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WHAT a beauty your Ellie is!!!! Thanks for sharing her with us!

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@mrscastro please let us know when you start the group...I seriously want to join, but also PLEASE keep us posted on THIS site on how your little beauty is doing!!!!!

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@kembe I'm in!!!! I love all "senjis" so sign me up!!!!!

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@mrscastro Don't worry about typos OR tears. Just about everyone here has lost their beloved canine family member and a piece of their human heart with them. The pain is big because the love is big. Please be comforted by the thought that a sweet soul that God created completely out of love with be waiting for you, and like all my dogs has probably already put in a good word for you with the Lord. Sending love and comfort to you in this difficult time.

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@caaaitlinann She is a BEAUTIFUL girl, Basenji or not. I got started on Basenjis years ago when my husband and I adopted a rescue who was described as a "Shepard/collie mix". She was just a tiny pup. Well as she grew, our vet said, "what you have here is a half Basenji and maybe half Shiba Inu!" She never barked and had a have circle tail like yours and she had ALL the Basenji behaviors. After that whenever we moved to a new state and got a new vet, they ALL said "Half Basenji!" When our dear Goldie passed away at 13 years, we decided to get a full blooded Basenji and the rest is history (History that involves us being servants of various Basenji, that is!). Let us know what your DNA tests say. We love all Basenjis, part Basenjis and even Basenji wannabes here. You adore her and so do we!!!!!

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@morsesa Who made you the Basenji police? It is inappropriate for you to attempt to dictate here of all places what someone else should do. If a dog is half Basenji and half something else, then it is half Basenji. WHATEVER is wrong with an accurate description???? This pup is loved and adored as ALL dogs should be, part Basenji or not!!!! We look after one another here.

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Binti, my female, started getting pink tummy and paws with lots of licking. Our wonderful Basenji-saavy vet suspected allergies and prescribed Apoquel. That did the trick. Since it was only her tummy and paws, I suspected she was coming in contact with the offending material when she squatted to pee. Now I wipe her tummy and paws off when she comes in, and she has come to love the extra grooming. Especially since I give her a little paw massage with each foot. No recurrences since...fingers and paws crossed.

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@italeigha Binti will wear her raincoat and go for walks in light rain...but NO dice if it is pouring.

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@kembe Thanks! She is the light of my life (if you can't tell!)😍

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Trident is a PERFECT name for your beautiful boy!!!! He is perfect! Thanks for sharing his pictures.

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