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That makes sense about flight temperature - during certain times of the year, I think it's ok, but not all year round. Especially not in the coming summer months.

I talked with the Chica's owner's sister the other day, and she says that it wasn't Chica that had worms, but another dog, and apparently Chica has all shots required for dogs here on St. Thomas.

I asked if she's ever drawn blood with her biting, and she said no. She bites mostly as a response to play, as she's never been taught not to use her teeth, so when children run and handle her, she's all mouth. I haven't seen her actually be "aggressive," just rougher than most parents would like a dog to be around their kids. The kids were able to pick her up and carry her home after she got loose that day, and really, I get the impression that Chica just wants to be loved. I even played with her for a bit.

She killed an iguana recently. There are other dogs in the neighborhood that she apparently gets along with, but I wouldn't be so sure about cats.

I told the owner's sister about BRAT and about this forum, and she said she'd pass the info on. Hopefully BRAT or we will hear from him soon, and find a good home for Chica.

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It would be cool to get a vet here involved with BRAT - I had wondered if living here might cause difficulty if I ever wanted to adopt from them. I guess it can, which is too bad. I'm surprised that they cite temperature as a problem; for African dogs, you'd think the climate here is perfect!

I bring Paco to the Puppy Socials at How 'Bout Your Pet the last Wednesday of each month, but since I'll be off-island for the next two months, he'll probably miss those. Once I'm back, you might catch us walking on the Waterfront or hanging out at the Dog House Pub in Havensight. 🙂 It's not too hard to find us.

Paco's sister definitely does still need a home; there's the interested woman, but she has at least one dog already, and I'm hesitant to recommend that Chica (that's the name of Paco's sister) be put in a home with other pets.

I do hope something happens soon; I see Chica four times a week when I tutor, and she's just not being well cared for. I was told recently that she also has intestinal worms, and I have no idea if she's being treated for them. sigh

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Welcome! Sorry to hear about your loss.

I know the people and the dogs you are talking about; Paco was in the spayed female's last litter, and the 1 and a half year old female is his littermate, who I see on a regular basis because I tutor her owner's nephew. The black and white male Basenji you met is Paco's sire.

There are no puppies or upcoming litters that I know of, and there aren't a lot of purebred Basenji's here in the VI. The one and a half year old female desperately needs a good home, as her owner is tired of her escaping, and the breeder (the man you met) won't take her back. He is looking for an owner, but she desperately needs training, and someone who understand Basenjis. Any stimulation leads to biting, and the neighborhood children are all scared of her.

I suspect the Basenji's in the shelters on St. Croix and St. Thomas are all from former (or the most recent) litter of the dam who the man you met finally spayed last year after being unable to find homes for nearly an entire litter (the one I described in this thread; Paco's litter). I know for sure that two were sent to St. Croix free of charge when he couldn't find anyone to buy them. I don't know what happened to the two other pups that were in the litter; I have to hope they found good homes on St. Thomas.

I would recommend seeing if you can talk with breeders or BRAT about looking for basenjis in the states if you really, really want a purebred Basenji pup, and transporting the pup here. Personally, I will probably be at the Humane Society of St. Thomas when I'm ready to add another canine to the family.

edit: I just noticed that you are also looking to help the spayed female and the 1 1/2 female tri: There is a woman who works at Bella Blue in Yacht Haven who is interested in the 1 1/2 year old tri, but I gave her information to the tri's owner and I don't know if he ever contacted her. I had no idea that the spayed female needed a home as well, but she seems better tempered and trained, or did when I met her to pick up Paco.

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Strange…Paco went through that phase when he was still a pup. We would just push him away and tell him "leave it," each time, and he eventually got the picture. I'm not sure if Ayo suddenly doing this now is significant or not in any way, though.

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He looks right at home! Congrats! 🙂

I wouldn't worry about him being a try-ing Basenji….yet. Paco's a tri and he's an absolute angel as long as he's been walked. 😉

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Paco will use one to paw at us…like, stretch it out, touch our toes or hands, as if he were a child tugging at us for it, lol. Also, if he's really worked up, agitated, or annoyed with us, he will sit back hard on his butt (which is unusual for him) and crank his head back until it looks like his neck might snap. It's such a crazy dog look that it gets my friends laughing every time he does it.

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Is the leather lounge intact?

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I know a couple of consultants for different companies, one from Mary Kay, who do very well by committing a lot of time to it and developing a large customer base with work, work, work. The same Mary Kay person, though, has had people tell her that they feel the way Mary Kay works is "unethical," "unfair," or other things, so make sure you do plenty of research and make sure that you don't see things that way before you start. People lose money when they enter any business venture and then back out, whether it's Mary Kay or any other kind of consulting career move.

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Unfortunately, no. Water Island is my "the rest of the world doesn't exist" space, heh, so I tend not to bring a camera to distract me.

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