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He's not outside a ton as he goes to daycare most days. We're also in NYC where nature isn't terribly invasive.

I posted on two facebook groups I follow as well and the answers have ranged from "winter ear" which seems like no big deal to vasculitis which (if you believe the hype) will soon have his skin falling off, zombie-style.

We'll probably swing by the vet this week to be sure, but I've been rubbing some vitamin E oil on his ears for the last 36 hours and it's already looking better.

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Our pup Ernest has had some dry skin issues in the past. We've started giving him 1 capsule's worth of fish oil daily which seems to have curbed his "dandruff" issue, but recently I noticed some very dry skin inside his ears. That peeled (like after a sun burn) but now the fur along the edge of his ear is coming out a little bit.

Anyone have ideas for causes and/or remedies?

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Where is his crate located? If it isn't beside your bed, I would try placing it there. He may take his cue from you that it isn't time to get up yet. If you let him sleep with you, it's even more likely that he will figure out it isn't time to rise and shine. All of the Basenjis I have owned prefer to sleep in, often staying in bed after I get up. That said, if his system is used to "potty" at a certain time, changing the last time he goes out won't necessarily help. Changing the time you feed him would be a better strategy, IMO.

Unfortunately, moving his crate isn't an option. As I mentioned, we're in a space constrained apartment that's been very carefully laid out to make the space work for us. Not sure changing his eating schedule would help either. We're pretty loose about his eating schedule, but often he only has to pee in the morning anyway.

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Our ~6mo. pup Ernest has been awesome. He was crate trained within a few days and sleeps in his crate/pen at night with no problem. Save one: he's up at 5am every morning like clockwork. Doesn't matter if his last walk was at 8pm or midnight, come 5am he's rattling around to get out, but this also indicates to me that he could hold it longer if he wanted to.

We get up and take him out and he'll always potty. If we bring him back inside and let him get in bed, he'll fall back to sleep for another few hours. if we put him back in his crate/pen though, he just rattles around because he wants to get out.

Anyone have tips on training him to sleep a little later? Even until 6am would make a huge difference in our routine at home. I should also add that we live in a NYC studio, so separating him from us isn't an option.

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they make them cute so you don't pinch their heads off!

It is still tempting sometimes! 😉

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Just wondering if anyone has advice or anecdotal experience on helping a puppy get used to being outside on busy/loud NYC streets.

Unfortunately, we live on a relatively loud street so our pup gets pretty scared the moment we're out the door. Even if we carry him to a quieter side street, he gets scared when cars go by. We've been trying to condition him by taking him out and feeding him food/treats to help get his mind off the noise.

Anything else you'd recommend?

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Hello everyone, meet Ernest. He's 13 weeks old and is currently trying to get used to the noises on the streets of Brooklyn and learning to love (tolerate?) his crate and expen. We got him from Toni Ackerman of Wakan Basenjis who was absolutely awesome to work with.

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The first I'd heard of it was in the facebook discussion linked above. Granted, we're just picking up our pup this weekend, so my hands-on experience is certainly limited in that regard, but I figured I'd ask others about their experience.

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Thanks for the replies. @tanza - did you have a look at the thread on facebook that I included the link to?

I would never have worried about it until I read that thread, but there's a lot of information in it (mostly anecdotal) about things that may lead to Bladder Stones including high-protein diet and not enough water.

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Was perusing the BCOA page on facebook today and came across this post/discussion (100+ comments deep now):

It's an ongoing discussion on the predisposition of Basenji's to have issues with Bladder Stones. Many people are discussing the benefit of feeding a B primarily wet food or of wetting down their dry food to help them digest it.

Does anyone here do this?
Has anyone had issues with Bladder Stones in their Basenji?

We're picking up our male in about 10 days and we're trying to learn everything we can.

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