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Picked up Ryder on Saturday!!! Rumor is SLOWLY realizing a baby brother might be fun. Still snarling a bit but starting to play with him a bit. He is so cute, thanks Brenda for such a wonderful boy!

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4 1/2 weeks until Ryder comes home!! We can't wait, trying to prepare Rumor for her new brother!

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Have had previous basenjis, my friend Pat Marshall, referred me to Brenda.

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Yes we are getting a puppy, will be our sixth basenji in 30 years!!! We can only handle two at a time! We are getting him from Brenda Cassell here in Texas. Looking forward to posting pics of he and Rumor soon.

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Hello all! I'm new to forum and am currently owned by Rumor, my brindle b. My husband and I are getting a b/w basenji in February, looking forward to lots of fun and action!

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My 7 yr. old B, Rocket, is a fence fighter. At home with the 2 shih tzu's next door he will race up and down the fence, hair raised, and attack the fence. If my female, Rumor, is helping, he will turn and snark at her too. At daycare, he bit one of the helpers when they were bringing a dog in. It is always when he is at the fenceline or on a leash that this occurs. What do I do when this happens?

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Fortunately, several of the daycare staff are clients at our vet clinic. I questioned them at great length, I'm sure they thought I was just another "dog" mom!!! Boy did they find out I was telling the truth about b's! But the absolutely love Rocket & Rumor, think they are soooo interesting. They are indoor almost all day, right behind the check in, so they can keep an eye on them. They found that Rocket & Rumor did great with the big dogs, not so well with small dogs. They picked on the small dogs!!! I also occasionally find small scratches on them, but that is to be expected when dogs play. The staff takes great care to assess new dogs and Rocket & Rumor's attitude towards them. I highly recommend daycare if you are lucky enough to find a good one. I work such long hours now that I feel guilty leaving them at home.

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love those pics!!! What is the name of that harness?

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Rocket & Rumor used a golden retriever as a bed, he thought they were his friends. They only used him for his hair!!!! Will have to get a pic to show ya'll of them both curled up on this big golden, sound asleep!

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sorry, should have posted in b petsitting!

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