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You and your beautiful Simba are going to have a lifetime of fun being best friends!!! Basenjis are SO funny!!!!

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Max looks like a real sweetheart. I hope you and your new best friend have many, many years of adventures together.

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You can also contact BRAT (Basenji Rescue and Transport) for available Basenjis. They do not have all the available dogs on their website, and they usually do not have puppies, but what they DO have is Basenjis who have been fostered, and their foster parents will tell you EVERYTHING about their habits and behaviors, likes and dislikes. Our Cassie was a BRAT rescue and she was such a good girl.

AND there is also Pam Hamilton's EXCELLENT Camp Basenji. Pam is the Basenji Whisperer and if you are lucky enough to adopt one of Pam's dogs, you will be amazed at the training they already have! Our latest Basenji, Binti, came from Pam and she has been a constant delight for the last 4 years. Again, these are not puppies usually, but five year old Binti settled into our home in a day! She is amazingly obedient (for a Basenji) ! Camp Basenji is found at

Hope you find your forever Basenji real soon!!!!

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Your Buxton is a DOLL!!!! He is going to get away with everything he does, he is so cute! Welcome to Basenji craziness, laughs, and total joy!!!!

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He is Beautiful!!!!!

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Binti will go out in the rain to do her business IF and only if, she has her yellow rain slicker on.

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WHAT a sweet baby! You are so lucky to have found such a wonderful pup! Congratulations.

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@tjoseph91 She is th smartest little thing and we think she is precious, too. Thank you for your comment on our girl!

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@kembe thank you. She is a sweetheart and the light of our lives!

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Hi Todd! Welcome to the group! My little black and white Binti is no relation to your new pup but we want to say hi anyway! You are going to have SO much fun with your new little senji!!!!!!0_1585332410376_14563400_1244121988965952_1329599910172019782_n.jpg

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