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@DebraDownSouth I'm not aware of an embedded GPS?, or are you referring to a microchip?

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We may be talking about domesticated learned behavior VS in the wild behavior. So, we can teach a B to sit on command, but I bet if you came across a B in the wild and said "sit" they would just tilt their hear sideways and give you that "huh?" look 🙂

So, did tribesmen train B's to flush out lions? probably! But I doubt they actually attacked a lion. My guy is scared by a plastic bag blowing in the wind! :-).

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I feed my guy (almost 2) Taste of the Wild Prairie w/Bison. And while I have had some issues with diarrhea in the past he's good with the food now. The vet suggested a different food at one point but my dog hated it, so we went back to TotW.

Eventually, I tracked it down to acorns (they're toxic to dogs), squirrels were dropping them on our lawn from a neighbor's tree. So. any acorns by you?

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That's one happy looking dog 🙂 & thanks for the info. I'll have to check my new replacement bike it has a suspension saddle so I may not be able to mount one of these 😞 The harness looks good too, where did you get it from?

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About the Walky Dog product, I saw a lot of complaints about it spinning around the saddle stem, did you experience that. Also, attaching at the saddle, I thought that might be too high for a Basenji sized dog?.

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I'm planning on biking with my boy this spring. What brand of bike attachment would you all recommend?

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Yesterday it was three poops on the morning walk 🙂

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Either way Greyslake il is having a basenji speciality next week end, if you really want a dog, every breeder in the area including the one I mention will be there.

Hi Barklessdog, what activities will take place at the Grayslake event?. I have a Basenji and I am curious as I live close to there.

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My husband contacted the breeder. She said since she has 3 basenji's she does not want anymore but she will keep in mind if anyone asks.
There was a contract but not so much in depth about returning the puppy. She was a Basenji breeder but did not show them.
We have always had Boxer breeds and we travel every weekend with our kids that's involved in travel sports. We love Gunner and he is such a good boy. That's why we wanted to reach out to the Basenji community where owners understand and knows their personality and find a home where he can hopefully have other basenjis to play with and have more activities. Gunner is good with other dogs but he is very cautious at first. He has played with other dogs. Thank you for all your suggestions.

Sent you a PM

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Now isn't that funny, I would say it dosen't look annything like a B. To me that looks like the head of a much larger breed.

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