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@fateflower said in Meet My Ziva & Zoe:

@donc Thank you for the interactive toy recommendation. I had seen one before but didn't know what to call it. I went ahead and ordered one. I know they both will love it.

Zoe is 11 lbs now @ 4 months. If I am tracking right she will get to be about 20 lbs. Atleast this is what I am hoping for.

Takes a bit to put the toy together. And you may need to play with it to get it going. But I think they will enjoy it.

I don't understand the weights that some people have reported their Basenji puppies being. They sometimes seem very low. Not sure if the weights are measured incorrectly or the breeders are starving the dogs or the birth dates are off or what. We have a 21 pound female who at sixty days weighed almost 16 pounds. Bit of a mystery since the very small pups seem to end up at standard weights.

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Such a handsome boy. Love the pictures. Especially the second one with the front paws in the air. Very cute.

And yes, Basenjis like cat towers:0_1554926850401_P3230399 copy.jpg

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Such cuties! I'd expect Zoe to end up over 18 pounds but will be fun to look back at these pics in a year or so. Aren't they such angels when snuggled up sleeping?

Two pups with strong prey instincts. Hmmmmmm........ This might be a good toy for them:

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I think meeting "a pack" is worth the effort and immeasurably better than meeting a Basenji. While Basenji's share many behaviors they are not all alike. If you met one of ours you'd think Basenjis were calm sweet and people oriented dogs. Another not so much! LOL Also, if you're thinking about getting a dog from a particular breeder, best to scope them out. Like Basenjis, not all Basenji breeders are the same.

I don't know any breeders in Austin but I do know one who has a ranch near Johnson City. If you're interested, PM me and I'll see if she's willing to meet with you. She's not planning on breeding this year AFAIK but she'd be a great resource on many fronts if you decide to proceed, and you could see a good but representational pack in an outdoor environment.

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Puppies go through fear stages where they can freak out about something they were fine with previously. This is likely just one of those. If you don't over react is will likely pass quickly.

Tanza's suggestion of having him feed her is a great idea. Having him give her yummy treats is also good. Nothing is better than a trusted food source!

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That seems to have worked. What a cute guy! Is his name really "Basenji". That would be fun.

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Sounds like a wonderful pup. Especially the mischievous part. How unusual! LOL

You didn't mention his age. That can make a difference.

Great advice from Tanza and Joan. The only thing I can add is that using treats to reinforce desired behaviors you want does work. For all kinds of things, including going outside.

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So cute. Love the bat ears! Easily seen from the pics that this little girl is being abused. LOL

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Congratulations. Well deserved on both your parts!

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Welcome to the forum.

Sorry you're having difficulty finding a pup. There is an imbalance between people looking for a Basenji puppy and available puppies. Basenjis don't have large litters, there aren't a ton of breeders, and there is only one heat a year. As a consequence the supply is somewhat limited. Plus, as I'm sure you're aware, breeding takes a lot of time, effort, and money. It's a labor of love more than anything.

That said, I'd be quite confident that you'll be able to find a puppy. As I'm sure you know from experience, most conscientious breeders care where their pups land. In your case that's a good thing because there is a chance you'll have your dog compete, which most would find desirable.

As for not being sure what a win looks like, judging is subjective. A loser on day one can win breed and class on day two. (Not only with dogs. I was reading today about how SnapChat has "pretty filters" that always turn eyes blue). It's easier of where the competition is performance based.

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