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"I know I've found the breed for me because he totally turns my life upside down and I love it!"

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If you can motivate him to use it I say go for it..

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I agree that you absolutely have your right to breed your dogs (I personally wouldn't have)....the only contribution I can add is that I would refrain from encouraging "everyone" to have at least one litter...we truly do have an epidemic in the states and the idea of perpetuating it is unsavory and in my opinion (my opinion) irresponsible thing to suggest. Glad everything worked out in your situation and you developed lasting relationship ships with your pups owners. @katoman

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I don't come on here a lot either the last few years so I was so sorry to come on and see you post about losing Cody...just like Debra, I remember your posts. I'm so sorry for your loss and the tragedy surrounding his passing. I don't have words to offer as I couldn't imagine losing Oakley. All the best, and please keep us updated on your journey 💙
-Chealsid and Oakley

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My boy was good with other dogs until he wasn't..I don't believe it had to do with under exposure at a young age but more that when he hit maturity he made up his mind (his insecurity doesn't help). He does get "along" with one dog who he grew up with when they were both pups but even then, it isn't reliable (I know there would easily be a set off point). I have tried a behaviorist and I now accept his limitations...he is who he is and he's not changing. If you can't get bubbles to be reliable with other dogs (near to the house or not) then I would not risk an off leash session. Basenjis aren't the easiest breed, some on this forum have excellent dogs that are bomb opinion is that with this breed, vigilance is important bc more often than not..there is something to manage!

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I agree very much. In my particular case, I have a dog whose fearfulness is shown through aggression (food possessive and Dog intolerant) I have a very small margin of error with him and in his training I have had to make major adjustments for my expectations and change my approach. Cesar Milans training would send Oakley into a tailspin.

I would suggest, ESPECIALLY with a breed such as a Basenji- his methods are not conducive to any positive outcomes for a well adjusted B.

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I sleep in Oakleys bed...he's kind enough to let me 😜

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Basenjis are considered to come in four colors: red and white, black and white, tri color and brindle..of course there are variations not "recognized" such as a "trindle" but sable is a color used in other breed standards- not ours.

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Puppies are tough to look at, especially basenji puppies. Makes me want one...but one that I can give My boy does NOT want another dog in the house but it's nice to dream

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