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I think it was really cool that the basenji's were there - at the beginning of the dog story, so to speak.

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Pay heed to everyone's suggestion to just make it impossible for your pup to get into your clothes - my 5 year old never stopped teaching me to take proper care of laundry, prior and post wash! Finally learned to keep everything totally inaccessible. Even visitors have been told right away to keep their clothes in drawers or hampers, and have paid the price of not believing me, resulting in me having to replace underwear, slacks, shorts, socks, etc.

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Both my girls bite their nails - then ignore them until they are long again. The only ones needing care are the dew claws, which they ignore.

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Amen to that! A bored basenji is very creative in its destructiveness, although the dog only thinks he's having fun.

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I don't see basenji in your rescue - she is a very cute doggie, and there very well may be feist in her. A DNA test would tell you everything and it's a good investment; it would help you know her personality traits and identify her behavior as well.

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That pictures says it all - "I know I look like a pile of rags but I don't care - it's COLD!" Yah, the boots would have been good too.

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The "too heavy" basenji on the Eukenuba bag looks like my basenji/sheltie/collie mix - the body shape for sure! Incidentally, the Freshpet is wonderful food, I mix a small slice of the beef, bison, cranberry blueberry in with Gemma's Nutro Lite at each meal - she has a sensitive stomach and used to vomit quite a lot, but has not in months!

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Love her outdoor clothes - tried to put booties on mine once - she tore those off faster than I could get them on - forget trying to walk in them, simply laid down and started chewing - off they came, one two three - before four was on!

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I had a grown cat when I got Shaye as a puppy; she quickly learned to respect the claws and stayed away. When I got Gemma at 14 months, she'd never seen a cat, and definitely approached it as if it were prey, and got a very quick lesson in cat claws in the nose; she never did really stop trying to sneak up on the cat and do it harm, but the cat always turned quickly enough to nail Gemma. My cat died last year of old age and a stroke which disabled her, and although I love cats, I now have Gemma alone, and I would not dare introduce a new cat to this house so long as she is here. Basenjis, even the mixes, are hunters; cats and squirrels and the like are prey, hard to change their nature…........

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Lovely dogs, all three of them - I'm beginning to think B's don't really care about Christmas trees one way or the other - Shaye usually liked the velvet tree skirt best, and slept on it.

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