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i know its not a chihauha but my basenji (who is pretty high prey driven) plays with a chinese crested as well as a mini foxy. it just depends the temperment of the dog.s

great news shes got on so well, any photos?

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Anyone else have a difficult time explaining to others why you love your Basenji when they have done something bad…
For example, we had a family BBQ at our new place. Everything was going great until Husband went to turn on the BBQ. At some point during that day, Cricket had decided it was the perfect time to chew through the hose attaching the propane tank to the BBQ... why? I have no idea, but I do know it was attached that morning when I warmed up the grill to clean it.
I told everyone to thank her. Husband has a tendancy to get distracted, thus creating a charcoal steak. The pizza was cooked to perfection... πŸ˜‰

i had a similar incident. except with our boat trailer (pfft we dont need working lights for that anyway , right? lol) Ebony chewed the boat trailer light cord that connects to the car … so after a few swear words and a trip to the shop, the handy man hubby re-wired and MODIFIED our trailer connections (ahem, basenji proofed it), now we'll never have that problem again LOL

I wouldnt swap them for the world, they are so unique in personality and tricks and highly mis-understood by my friends (but totally amused by them).. πŸ™‚ my friends just say i have two toddlers... lol

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would we have to arrange it now due postage delays etc ? πŸ™‚

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Glad to hear from you, Lysh, hope this year is better than last for you (health-wise anyway,the rest of the year sounds pretty OK). Love the photos, especially the "TP'd yard" and all the pics of the girls together, so sweet that they love each other.

..its been a roughish year but looking forward to the new year πŸ™‚ things have all come back on track, its just the hard yards getting back that level of health πŸ™‚ ..yes the tp'd yard, LOL …the other half was actually sitting in the boat doing his boat stuff and he forgot he left the door to the toilet open, well they took advantage of that error and he didnt actually notice until i got home and asked he what the ?? lol (of course they didnt get in trouble, just a stern talking to, afterall its only toilet paper-- thats the worst they do then im happy lol) although it would have been nice if they done it in the house, could have vacummed/swept it up but it was in the lawn lol did consider mowing but i didnt.


Hope you are feeling better. I am in danger of working myself into the ground as well, so I understand where you were-to a point (I'm putting a stop to it before I fall apart). Hope your CF is better and under control! The girls are sweet and love the TP incident. Always do what you love and the rest will come. Don't be a stranger!!

.. hope things are better for you. nothing worse then working yourself into the ground. its horrible. CF is getting better, the girls help out with the physical stuff perfectly πŸ˜ƒ yes it was a classic TP'ing… we live at the end of the court, i could see our front yard littered with white as i drove up our road LOL neighbours might think we're crazy...


Nice to get an update, and love all the pictures of you and your beautiful girls! The painted B is pretty neat!

thank you! πŸ™‚ yes i love Hope's "tattoo" its so unique and it looks neat. she doesnt mind it at all. its been around a month and a half now. its slowly fading. thinking of getting it redone though πŸ™‚


Lovely pictures! What did you do the "fancy work" with? My girls are both red and white and would love to decorate them like that with a holly and berries theme for Christmas, but don't know what to use!

thank yoiu. We did the fancy artwork at work (i work at a dog grooming salon hehe). the girls went down south (sydney) to do a creative colour course and were taught down there how to do it. its very similar to henna but i forget the name (starts with B?) and so they brought it back and we used Hope to show it off (the girls come to alot of promo's and events with us~ they get totally spoilt with pats and doggy treats) as Townsville is quiet a small country town and we dont get alot of creative artwork/colouring around here (our salon is pretty much the first to do creative colouring up this way, there are other doggy hairdresses that do plain dyes too though). Ill attach some of our recent "artwork" πŸ™‚

all i could find on my pc πŸ™‚ the pink tiger and blue/yellow dog was done up for the RSPCA million paws walk πŸ™‚

we also attended a charity event for CF ~ a 5k walkathon .. group photo πŸ™‚
we were the only entered "dog team" and made our entrance with them all in red bandanas πŸ™‚

and heres a wet poodle πŸ™‚ mr Hugo πŸ™‚


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when Ebby was spayed, we dropped her in at 8am and picked her up at 4pm. the OH dropped her off with her blankie and toy as i had to go to work and in my morning tea break called them to check in on her, the OH must have warned them i would as they were expecting my call. They even called me after she came out of surgery to let me know she was recovering well.

When Hope dislocated her hip, it was of course at 11pm and we rushed her to the emergency vet clinic. they took her in and sedated her & gave her pain meds and done all their procedures while another vet nurse was dealing with me and paperwork for Hope. Once done i would have happily slept in the waiting room but was ordered off home. They were brilliant and rang me straight after her procedure. Within 4 hours from her hip being put back in place they asked me to come in. Naturally she had to stay quiet for the next 3wks with minimal movement (omg and she was like 10mths old)… they OFFERED to keep her in (crated and sedated) for a few days (at my expense of course) but i happily declined as of course we had crate trained her (i was ever so thankful i did!). They said any issues to bring her back in, she came out (back leg was in a sling) just as lively as she usually is and gave me the floppy side ear look like you left me mum. The staff were quiet smitten with her actually. That night me being a paranoid mummy thought her sling was just not quiet right (slipping and naturally, she hated it), took her back and they decided since she is crate trained and happy to stay in the crate that they could take the sling off provided she stayed on strict bed rest. Then we just had a free check up with my proper vet to make sure it was all healing nicely.

I chose my vet because it wasnt a large commercial vet, but a small qualified vet that my breeder also goes to. So they kinda get Basenjis πŸ™‚

I wouldnt leave my basenjis overnight at a vet unsupervised full stop. My friend picked up a paralisis tick and was at his local vet during the day but needed to stay overnight and was transfered to an overnight clinic which have vets there. there is no need for unsupervised stays

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loved watching all the vids and looking at the photos πŸ™‚

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she looks so happy πŸ™‚

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Last round of pics πŸ™‚

Akward sleeping position from Hope,,, down the back of the couch

Ebby poking her tongue out whilst asleep

Random Play pics πŸ™‚

And last but not least…. well the other half was sposed to be watching them while i was at work..... they nicked the toilet roll and decorated the front yard. All i could see was toilet white toilet paper littered when i pulled into the driveway.

Can you see in the pic that Hope was yodelling at me LOL


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My lovely girls

HALLOWEEN party !!! πŸ™‚ The girls went as "spider-dogs" lol i am so proud πŸ™‚

Hope had some (temporary) fancy artwork done to her. She loves showing it off and i think it looks rather neat πŸ™‚

Bath time, uhoh!


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Hi all,

its been a whille. a Very busy year for me. We moved houses, my job description changed and i accidentally worked myself into the ground resulting in a 2 wk hospital admission which was a plane flight away from my precious girls (cystic fibrosis related admission), loss of a cr@ppy job but then going back to a previous joyful job as the receptionist at the dog grooming salon and that is where we are at. Hope and Ebony are inseperable and theres never a dull moment. moved closer to the beach so they are becoming water-senjis (still in the making) lol

Enjoy the photos.

Some pics from our beach adventures.

Hope infront of the Campfire

Cuddles and Ear cleaning is a favourite past time

New collars! woohoo

Going on new adventures and find new parks πŸ™‚


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