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I'll spread his ashes over the open road. It's where he was happiest.

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My heart is absolutely broken over this. It's not a decision I've rushed into. At the point it reached,I had no choice in the matter. He turned on someone who he's been living with between short stints on the truck with me.

I believe dogs can develop a canine version of Alzheimer's and that this is what happened with him.

He progressively became more demonstrative over the past six or so months and exhibited impulse control problems. He began vomiting a lot, so I had him checked. There was nothing physically wrong with him. He just didn't feel good, he didn't know why and it made him grumpy.

When he lashed out with the severity he did, I realized there is nothing more that could be done. He was 10 years old, with a history of having been abused. He was reverting to that mentality.

Attitudes like "all he needs is love and work" are what cause children to be hospitalized with severe facial lacerations. There is NO WAY I'm going to have something like that on my conscience out of my selfishness of not wanting to say goodbye to a good friend. It would be irresponsible on my part to insist on hanging on, ignoring all of the signs that it's time to let go.

He is out of pain and no longer a threat to animals or people.

I 100% believe I made the right decision, despite the fact that it feels like my heart has been gouged out with a dull spoon.

Thank you to those who understand. Ms. Pat, I have always had great respect for you and your opinion, even if I didn't always agree.

I will not be getting another dog.

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He had a checkup just a couple of months ago.

If it was anything less than a level 4, bordering on level 5 bite, …..if, if, if...

I can't pack a behaviorist around in a semi-truck with me. I don't have the kind of money it would take to pay for that.

I can't rehome him after this.

I can't trust it won't happen again...because it has happened before, although not to this level.

I would rather it be me with him than he be taken by animal control to a strange, scary place.

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If this was the first bite, I might reconsider. If this was a nip or a single puncture, I might reconsider. If this was someone he didn't know, I might reconsider.

This bite was delivered in a sudden, unexplainable fit of rage. He has been around my friend for several years and has stayed with her for extended periods of time. He meant business with this one.

I can't, in good conscience, take a chance that this will escalate further. It has escalated to a single, very severe bite. What will be next? A permanently scarred facial bite to a child…even though he has loved children for as long as he's been alive?

He has had a good life. I've done the best I could for him. He's been my friend for the past five years, after I rescued him from the needle once before. I can only do so much. What was ingrained in him as a puppy, I cannot overcome.

The kindest thing, in my opinion, is to set him free and see him on the other side.

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AJ will be crossing the Bridge later this morning. He has been dog agressive most of his life. I have carefully shielded other dogs from him and have never had any worries about his behavior with people.

Early yesterday evening, he delivered a Level Four bite to one of my friends. She didn't do anything aggressive toward him, nor did she move suddenly in his direction. She only reached for his collar. His bite was so fast and so vicious, it was completely unavoidable for her. He sunk his teeth into her arm and clamped down as hard as he could.

I cannot justify this bite and I cannot allow him another opportunity to deliver a similar bite, or worse, to anyone else. It is with a very heavy heart that I'm doing my best to make tonight the best night of his life. He's getting steak, potatoes, dog cookies, loves, pets and his choice of bed for the night.

when business opens later this morning, I will take him to the vet and say goodbye to my friend.

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AJ washes his face like a cat.

And yes, teeth are very important. I got AJ at five years old. He has had seven teeth pulled since I've had him and his breath is finally tolerable.

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As mine proved with the original post. snicker

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The people who say Basenji are not intelligent do not look at it the way we do. They equate instant, blind obedience with intelligence. In humans, intelligence is measured in problem solving abilities. This is how we see intelligence in our dogs.

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LMAO!!!!!! He was just faking it????

Near as I can guess, yes. He was. Also, near as the vet can guess. Of course, everybody got a good laugh out of it except my friend as she was handing over my $90 for the vet's time. She was ready to strangle him. Me? I find some entertainment well worth the price. This kind of takes the cake and therefore, IMO, was worth the $90. I haven't laughed this long and deep over any comedy show I have paid the same or more to see.

I know these dogs are smart. I had no idea they could be as dedicated at being hypochodriacs as this one did for over 24 hours.

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