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She looks like a part Basenji to me...but whatever she is, she is JUST gorgeous!!!! Treasure her! XOXO

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What a wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it.

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You have SUCH a cute puppy! She looks like part Basenji to me...our first adopted puppy was supposed to be"half shepherd, half collie" As she grew our vet said "no way...she's part Basenji!!!" and that started us on our lifelong love of the breed!!!! Wishing your pack health and happiness.

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Jessey is just beautiful!!! Such a beautiful, intelligent face.

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WHAT a cutie,,,,and this is the first time I have seen a Basenji smile!!!!! Wishing you loads of love and happiness with your new boy!!!! XOXOXO

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Have you ever tried Stella and Chewy's Dehydrated Raw Diet on Harry? It is a very balanced diet and healthy for a Basenji with lots of protein. Now, you would have to dampen it for him, but I think it is worth a try and it comes in lots of flavors. We have found that our Basenji understands WAY more than you would think and if we tell her what is going to happen, she is usually good with it. And finally, the being startled by ANYTHING out of place is a Basenji thing....if it is in a new place, it is something to be suspicious of. Walking up to the "new thing" with your dog helps...they are very pack oriented, so if the pack is going to investigate, then they figure it is OK to go along, but they will still be wary.

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I occasionally throw a couple of treats in Binti's crate so when she comes by, the crate has magically provided food! She loves her crate now! Food works!

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We buy dried raw food from Chewie's and add a little warm water and some Linatone for Binti's coat. Our vet 3 Basenjis ago told us that the Linatone was not only good for the coat, but that Basenjis seem to like the taste. Sometimes we substitute some bone bone for the water, but we always slightly warm the liquid. That seems to do the trick for Binti.

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Raw diet is not IS a little pricey if you purchase it and don't make your own. We use Stella & Chewy's dehydrated raw food and our Basenji has never been more energetic or shinier. She loves it.

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He is an adult person and she is a year old canine Basenji....who do you think should be more responsible for not leaving things lying around where a curious dog can get them? Perhaps he, too, has some annoying traits....will he understand if you sell HIM, too???? I do not mean to be so harsh, but adopting a dog is a lifetime commitment (Sort of like marriage) and you do not give up (or sell) a dog (or a husband) when you hit a bump. you work on it together....and maybe that's exactly what you do two team up to see what works with your little girl....whatever it is, it isn't selling the poor dog!!!!!!!

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