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Training "Stay" should not be a big deal though you'll need to constantly reinforce it. Doing it 15 times won't work, and doing it 50 times until the command works and then forgetting about it won't work either.

No need for a lead. And it will likely work better with a clicker. Nothing magical about a clicker but you can more quickly and precisely reinforce the behavior, which gets more important as you move further away. Spend a day associating the click with the treat. This is pretty simple. Then have him sit and give the stay command. Move a bit away. Doesn't have to be far. Even a lean will work. When the stay is there click and then move back to give the treat. Best to keep focus, so if the look is away wait for it to come back.

Gradually move further and further away. At some point you may be 15-20 feet away when you click and then go back and give the treat. This is usually not a tough sell because, from a Basenji perspective, nothing beats getting treats for just sitting there. Should be a fairly quick train. It's one of the easier ones to teach.

Moving a Basenji to a trail is problematic. Their DNA says independent hunter. Huge difference with commands in an enclosed space and when they see a rabbit in an open area. Once they start after prey they lose their hearing. LOL

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Sorry for the loss. It's always hard. I agree with Zanede and Kembe that you should take heart knowing allowed him a great life. Also that the end was with you and not painful. Makes a terrible situation a little less painful.

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I couldn't think of a better temporary or permanent home for a Basenji than your home. Quite wonderful really.

Love those puppies with fat bellies. They look super healthy. We get posts here from people saying their puppy weighs 8 pounds at four months and I can't help but think there is some issue. Not for these little guys. So cute.

Sparkle looks like a doll. With respect to temperament, I wish more breeders would care about that. They all say they do but they rarely seem to. The problem is that it's impossible to judge in a show setting -- which is like speed dating. If you want a champion it's about a number of things but not really temperament.

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The good news is that it doesn't seem to be a health issue. Not everyone goes twice a day, or even once a day. There is great variability based on a number of issues. Our dogs are fairly predictable and twice a day is about right -- with exceptions -- but other dogs could be different. If you're concerned, I'd think diet would be a big factor. If you are aiming for twice a day then elbrant's suggestion of pumpkin (the whole not the pie filling) might help.

Sometimes your idea of how diet works can be off. This week one of our dogs managed to grab a bag of minnow treats and eat most of the bag. We were expecting a runny explosion but her scat was unusually hard. Go figure.

Along the same vein, not wanting to defecate in the backyard is usual except when it isn't. A lot just depends on the size of the yard, number of dogs, and so forth. And perhaps how they were raised as well.

We've had dogs who weren't happy in the dark outside. Some were unfazed. Your pup seems normal.

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@zande said in Soon to be Basenji mama! Playpen advice.:
This is enough to control the pack and keep it where I want it - mainly in the large farmhouse kitchen with access to the great outdoors during the day, but allowed through to the rest of the house in the evenings to share a comfy chair and watch TV.

Sound perfect. Let's you avoid those "we haven't heard our little darling in quite a while, what is she up to?" moments. LOL

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@jengosmonkey said in Soon to be Basenji mama! Playpen advice.:

I may have to rethink my use of crates if and when we get a new doggie.

For some dogs nothing will work, but usually you can start by treating them when they get near an open crate. Then when they get inside you start treating them in the back. A clicker can be helpful for the first couple of steps. Also a Kong or something when they go in might also get them happier to be there.

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@elbrant said in Soon to be Basenji mama! Playpen advice.:

I'm not playing devil's advocate here, but.... the only time any of my dogs are crated is when they travel (by plane).

I allow my Basenji free reign in the house.

You are a brave woman. I'd say giving a Basenji puppy free reign of the house borders between unwise and crazy! LOL More the latter than the former.

At some point, perhaps two or so, they do become more trustworthy. Before then no possible way would I leave them alone. God knows what they will do, but guaranteed they will do something and guaranteed you won't be happy that they did it.

And even after you can trust them you have to make provision for their getting sick or having diarrhea. It's a lot easier to clean up a mess on a wood or tile floor than on the priceless Persian carpet (which FYI I don't own!).

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@zande Ever so sorry about both the physical setback and losing Hoover. It's always hard, and having it be unexpected makes it harder IMO. No doubt the house seems empty for both you and Mku. Hopefully you'll both bounce back. You have my sympathies.

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I like this one. it doesn't have crossbars so it's hard to climb. Plus you can use it if you want to keep your pup in a room. You can also make it smaller if you want with just one panel on a side.

Crates are the only foolproof enclosure. We had a pup who I caught climbing a gate to get out of the kitchen. Since we wanted to discourage climbing, I gave her a squirt from a water bottle (fate worse than death), told her "no", and then picked her up and put her back in the kitchen. She looked at me, went over to a cardboard box she was using as a toy (boxes make great toys), pushed it over to the gate, jumped on top of it, jumped over the gate, and then gave me a rather questioning look, as if to say "How about this?". I was laughing so hard it was all I could do to pick her up and put her back in the kitchen. The point being that Basenjis are awfully good at figuring out things on their own, and they have a lot of time on their hands to do that. You on the other hand have other things to do. Not a fair contest. So I'd agree that your lucite pen isn't going to pose a huge problem for a determined Basenji, unless it has a top.

But note this is for a "determined" Basenji. If they aren't motivated to get out of the pen, then they'll be fine.

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Both a touching story and video. Yes he definitely liked to sing! Also amazing at how easily and daintily he jumped on the window ledge. Basenjis have a good idea of where their feet are. I tell people that they never break anything in the house ... unless they intend to.

You gave him a great home. Yes 8 years was short but seems like it was a rewarding 8 years for him and for you. No doubt he loved it. He was so lucky to have found you and your family.

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