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Do you guys still meet up in the DC area? We just moved to Alexandria a few months ago and I'd love to join you all!

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Love the photos, Jake doesn't seem to mind the cold one bit.

I checked out the photo on your blog, very nice headshot of Jake. Which made me check out the rest of your blog, I LOVE YOUR CONDO! Gorgeous! But how could your girlfriend not be in love with Jake? Seriously, good choice in choosing him over her if it came down to that.

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Chase, our Puggle, just was diagnosed as having Nodular Granulomatous Episcleritis in his left eye. I noticed on Sunday that his eye was red and bloodshot and that there was a lump near the cornea. He doesn't seem like he is in any pain and the eye doctor said that it is usually treatable with drops which he may need for the rest of his life.

Anyone else have any experience with this?

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I love the second photo where he is licking the kitten! Too sweet!

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I believe PM is "puppy mill".

Thanks! I was having a brain freeze on that … seems so simple now, LOL!

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To me, those "designer breeders" are on even a worse level as a PM. Not only they breed a bunch of mixes on purpose, and mislead the people who just want a cute pet, the "designer dogs," espeically toys and laps usually cost 2 to 3 times more than purebred of either breed. Where's the logic in that? I am not trying to make anyone upset (sorry ChaseandZahrasmom), but I just don't get it….

What does PM mean?

No offense taken.

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There are a lot of well-meaning people on this forum who have a tendency to voice opinions ….firmly and can be a bit brusque and/or argumentative about it, whether in regard to breeders, feeding, training, lifestyle, etc.
It takes some getting used to, and frankly is why I seldom visit the forum any more. It gets old, even when not directed at me. I just want to scream sometimes, "Give him a break! Not everyone shares your OPINION!!!". So, to eliminate that frustration from my life,
I just avoid the forum now for the most part. Too little conversation/discussion, too much opinion stated as fact, too many judgments made on those who disagree.
I can see where newbies would bolt and run. I know I nearly did... a few times. Now I'm not so much bolting and running, but sighing and walking away quietly with an occasional swing through to see if anything new or exciting is happening.

I second this, I haven't been on much in the last several months for the very same reason and this post reminded me again of why I haven't been coming around. I have a Puggle, I can see many people's points as to what is wrong with a designer dog, etc. but you know what, he was my first dog and has been the sweetest little guy ever. EVERY BREED has issues, but it seems sometimes that you can't just say something nice on this forum many have to come back with an attack. Education is fine, I whole heartdly agree but my Puggle is a member of my family at this point and it is hard to see someone say that a breed that you have or your furchild is "Stupid".

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They breed lots of different breeds AND crosses (I hate puggles so much! What a stupid cross).

Hey, I love my Puggle! :mad:

However, your opinion …

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