• Any B's in doggie daycare? My 2 go everyday, as I work for a vet and am there for very long hours. Rocket & Rumor love going, they barely look over their shoulder as I drop them off! I get daily reports on Lucifer and Satan as they are called by their daycare nannies. They are the first to start trouble, if that surprises anyone! Never having b's at their daycare before, Rocket & Rumor are now their favorites as they are NEVER boring. Anyone else have any daycare stories?

  • Zahra was about expelled from a Doggie Daycare that I was taking her and Chase too so that I could try them out before I boarded them there over the Christmas holiday several years ago. Both times I took them I went to pick them up at night with reports about "that Basenji" did this and "that Basenji" did that, it made me mad that they were not able to remember Zahra's name and also that they put here in a play group with little dogs that she would consider prey. They also told me that they had to lock her up most of the day which defeated the purpose of why she was going there to begin with. I tried to talk to the "trainer" who is on staff and I decided that it wasn't my B it was the Doggie Daycare and they never went back there again.

    I will pay the extra money to take them to a place that will be good to them and understand that my 20 lbs (She weighed much less at that time) dog can and should run with the big dogs because white fluffly little dogs look like bunnies to her.

  • Indy LOVES to go to daycare. They always tell me he is a little prince so I dunno. I once asked what he did and the asnwer was, "Well for the first hour or so he followed me around and sat wheneverr I stopped it was so cute, then he went and played all day". My first thought was "SUCKER" because she pet him every time she stopped.

    But my favorite is when I go to pick him up, he thinks its a game to make the staff capture him. He he he.

  • I don't do doggie day care, but sure do like reading these stories.

  • Rocket & Rumor used a golden retriever as a bed, he thought they were his friends. They only used him for his hair!!!! Will have to get a pic to show ya'll of them both curled up on this big golden, sound asleep!

  • I love all these stories! "Lucifer and Satan"… their "daycare names"! Ha! That made me laugh really hard!! And yeh, I'm pretty sure it'd be a HUGE mistake to put Basenji's in the "small dog" playroom!! My two really do NOT like little dogs. In fact, I think Lexi actually picks out certain breeds to hate. She can't stand pomeranians or jack russells. It's like she spots them from 100 yards away and is like...GET OUT OF MY SPACE YOU EVIL CREATURES! She's all hackles and growling. And I'm like, "Where's my sweet little B?!?!" So strange.

    I don't take mine to daycare. I don't know if I would trust anyone else to understand how they work. In smaller spaces, I don't know if I'd say "my kids play well with others". Both of them tend to "pick" on little dogs-- although I think it's their way of playing-- biting the necks, but it certainly looks like they're trying to kill a small prey (which doesn't go over well with the other owner, go figure). But they play the exact same way with big dogs- tag teaming and working together. Kind of like this: (Madison, the golden retreiver LOVED playing with Lexi & Miles!)

  • Tillo goes to daycare as well! He thinks it's better than being home alone 😃 He loves to play with all the other dogs! Especially the pretty girls 😉

  • How do you assess a good daycare? Although I have a "temporary" companion for Luny I'm still considering daycare (at least 1 or 2 days a week – I don't think I could afford it all week). What do you look for?

  • I usually show up for a "surprise" visit before I leave Indy. I take a walk through all of the areas to make sure the dogs are being treated properly and the staff is compitent. I will usually catch a staff member doing something he/she wouldn't in front of humans, but its not a deal breaker (using foul language casually/ talking to the dogs) something small.

    Then I will talk to the staff to determine how they group the dogs. I explain Indy and his doggie preferences and see what they say usually they say he can play with anyone who he is nice to and is nice to him.

    Also I like to know that they have ATLEAST one human per doggy area. Alot of places will have the yard sectioned off so that little dogs can play without fear of being bowled over by big dogs, etc. So I want one person per area at least to be watching. I like to see those people playing with the dogs too but I know that people get tired.

    Then once I have satisfyed my curiosity, I tell them I am leaving Indy there for four hours. One hour in I call and ask how he is doing and then again at three hours. When I get there I expect a report. All but one place has been cool with giving me those reports. I look for the staff's ability to remember Indy's name and what he looks like.

    When he comes out I pay close attention to make sure he is not stressed or upset. Usually he is happy and tired. I go out to the car, check him for cleanliness, scratches, bites, etc. He is usually a bit dirty but not covered in poo or anything just dusty or maybe a little bit muddy. I have encountered little cuts and scrapes but only what you would expect to find from dogs playing, no real wounds.

    If everything is ok then I keep going. If not I don't bring him back. Its a lot of procedure but so far it has worked out.

    I also don't like them to put him in a kennel during the day. The place I go to has an indoor place and out door place so Indy can choose where to go. They have beds for the dogs to lay down and plenty of water. They will feed him if I ask.

  • That is a great question… on finding a doggy day care. I think that some of the best ones have a behaviorist on staff. And they evaluate your dog and how they fit... and they don't just judge the dog on "breed"

  • Fortunately, several of the daycare staff are clients at our vet clinic. I questioned them at great length, I'm sure they thought I was just another "dog" mom!!! Boy did they find out I was telling the truth about b's! But the absolutely love Rocket & Rumor, think they are soooo interesting. They are indoor almost all day, right behind the check in, so they can keep an eye on them. They found that Rocket & Rumor did great with the big dogs, not so well with small dogs. They picked on the small dogs!!! I also occasionally find small scratches on them, but that is to be expected when dogs play. The staff takes great care to assess new dogs and Rocket & Rumor's attitude towards them. I highly recommend daycare if you are lucky enough to find a good one. I work such long hours now that I feel guilty leaving them at home.

  • Jackpot goes to doggie day care several times a week. He LOVES it & they really seem to like him. Since he started going (he was their first Basenji) there are 2 other B's there now! They are definately the "cool kids" on he playground 🙂 LOL

    Our daycare has webcams set up so that we can watch Jackpot anytime (at work I log in & can watch him run around like a maniac). They do "interviews" with new dogs & have them interact with 2 different dogs (one of the same sex & one of the opposite sex) before determining if they are behaviorally appropriate for day care. Jackpot gets used as an "interviewer dog" now when they bring in new dogs. 🙂

    I think daycare has been a godsend for us! When he comes home he's exhausted & we get to have a little break. Its fabulous!

  • oh and about the pomeranians…Jackpot hates them too! We have a little black pom who lives a few doors down from us named Tank. Jackpot & Tank DO NOT get along! LOL

  • I had our dog in daycare a bit when he was a pup, so he could have an outlet for all that energy. now that he's a few yrs old, we simply can't afford it. We have a toddler in full time daycare, and around here, doggy daycare costs about the same, so now we pay a neighbor to come over daily and spend some time w/ him.

  • I took Zoe to a kindergarten obedience class and she got bored so she walked around behind me and took all the pages off the bulletin board. The trainer said she was a bad influence on the other students.

  • Satan and lucifer! hahaha thanks for the smile..

  • i named Laika, the little terrorist.. so you can imagine.. lol

  • @zoe's:

    I took Zoe to a kindergarten obedience class and she got bored so she walked around behind me and took all the pages off the bulletin board. The trainer said she was a bad influence on the other students.

    ROFLMAO. I had one strip wall paper so maybe Zoe is in training?

  • Dear BDawg
    I don't want to offend you, but this picture makes my heart stop. It's how my darling puppy Leki died…please. please, don't let the dogs wear their collars when they're playing like this...I hope I haven't offended you, but with the memory of Leki, I had to post this...

  • QuizBasenji I had a bit of a fright at the dog park the other day, a dog was playing with Kaiser and suddenly grabbed him by the collar and started to twist and shake him by it, as I try to keep a close eye on him I was able to step in straight away(the owner was also quick to see) but it could of ended so badly if I hadn't been watching or close by, dog was slighter bigger than him. Haven't had any other dogs do that before so his collar came off while that dog was there and they left soon after as their dog just kept stalking Kaiser. Always take his tags off so he doesn't get caught up but am now going to take his collar off all the time as if it had been a bigger dog I think some damage would have been done, it really scared me as not only can they get caught up on a collar, a dog can also grab your dog by it. Good on you for saying something as we just don't realise how fast things can go wrong.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

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