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I like Debra's response and I think your biggest confrontation would be over food. Eating off the same plate seems like it is pushing beyond a safe zone. I have one basenji one very large cat and 3 confined chickens. Dog and cat play and co-exist fine, though the dog at times plays too rough. (The cat is elderly whereas the dog is 2 yrs old. )
I am quite sure given the chance the dog would make short work of a chicken....not giving her any opportunity. Good luck, sounds like it will work out.

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Do you think it could be some type of burrlike plant that is remaining in the nostril or sinus tract?

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Sorry and you should take a sense of pride for the long happy years you all shared. 17 yrs is incredible!

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So cute...certainly would be fun to run a dna to see. Not sure how much that costs. In any case you have a beauty.

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If you can put up a few gates to give each dog a room he knows he can go to rest and relax independently it might make their supervised together time less stressful. It will take time, the lab was invaded by a teenager with endless energy.

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I live in Haw River, about 1hour away....northwest of Raleigh.( toward Burlington).
I have an 18 month old full blood Basenji. Came from a breeder in Roxboro.
You are welcome to come meet Piper anytime. She is full of energy and loves to meet new people.

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Wow, I thought I had a difficult first year! I am so proud of you for being Harry's human hero and giving him many chances. I have read much information about basenjis and I had never heard about not moving furniture. That actually explains a few things to me.
I have recently thrown my dog for a loop by providing respite to a dog who's owner is in the hospital. It has taken 6 days but they are finally playing rather than just sniffing each other rediculously.

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Sometimes I can get wrapped up in how great my Basenji is but my son came last week with his two dogs, a coon hound rescue and a beagle mix rescue and they are two of the most loving,obedient and smart dogs you would ever want to meet. The three dogs got along fabulously and my dog has been sad since they left. If I were to get another dog I am not set on limiting it to a basenji. Time will tell.

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He looks like a mountain Feist to me. My friend has one and we have compared habits and they have many basenji quirks.
Your dog could be her dogs twin. Charlie looks like a sweet boy.

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Piper hates a bath so I started using doggie wipes and she does not mind them at all. Only when she is really dirty do we tackle anything more. When grandkids are over in the pool she will get in briefly with them, but comically mostly to ride on their inflatables. She is not a water dog but she can swim.

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