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Use a male wrap to protect your bed until he gets the idea.

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Welcome to the forum,I see our little one is from Jeff Gillespie.
He is very cute.
I co-own 2 Avongara's with Jeff.
Hope that you have many happy years with your Buxton.

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She looks a lot like our Avongara's.
One would hope that none of our precious Avongara's end up in shelters.
But, she is a beautiful pup.

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I had a rescue basenji way back in 1981 who had this.
He was 8 years old and I thought for his own good to
send him over the Bridge as he was in way to much pain.
Sorry to hear this but I never let any of mine to suffer in pain.

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Hello Todd,
Welcome to the forum.
I've been partnering with Sue and Jeff as Jeff co-owns one of my Full Africans.
Sue and Jeff are the best and I wish you luck with your new furkid.

Kathryn D Ladick
Jaroufa Hounds

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Not likely basenji, I don't think there are many basenjis in China.
Not likely Shiba either, it's just a street dog.

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Are you SURE it is an allergy .
When did your B have his last rabies shot ?
This happened to my Diva right after her rabies vaccination.
It took a full month before she was better.
Word of advice, stay away from rabies vaccine ,your B is 9,they are not needed.
Hope you live in a state that has exemptions.
Take a look at the website from Dogs Naturally called
65 Ways Rabies Vaccination Can Harm Your Dog.

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I'm in NE Ohio.
I have pups right now.
My email is

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Try elderberry syrup ( Sambucol ), mix with Manuka Honey and vit. C/mix together x 3 times a day.
Antibiotics won't work if it's a virus !
Shame on your vet.
Make sure your dog stays hydrated.
Also, oregano oil,it will kill the virus.

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