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Houston Area Basenji owners

Anyone in this area who would like to go to a dog park, or just chat online. A friendly place to talk!

  • RE: Basenji Workout

    The jaw strength! mine gives up if i pull even remotely hard

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  • RE: Rogue is 8 months old now. Here's some new pictures!

    @zande said in [Rogue is 8 months old now. Here's some new pictures!]

    My boys are always desperate for food - but I have never had a Basenji who wasn't.

    My girl only acts desperate for cheese, chicken, or hot dogs. If I try to train using kibble she just looks at the food and runs off/ignores me. In the mornings she doesn't eat even if the previous night at dinner she was still hungry after finishing her food. Is that not normal?

    I've just kind of been following her lead for meals and picking up the food if she doesn't eat in 15 minutes but she only rarely seems desperate for food

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  • RE: Crate Training Woes. Is it Separation Anxiety or Claustrophobia? Both?

    My girl 7 months does the same exact thing. No issues with the crate ever until its shut. I can't figure out if it's separation anxiety or confinement issues she has. I've tried putting the crate right next to me on the couch and she still will do it so I'm leaning towards confinement? Hopefully someone will share their secrets. @tanza did you use crate games, just leave them in there until they calm down, puppy pen with crate in it? She climbs the pen to try and escape and has ended up hurting herself. Feel like i've tried everything and nothing worked. Maybe I'm just not sticking to it enough. The wife is a teacher so she's been able to be home with her but I'm a tad worried for when school starts back up

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  • Taking the term "bed rest" to heart


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  • RE: Basenji family not getting along.

    @dagodingo my pack walks about 2miles every day, it not lack of exercise, Belle in a type A bitch, she’s the queen, your suggestion were helpful, but another vet bill is not feasible.

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  • RE: Basenji family not getting along.

    @debradownsouth thanks Debra, thyroid, never crossed my mind. They love being outside, heated doghouse, climbing hills, mine are not house dogs?

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  • Basenji family not getting along.

    I’m in a delima, I have three basenjis, Belle came to us at 6 weeks old we chose her from a litter of 8 pups, her father and mother were both show dogs, i fostered two 7 month old in poor shape from a puppy mill, I’m a foster failure, I kept them. Belle was not happy, as they got older the house was crowed and they were always underfoot, so got a big dod house and fenced in the yard better , so they have been outside dogs for about 8 years, they love, in the past 2 years my Belle has gotten into fights with the boys, and caused vet bills, she biting them on their legs, which causes muscle damage . They get plenty of exercise, But my female is getting very aggressive with the boys, what do you , my basenj friends recommend how I might handle this?

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  • RE: Austin Basenji Meet and Greet!

    My husband & I live near College station, we don’t get out of our comfor zone much, Austin is kinda far for us, we welcome you to visits us on our five acres, to meet our pack, we live in Iola, Texas, if interested , my number is 713 927 6540, I answer Natural Awakenings, so identify yourself so I don’t think your a robo call.

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  • RE: Destructive behavior

    **also punishment is what humans do when they don’t get the behavior they want, dogs need lots of walks, running, playing. We had couch wrestling every night in the wintertime because I couldn’t get out as much.Mine know Stop, Come and Sit and no matter what they are doing , they mind, I’ve never laid a hand on my dogs, my voice tone, and hand jesters. Good luck, it’s hard work being a basenji owner.

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