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Houston Area Basenji owners

Anyone in this area who would like to go to a dog park, or just chat online. A friendly place to talk!

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In addition , I use Rescue Remedy for myself and when the B’s are stressed !

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My first B, I got her at six weeks, she slep with us the first 4 or 5 months , than we got a crate put the bed she had been sleeping in, and after her basenji 500 run through the house every night she got in the crate and went to sleep at exactly 8:30 every night, when I go my two rescues boys, she shared the crate with them, I guess I was fortunate to have such a bright girl!

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I don’t bathe my three very often, they’re outside all the time and sleep in their dog house with hay and a heater when it gets cold,
We bathe them when they get muddy at the park.

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I do the same, my three wanted to eat at 4:00 pm .

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