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Great news that it went well. Once you get the other eye done you'll be able to see all the things that need to be done around the house! (That was my father's complaint BTW).

Seriously, glad you are doing well. I can imagine how frightening the needle would be. Rationally you know that it's OK but ... it's a needle coming for you eye!

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How old is he? I've never had this issue since all the Basenjis I've had want to chase and bite the other dog on the butt. One fix would be to find faster dogs for him to play with (jk). My only serious suggestion, since it's unrealistic to expect that you can change the way a dog plays, would be to find a time with fewer or different dogs. He has his dog socialization time at day care so seems like he's covered.

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@jengosmonkey said in Rescue dog prey drive!:

I'm determined to prove she's not smarter than me.

Good luck!!!!!

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Short answer is I don't see any reason you should be concerned.

That said, I agree with @tnaza. The other owner should have been more attentive. Fact is there are many clueless owners at a dog park, which is one reason why not to be a frequent visitor. FWIW Basenjis seem to love dog parks until they are about 18-24 months, at which age they decide they're over it. So if you stop going at this point I can't see it being a big deal.

I think our dog parks are closed BTW, which seems reasonable. If dogs get into it there will be no way to safely distance when intervening.

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I'm with @tanza on this. Basenjis (and other dogs) have been bred to hunt and to hunt independently. That's why they're good at coursing and were found to be the best at running mazes. Can't trust them off-leash. Maybe the special owner can find one which can be trusted but life is too short to spend it tilting at windmills.

Years ago I took out two Basenjis to a fenced park. I took their leashes off. By the time I looked up they had a squirrel. Gross. The next time I took them to the park I paid attention. As soon as the leases were off the younger one took off after the first squirrel he saw. The squirrel ran for the nearest tree, where it ran to the back, went up, and then circled back to the front. Crafty move to avoid a predator. Unfortunately for the squirrel our older dog had made a bee-line for the front of the tree and timed his jump to pick the squirrel off as it circled to the front. (I got the squirrel to get away). Rest assured I had not taught this skill -- in fact I had no idea that squirrels had this escape pattern. But these guys had figured it out from observation and had worked out how to take advantage of it. It wasn't taught and there wasn't anyway to un-teach it.

They also love to roll in cow pies!

I just keep them on a leash unless in a safe fenced area. They don't seem to mind and it ensures they don't get into the road and get hit b a car. For collars I'll second @eeefarm's recommendation to use a Martingale collar. They work well.

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So sorry to hear about the PRA carriers. As @Zande and @tanza have said, you should get him checked. The good thing is that the odds are in his/your favor.

I don't understand why a breeder would take a chance like this but this may just be me. Of course sometimes there are "accidents".

Such a little cutie! Very nice looking Basenji. And such a clever and fierce hunter to have gotten a fox! 😉

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Adorable adorable. How long have you had him for? He looks like he has a "big" sister or brother.

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@tanza said in Two blue eyes female Basenji:

@donc - Black on the tail means they are tri factored (the tri gene is recessive), it is not a tri coat they are red & white with the tri gene factor, meaning if bred to a tri or another red & white with a tri factor they can produce either tri or reds. Tri is a color, it is not a pattern. And many born with black on the tail will lose that black as they age. And there is no disqualification for color in Basenji, in fact other than missing testicle there is no disqualification in the Basenji standard as far as showing.

Tri and R&W are homozygous DD (for dilution) and homozygous kk (for black). All that is left to differentiate them is the Agouti gene which determines pattern. Since at the Agouti locus the red pattern is dominant over the tri pattern, you are correct that a R&W bred to another R&W or to a Tri can produce a Tri. But the agouti locus is about pattern not color, so you are incorrect in saying that "Tri is a color".

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@elbrant said in Two blue eyes female Basenji:

Makes total sense.... but then, shouldn't we be calling it a "dilute" red/white as opposed to a cream? White paws and tail tip are, after all, specifically a breed standard.

@zande said in Two blue eyes female Basenji:

But the point is, elbrant, the colour cream is NOT in the breed standard.

There are only two colors for all dogs -- black and red -- and natural genetic mutations will change how these combine to produce other colors. So a "cream" or "dilute red" is most definitely in the Basenji gene pool. It's just a recessive for dilution which isn't super prevalent. Seems unproductive to worry too much about it.

At the end of the day it's just a color. Plus it's just very subjective. Plenty of Basenjis have a dilute red coat. This might be described as a "red and white" coat unless it's further on the tail of the distribution in which case some might describe it as a "dilute red" or "cream" coat. And speaking of tails, most Basenji coats which are described as "red and white" are are "tri" coats given the black on the tail. So the designation of a "Tri" coat is more about pattern than color.

DNA will accurately tell you whether a given pup is a Basenji. Using color seems anachronistic.

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Cream with blue eyes doesn't scream "Basenji", which of course doesn't mean your pup isn't a Basenji or that it matters for you. Cream would just be a dilute red. (I'm not fully on board with the idea that this was a common color pattern -- doesn't show up in recent imports). Basenjis don't have blue eyes. We had one which had one blue eye though that would have been just a fluke and not genetically rooted.

A picture would be fun to see. And again, doesn't really change anything for you and your pup.

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