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It's normal, I even had a bitch that was bred on day 31 and she had a litter of five.

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When was the last rabies vaccine ?
My two Avongaras both developed itchy rashes on there feet,legs three days after there rabies vaccine. There is a connection no matter what the vet says.
Look up the rabies challenge fund and read what it says.
They will be getting exemptions from now on.
These reactions can be seen many months and sometimes years after the vaccination.

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Looks like basenji to me. Could have Avongara in her.
The Avongaras do look different, I have two and to look at them
they don't look like my domestics.
The Avongaras are some of the most sweetest of our basenjis.
After 41 years of breeding,showing,racing,etc I do think I know
basenji temperament.
At least that is my opinion .

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One of my seniors,(16 +) has Cushings and with it the constant drinking,etc.
I buy the #4 size baby diapers and then have cloth doggie diapers to but over
them. She doesn't mind them and even lets me know when she needs to be
When my Joshua was alive he also wore diapers and he was find with it.

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Hi Myles,
My experience with seizures was with one of mine who I got back after his owner passed away.
He had a brain tumor (not cancerous ),non operative due to its closeness to his optic nerve.
He was on phenobarbital but when he came and was fine for months,I put him on a homeopathic
remedy that worked for him and he never had another seizure ever again.
My experience with the keto diet has been with my Rocky who was diagnosed with a tumor in his
mouth,(fibrosarcoma). Diagnosed in May of 2017, he is now cancer free after my vet said he had 3
three months to live. They wanted to remove his jaw and I wouldn't allow it. I'm so glad that the
keto diet plus the 30 + supplements that he still is on has worked to keep my boy with me.

I believe that our dogs and also us can heal if given the chance . Mother nature knows best and
dogs where not meant to eat kibble. I believe that basenjis especially evolved to eat a nature diet.
Kibble doesn't exist in the jungles of Africa,the natives fed them a natural diet.

That being said, try the keto diet as you really can't go wrong. If you need help,just let me know or
go to "The Truth about pet cancer" on YouTube,there is also info on seizures.

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I have always used DYNE for extra calories with my seniors if they stopped eating or if they just needed more weight. It tastes good to them and they will mostly just lick it up or you can add it to there water.

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My guys are some of the most vocal basenjis that I ever had.
My Diva's kids are especially vocal,her one boy,Bolt won't shut up at
dinnertime. I have also found that my full Africans are great singers.
When they all vocalize at once it really is something to hear.
Anyone who has been to a speciality has heard what it can sound like.

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Thank You Gigi and Sally for backing me up. I would rather trust alternatives them drugs any day of the week. I'm not saying that for some dogs and people that they don't work but,I believe to try something less trying on the body does the trick.
And, I'm not a bully,everyone is free to do what they want,just don't claim it doesn't work when there are some that have had it work.
My experience started race horses back in the late 60's. I apprenticed with a trainer that learned from the best, The late great " Sunny Jim" Fitzsimmons. He trained winners of the Triple Crown races. I learned early on about alternative ways although they weren't alternative back then.
I brought my skills into dogs when I got into basenjis back in 1976. I still work in the horse field
and even though there are many new treatments for horses,many including me use time honored ways.
It has helped me with the dogs as many are the same. Easier on the system and I love that I have kept alive traditions that have stood the test of time.
My Rocky was/is a great racedog,winning the LGRA/NOTRA National twice as high combined winner and was #1 LGRA Basenji 4 years in a row and NOTRA 2 years in a row so I must be doing something right.
I love my basenjis with everything in me and only give them the best of everything including only natural medicine.

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Not everything that is "researched" is factual.
I bet you think that Chemo/radiation is great too because "Big Pharma" has researched it.
I believe that GOD put everything on this earth to heal us. I'm so glad that I went the natural route
with my Rocky because if I would have believed the Vet he would be DEAD right now.
My S.O. Tony was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer last March. We went to a world class surgeon
in NYC and was told his only option was surgery/chemo/rad.
Thankfully we went the other way and found an alternative medicine doctor and now he is cancer
as well as my Rocky.
Just because something is research doesn't mean that it is the end all be all for the solution.
Stop acting like you have all the answers, you don't.
Experience wins out every time and I'm not saying that you don't have have any, I'm saying that
you come off like you know it all and no one else knows anything. Oh, it has to be researched.
Be listening to you for years now and that is how you come off.
I don't know it all but what I do know is that I have experience not research to back it up.
Have a nice day.

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Rescue Remedy DOES WORK !!! Research,duh !!!
I've used RR for 41 years,on myself and my dogs,absolutely works.
Also, Ignatia Amara which is another homeopathic remedy.

ps. Debra just how any basenjis have you had over the years, I'm sure it
wasn't over 100 like mine.
I have used many remedies over the years and I only use what works.
Don't want to be cruel but please stop sounding like you know it all when
you clearly have had only a couple of B's and the rest " just dogs".

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