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Pearl used to be aggressive when she was asleep and we tried to move her. She would snarl, rather scary. We just stopped trying to move her. Really we wanted to roll her over to pet her tummy. So we just went over and let her know we were there, and pet her without moving her. She grew out of it, I guess, cause now she kind of rolls over by herself. I lover her so much!

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Pearl also loves ice cubes. Sweet girl.

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I take Pearl to VCA animal hospital on Fry RD, Dr Woods. Pearl loves him. Last time we went he wasn't there, but the other vet,young woman, was lovely and very kind to Pearl, and let me gush all about her. He's in the Katy area Heres the # 281 616 7542.

Good luck with your search

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Thanks! Man, she is so sweet, I just love her!

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My Pretty Pearl is 4 and so sweet!


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I really hope to see these people again. I will take pearl on walks that way and hopefully see them.

Pearl really likes to stay on our cul-de-sac. I believe she feels its her territory. How funny, she is still undomesticated in many ways. Just one of the reasons I love her so much.

It is exciting to other Basenjis, they are rare!

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And I couldn't believe it. She was red (rust?) and white! I was able to stop my car and speak to the owners. I told them about my Pearl. This B was their 2nd one, a rescue, the first passed away.

I was so excited! I wish Pearl was more dog friendly, I would love to see if they could get along. But alas, Pearl is not easy to get along with. I still love her!

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I live in Katy, TX and wonder if anyone else lives around here? I would like to meet some other B owners. I love my Pearl and would like to see other Bs.


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Yes, they look cool and I want one also!

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LOL!! Sounds about right! Pearls is good at chewing things, one of her favorite activities!

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