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What a charming fellow! Congratulations (Do you by any chance live near Tower Bridge?)

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I agree with what the other guardians have said about basenjis; just want to add that I don't think any dogs, unless they are relatively inactive seniors, should be left alone for ten hours.

One can't put a time limit on how long it will take to acclimate a puppy to new surroundings and to get it to understand its place in your home. You have to keep in mind that basenjis can live many years so this is a long commitment, not one to be taken lightly. I've had three basenjis and they lived to be 14, 15, and almost 17.

They are absolutely wonderful dogs, unique in so many ways but, as the saying goes, they are not for everyone, and that's okay imho. My basenjis have always had a companion, and most of the people that I knew in Sweden, where I acquired my first two, had two dogs, not always two basenjis or one basenji and another breed.

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Apparently, because of the pandemic, puppies and kittens are in short supply everywhere, and since female basenjis generally only have one litter a year, you might have to wait even longer. The theory behind the shortage of puppies and kittens (and even older dogs and cats) is that because of lockdowns, etc people are lonely for companionship.

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I agree with what others have written about rehoming your basenji. Nine years of age would qualify as middle-age for most dogs. Leaving the only home that he has known since he was a puppy would bewilder him. When we acquire a dog, I think that we make an unwritten contract with the dog that we will keep them unless severe behavioral issues or unforeseen circumstances unrelated to the dog arise. My first reaction to your email is that you are tired of taking care of him because he has health issues. I hope that I am wrong in my assessment. Now is the time that he needs you more than ever.
Some suggestions/ideas: 1) navigating the hardwood stairs. Check to make sure that his nails have not gotten too long. 2) I had an older dog, who could not go up and down the hardwood stairs, so I bought some non-slip carpet stair treads. They solved the problem. They are not very expensive, so you could put them on all the stairs and not have to carry him up and down 3) have you considered putting down some non-slip area rugs on some of your hardwood floors? 4) how about putting some of his food upstairs? 5) If you are upstairs most of the time, and he is downstairs, he probably gets lonely (he cries when he is not with us.) Basenjis in particular are social animals; they get very attached to their guardians and like to be in proximity of them. Carpeting the stairs might help this situation. 6) As for the neurological disorder, there is a lot of useful information online, including various forms of pain relief such as canine massage. GOOD LUCK to you and Blaze!

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I am so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful basenji. As someone wrote below, it never gets easier. I truly believe that it is our memories that keep them alive in our hearts forever.

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I have lived with three basenjis. I acquired the first two in Sweden, a b/w male and a tri/female. The breeder was completely honest with me about what to expect. He told me all the good things and also the bad things, which included chewing. I don't know how many underpants and jeans' crotches the male chewed up but his actions didn't come as a surprise. After they outgrew puppy hood, they didn't play together very often but their antics, yodels, and beautiful selves brought us great joy. As someone else has mentioned, they are very affectionate, like to be warm and sleep under the covers. Unless they are hit by cars, basenjis tend to live well into their teens. Mine were 15 years old when they died.

My third basenji, Sasha, a tri female, was also bred in Sweden but spent her life in the States. I wanted a second dog so I went to the local Humane Society and found what turned out to be the perfect partner for Sasha. He was a mixed breed, probably had some beagle in him, and when they met, I knew that I had made the right decision. For 16+ years, they were inseparable, and neither one of them ever destroyed anything. They could spend hours chasing each other around the backyard and then once back in the house, they would lie down next to each other and go to sleep. Sasha was the alpha, and Dylan didn't mind.

They died within three months of each other. Dylan died first and Sasha, who was in fairly good health for her age, missed him so much that her health deteriorated. I think she died of a broken heart.

I guess the point that I'm trying to make is that I believe that basenjis can be only dogs but in that case they require a tremendous amount of exercise and stimulation. A companion dog can provide these things. An added bonus: when I left the house for any reason, they kept each other company.

Basenjis are not known for their ability to learn at the drop of a hat. They are very smart and need to want to please you. However, with patience, you can teach them many things. Finally, if you're looking for a dog that is submissive and knows their place, a basenji is probably not for you. A basenji will be your four-footed partner/friend for life. They will adore you and respect you but they will also be independent.

Good luck. Please let us know what you decide.


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I agree with Giza1. No need for me to go into why I don't think she's a basenji, but she's awfully cute. Enjoy her and let us know what the DNA test says.

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I'm with Tanza zbout breeding times. I've had three basenjis; two were born in December and the third one in April. I still belong to the Swedish Basenji Society, and when their magazine publishes news about new litters, almost all of them were born in December. If you want a puppy, I think you are looking at the fall of 2021. Having said that, I'm sure there are young basenjis (not puppies) for sale year around.

Good luck.

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I am so sorry for your losses. They must have had a very strong bond. Several years ago, my beloved mixed breed died of severe arthritis. He was almost sixteen. He and my female basenji had lived together their entire lives, and they were inseparable. She was living with kidney disease that was under control. After he passed away, she was so distraught; she looked for him everywhere in the house; couldn't find him. Her condition deteriorated very quickly, and three months later, she too died, I'm sure of a broken heart. May all of our dogs meet again.....

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