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Hi, Jessie!
There is a post at the top of this forum telling you how to do pics…

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I am so sorry for your loss. I had a little girl die in a tragic accident a year ago

I am so sorry for your loss. Run free, little Gombo…

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Hi, Deborah! I am very surprised that no one has yet answered you….I am so sorry that you lost your first B - but what a life you must have given him to live to 17! It is very difficult if you can't refer back to your breeder. I applaud you for rescuing her from a Pet Shop. Some people will not. I am sure (with a B that lived to 17) you are aware of health issues that can affect our dogs and have had all possible ones checked. I am not nearly as knowledgeable as some on here, but I would suggest bringing the crate back and making it a pleasant place..give her stuffed animals in her crate that she can disembowel happily, feed her and/or give her treats in there. This gives you options for using it for 'time outs' when her behaviour gets too much....sorry, it's very late in UK. Talk tomorrow, welcome and piccies, please!

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I live in Cheltenham and it is amazing how many people in this area are sons and daughters ( or grandsons and granddaughters) of Colonials…just yesterday, a lady stopped me and said "Is that a real Basenji?" When I confirmed it, she said..."I grew up with them! Seeing one brings back so many memories". I wish you could all have heard that so....she then hurried away...I shall hope to see her again and talk...

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She is lovely! I will post tomorrow…

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Butu immediately destroys his pose if he sees me with a camera (anyone else, and it's "ready for my close up now…")


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What a cutie - love the "Peeping over, looking cute"…..

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So sorry to hear this, run free, Rusty….

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Other dogs play with a stick or a ball, a B plays with his/her human's head.

II do know what you mean, but I had a horrible thought of Butu as a sort of canine Madame Desfarge sitting at the foot of the guillotine….

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