Silent Basenji

Mine 10 yr old male doesn’t make very little noise. Never yodels but if he’s anxious he make
a kinda growling/talking sound. If other people are around they stare at him. I tell they he’s just expressing himself.

My Piper is pretty vocal. She barks about weekly and yodels whenever either of us gets home, and the longer we are away the more energetic it is. And she always yodels with Glee when my daughter stops over with the grandkids. Then she has a lower key yodel when someone new comes to visit and she is not fully sure if they will play with her. I love all her sounds except the growl, but I am getting to understand it a bit more too.

Hello, we have an eight year old male that does a rarrrrrrrr talking noise when he wants our 5 year old female to play, just about once a day. He will also do it when we get home if we have been gone for over 4/5 hours or more. Our female is very quiet. She rarely is the one that initiates play but when she does, she will make these little noises that I really can't explain but closest thing would be little monkey talking but with a wanting voice, so I call it her little monkey noises. Other than that, she let out 4 real barks in a row once when my brother was playing and raised his arms in the air like a big bear and sort of scared her or exited her, not sure but I was amazed at the loud bark. Raising her arms in the air is actually her trade mark maneuver when playing so maybe its related to that. I say wootwoot and she stands up and wootwoots her arms in the air. So with my experience, each basenji is different in how vocal they are 🙂 Also, our male is not a tail wagger but our female wags that little tail like crazy when we get home. So maybe some are more physical and some more vocal. Maybe Wendy will show those signs when she becomes more comfortable and social. Poor thing, I can't imagine keeping and animal confined and alone, especially a basenji.

My guys are some of the most vocal basenjis that I ever had.
My Diva's kids are especially vocal,her one boy,Bolt won't shut up at
dinnertime. I have also found that my full Africans are great singers.
When they all vocalize at once it really is something to hear.
Anyone who has been to a speciality has heard what it can sound like.

I had one female that barooed, and any dog I kept that had her in their background, barooed.
I had another that made no sound, and any dog I kept that had her in their background, were also silent.
They seem to be living until 15-16, and this never changed.

She may not baroo whatever that is but the are all different. George barks sometimes but isn't suppose to. i would think she is still stressed from her previous experience. Basenji's are social animals and need interaction from their owners and other dogs. It must have been very traumatic. Give her as much time as she needs and love and cuddles, if she will let you and I'm sure she will soon be howling, grumbling and squeaking her little heart out. Well done for rescuing her.

My basenji girl never barooed, we'd play YouTube videos of basenjis and she could not have been less interested. Some beautiful b's are just made that way.

@ceecee said in Silent Basenji:

George barks sometimes but isn't suppose to. i

Some Basenjis, in some situations - like if they want to save face or are backed into a corner, give a sound not unlike a bark. But watch them. Any other breed will bark and the mouth finishes up closed. A Basenji 'bark' is open mouthed, more like a cough and is more often a single sound unlike the constant barking of other breeds. She's a lucky girl to have found a home with you- just enjoy her many other attributes !

Basenji Mix

My girl is a cross and she can't seem to bark. When she tries all I hear is a drawn out "roo-roo-roo-roo-roo!" Or a single whispering "broof"


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