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You can create skin problems with bathing a Basenji too much.
So, unless covered in mud don’ t bathe more than once or twice a year.
Be careful of what kind of shampoos you use.

I used to use a wet facecloth on my Basenjis and they did the rest.

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Our male did the same thing when we moved to a house. I picked up some if his poop from a walk and out it in our yard. Three poop piles later he got the idea.

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Live with him fir a few days and a name will come to you

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Our rescue had food issues and aggression was one of them. When I held him I would feed him until he figured out my hands gave food. I was eventually able to put my hand in his rush while he ate and give him food from my hand. It will take time but almost everything is possible.

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Not sure

I am in Canada
They export many dogs all over the world so just email Helena and she will help you.

Be careful with dodgy kennels and puppies born odd times.

Basenji are born in Winter so please do your research.

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Our male came from
Faroland Basenjis in Sweden
Fabulous pedigree

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When Chakka had her Anal glands removed there was a large wound with stitches at her butt.
We had to wash it 3 times a day.
I stuck her in the kitchen sink and ran warm water over her anus. With a soft cloth I wet and patted it to get all the poop and crusty blood off. She was fed treats as she stood there.
Thick baby wipes work well too...unscented

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Our Rescue took over a year to even have life in her eyes.
She never yodelled and only made a nice once or twice.
It sounded like “ woo woo woo yeah”
She never played even though our male tried and tried.
She had 10 great years with us.

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