having isolation anxiety that was fixed when I got a second dog. They have high maintenance personalities and I have yet to meet one (unlike golden retreivers) that could just be thrown in a crate at 8 weeks, spend 10+ hours in there and do that for the rest of their lives without complaint.... but it's either psychological or it's physical - UTIs are also fairly common. 5 months is pretty young and it could change overtime. If I were you I'd set up a web cam video recording and see what happens - just to see if there are some budding anxiety issues there (though at 5 months it could just be part of the process). I think it's telling when you say that she does fine overnight but not when you leave......

posted in Basenji Feeding read more is really good for breaking down ingredients…..I mean they categorize tons of different brands fairly well and explain how they came to that conclusion. Costco has some cheap "good" options so I hear. It really is worth it to invest in a high protein (and high fiber) food; I only feed my 37 lb. dog a little less than half a cup of taste of the wild twice a day, and my 21 lb. dog gets 1/4 cup x 2 times a day. My little dog had ribs showing until I switched her from the corn based diet her breeder had her on to TOTW. Not to mention she was crapping like a million times a day, and had absolutely disgusting skin. Corn is absolutely terrible - goes right through them and they end up looking really skinny but real 'grain's are notorious for causing allergies. ......

With just my 37 lb. dog and a 30ish lb bag of taste of the wild ($ 55 dollars here in Alaska, so cheaper elsewhere) lasted well into the third month. So, that's about maybe 22 bucks a month [overestimation] spent on food for one dog…..which is pretty affordable really. And, of course, most brands are cheaper in the lower states anyways, possible to find even cheaper brands that are healthier than Eukanuba.

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omg she looks like a miniature adult. Really cute; and she is unique looking to me. I like seeing diversity in basenjis - some of the lines are starting to look like exact copies of one another, which is kind of sad.

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Yeah, good luck with them not eating anything stinky…

This might not work for your dog......but I've found that with both of mine.....the secret to keeping them away from something you don't want them to get into is just to let them go at it.

My dog used to get into the litter box and I'd make a big stink about it, squirt them with water, treats for not going into litter box......didn't do much to make them stay out of it.

So, after reading some advice I found on this forum, I decided to try an experiment and not bother to get mad at him for getting into it.....sure, found cat poop on the stairs for awhile....but eventually he stopped getting into it altogether. Ever since I've used this technique on both dogs; getting into my socks? I buy them a ton of thrift store socks, let them go nuts. Bags? I give them safeway bags. Kleenex, unripping pillows, etc.

For me it's worked in my favor. I may have dogs that are exceptions to the rules but I've found that the less I tell them to get away from something, the less likely they are to get into said object. If there is a weakness they will target that weakness until it is thoroughly destroyed. Lol.

I could see that going seriously wrong with the wrong dog though......but, in my mind, I would rather them get their fill now then get into something dangerous or expensive later when I'm not looking. Of course this won't work with everything. Certainly wouldn't try this with anything that could potentially kill them....and always supervised.

Anyways, Rabbit poop can't be too dangerous right? Better rabbit poop than horse poop......But if it really bothers you... A leave it command.......or possibly pick up some rabbit dung and spray it with bitter spray....let him see the rabbit poop and see if he garners a negative experience from it to the point where he won't bother with them?

I've never done it, but, I have heard of people having a lot of success tying shoes around a dogs neck and leaving them there (if they chew on shoes and don't respond to reprimand) so maybe you could tie little rabbit turds onto his collar? [I'm seriously kidding about that last one. No rabbit poop collars.]

That's all I've got, lol.

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Breeders will be your best bet through

, but if you're near a rescue (BRAT or other) and have time to spare….that may be a good route. The facebook page "Basenji puppies for sale" sounds sketchy, but there are actually some good breeders on there. It looks mostly like out of country options at first, but when litters are available I've seen plenty of US litters being advertized.

Petfinder is another route to go (but you have to be careful of scammers on there).

Google can be helpful just by typing in "basenji litter 2014" and researching whoever pops up. Some of them aren't responsible though, so you really have to do your homework.

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How is this pup doing currently? Any updates?

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Yay! Always awesome to see a well-trained basenji. I don't recall, but did you get your basenji as a puppy and socialize him with the bird? Or did you get an older basenji that had already been socialized? People make excuses as to why they have overweight, or badly trained dogs, a breed has certain instincts but a dog's personality will determine how well they do with small animals. My one basenji has a super soft mouth - something a basenji isn't supposed to have. He can pick up small voles without harming them.

Oh, and if you run up against anyone who is making you feel unwelcome on here…...there is a way to block them so you never have to see their posts. It comes in handy for one individual in particular.

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I'm sorry to bring this up, but when is this DebraDownSouth person going to be dealt with. She absolutely ruins every post she comes across with her extreme accusations. She did the same thing to the other thread of the OPs as well…..Is there another moderator I can talk to about this?

She has scared many newcomers away.....and I've sat back with silence, but enough is enough. I feel bad for even getting involved in this **** show and helping to derail the post, but there is absolutely no defense mechanism for the people who start these posts.

If this keeps up I won't even bother coming back to the basenji forums. It's been overrun by bad blood (this one individual). I didn't want to bother someone with something so petty, but it's just becoming too much. This is the one place I can come and (usually) be met with civility....but one bad apple ruins the batch. The examples of this aren't difficult to find. This one war mongering simpleton has managed to disturb the peace time and time again. .....just need a name via PM that I can contact for a polite little discussion regarding the potential removal or limitation of this account. How is someone allowed to tirelessly bully numerous people with absolutely no recourse? It's easy to ignore a pesky mosquito for a little while, but eventually you're going to snap and lash out at it. It has ruined so many posts that started out with such great potential.

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