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Know it alls like you have ruined these forums.
Your opinion is not the only one.
I for one am done with people like you who think you are the expert on everything.
Those poles must be uncomfortable

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Debra Downsouth.
Thank you for your opinion.
Since he was my dog and I have owned and rescued Basenjis for over 50 years I will decide what my dog felt.

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He may be grieving and is angry because he thinks you took his friend away.
My male started charging me and growling after we had to put our female down. He hated her but she was his security blanket. So, when she was gone he blamed me.
I tried CBD oil and extra love and spoiling. It helped but he aged very quickly and passed a few month later.

Can you get another dog?

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I have had 4 rescue Basenjis and have spent thousands of dollars on things they killed.
My last 2 didn’t really like each other but did well out of the crate. Once they proved to me they could be alone and not destroy anything they were left out.Once, the male ripped a pillow and the next day he went in the crate when we went out. He was smart enough to figure out why he was crated. Each a Basenji is different and you won’t know until you get yours.
Our first female would be covered in feces and urine when crated and there was blood on the gate.

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One of my Basenjis never yodeled until I bought a harmonica.
Then full on gurgle/yodel/howl

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It may be allergies. My boy had hot spots etc.. and after changing food, they went away.
Hopefully it is as simple as that for you

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Mine used to super clean his feet and bite his toe nails.
I think as long as he isn’t harming himself- let him do it

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I say no. I don’t think you have extra time much less for a dog. You will end up with a urine covered dog that is stressed and miserable.
Maybe you could Pet sit on your days off.

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Can you show us pictures?
Would like to see your fur babies

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Some are just like that I guess. Every few weeks we had to go to the Vet and get them drained and antibiotics.
If it keeps up it may be something to consude4. We had Pet Insurance so it wasn’t too much.

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