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Our Rescue took over a year to even have life in her eyes.
She never yodelled and only made a nice once or twice.
It sounded like “ woo woo woo yeah”
She never played even though our male tried and tried.
She had 10 great years with us.

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Please stop feeding her all that greasy food- Pancreatitis!
Are you willing to try raw?

If not get a good quality dry... Lamb and Rice.
Put it down for five minutes and then take it up.
No more human food.

My male liked to graze all day long so we just left his food down.

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How old is she?
Why didn’t you listen to your breeder? Why did you want a Basenji?

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Why are you taking him to a groomer?
Basenjis are self cleaning and may suffer from allergies and maybe skin issues.
Please stop bathing and grooming him.
Dandruff can also be a sign of stress or maybe your home is too dry?

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Sometimes they just get weird and silly. My boy did that at about the same age. Even birds scared him. I mostly ignored him and started talking to him during our walks. He never got over skateboards though.
Try taking some treats with you on walks and every once in a while give him one- not when he us freaking out.
Sniffing will stay- it’s a dog thing.

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Tell us about the personality

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He needs to be crated while you are away
How long Is he left alone?
They say they don’t pee in the crate but mine did. Eventually he was allowed loose in the house- but that took several years.

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Contact Peggy at Colorado Basenji Rescue. We got our last gurl from her. Maybe you can get a Basenji from them.
They have a couple if cute ones!

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I applied for a Rescue and by the time we actually got her - it was almost two months.
Be patient and take the time to prepare yourself and your home for a Basenji.
Read what you can. There is a

book called “ Second hand dog”

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