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Did you manage to find a home for Mindy?

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So sorry to hear that Helena and you are right it never gets easier losing one.

Run free Jewel

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I agree it can show that the breeder is responsible and i agree that all new owners should be vetted carefully, but i would like no endorsements i'm sorry if that offends. If any breeder wants to know more about me and i hope that i can show them that i am a responsible owner and i would never do anything to harm my dogs nor would i if i so chose to breed do so with out the relevant health tests and careful vetting of the potential mate too.

Thank you Patty for your welcome and again im sorry if my views offend.


No offence taken here that is what has worked for me so is what I will continue to do and if people are not happy with that then they can go else where for a puppy.

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Hi Suzanne, Black & White litters a very few and far between in the UK as they are not as popular as the red & whites or the tri colours. Can I just ask why you don't want one with any endorsements on?

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Hi Suzanne glad you have found the forum!

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Fantastic pics as usual of the lovely Tillo:D

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That was lovely thanks:D They look very relaxed together:D ohh and beautiful scenery too!

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Thank you for the update and I am so pleased it has been a happy ending for this girl:D

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