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I agree- Shiba Inu

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My Male was devastated whenever I went away. Moping and not eating. We decided to make it a holiday when I went away and Max got extra walks,longer play time, special chewie
and special toys that were only brought out when I was gone. No saying "Oh poor baby" "its okay" or anything sad. Only happy and happy voices and lots of love. It worked!!

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Basenjis are not needy dogs. Some would call them cold. They like their pack (family) and are cordial to others. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. We had Basenjis in a 1 bedroom Condo in the heart of the city. 3 good walks a day and they were fine.
I think if you crate train your dog and take some time during office hours for a walk and play time you should have no problems. Special toys and chewies that are only used at the office would be a good idea.

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Have any pictures?
Corgis are devious Asshats so don't blame the Basenji part.

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Oil can cause Pancreatitis so be VERY careful. I bathed my Basenjis maybe once a year.

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Could be stress Dandruff or maybe your home is too dry. Try a good brush and then use some Moisturizing spray. If that does not work maybe it is an allergy.

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It is normal for all puppies. Try yelping VERY loudly when he bites. If that doesnt work have a spray bottle near and spray him. If that doesnt work.....

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9 hours a day is way to long for ANY dog- get a cat instead

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MIne had very little hair on her belly or underneath. It grows slowly-be happy!!

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