What's your B's neck measure (trying to size a collar)?

  • Hey everyone,

    We're looking for a collar for our soon to come home Basenji and one of our favorites is a leather belt-style collar. It comes sized by inches (for example, a small is 11-15"). We'd like to avoid buying two as our pup grows if at all possible.

    Would a few folks mind sharing neck measurements of their grown Basenji so we can get an idea of what size to buy him and whether it will last to adulthood?


  • Loki is just a tad over 12" and Kaia measures 11.5" . How old will your pup be when he comes home? I'd hold off on the leather until he's fully grown, otherwise you'll more than likely end up buying two. Mine were 8 and 12 weeks when they came home and both were around 6" then.

  • @TMartin Thanks for the input. He'll be 13 weeks when he comes home. The collar would be a gift for me (my b-day is coming up) along with a matching leash, but we may well hold off putting it on him until he's grown up and gotten used to a collar. Would be a shame to see a nice on destroyed.

  • You can find a lot of puppy collars at thrift shops for pretty cheap - would never pay full price for one. I'm getting mine at 14 weeks and was told that 8-12 inches was what was being used - then at 4- 6 months graduate to 10-14 inch collar.

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