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We went through hell with our dogs having major diarrhea and pooping blood, about 4 vet visits, bland diets, medicine…our dog food was supposedly not on the recall list but every time we started back on there food the same day they would have bloody stool, switched food and dogs immediately got better spent a ton on food n vet bills... Never buying their products ever again

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Where abouts in Houston are u located??

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We bought our girl from her and I'm glad we did, couldn't imagine her being the one used for breeding already… Out of her litter she was the only other girl besides the one they are currently breeding with....She is the sweetest most caring dog ever, makes me mad

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Poor guy…I'm glad Kratos is fixed so we don't have that exact problem... We have been dealing with him being deathly afraid of things at night the last 2 months, hope he feels better soon

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We have alot of feral cats that roam our apartment complex and one who had kittens scared the **** out of my 2 hounds and I, during our walk a few weeks ago. And just now, they saw one and were super cautious around it now, which I'm sure they will associate all cats with now lol

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She's so pretty. My basenji is name Athena also.

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I had nose surgery a few months ago and when I got home I was worried the dogs would be so excited and jump all on me, but it was crazy how mild mannered and dare I say tame/domesticated they were. I swear they knew I was hurt and gave me a day or so of good behavior. They are truly great dogs to own!

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Yeah our first 2 actually… Alot of that sounds the same, well for our damn boy! Our girl only chews clothes and destroys all toys, the boy however will be neck deep in your plastic cup drinking away whatever it is if you wander to far from it, and has made the connection that if you pull things from off the kitchen counter then food usually falls for the bathroom our boy likes q-tips the best that's priority 1 in there for him

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Everyone here will tell you it's fine and to leave it, and it very well could never be a problem, and a good majority of basenjis have them. But our girls was HUGE and we felt the same way you do about not wanting it to rupture during hard play, or some other way. Hers was about the size of a rubber bouncy ball from the quarter machines. It took her prob only a day or two more of healing than if we only got her spayed. I would like to say it is your choice, before certain people try to tell you what to do

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It's not a major issue but a major annoyance! Our girl mostly, is a sock addict, which I've heard most are, are there any ways people have came up with for them chewing holes in socks, we've thrown away about a whole pack each. Basenjis are good at letting you know where your house is not completely clean as that's where they like to hang out most to get into trouble, crazy hounds! Any help would be nice thanks

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