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Puppies love toes. And shoelaces! I'm sure you can train him. Alternatively, until he grows out of it, which he will, you can do what I would and wear socks or shoes without laces. You haven't mentioned what you're wearing -- or not wearing -- but puppies find toes, followed by shoelaces, very attractive nibbles. Shoes without laces or adornments not at all and socks not so much.

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Looks more MinPin to me but that's likely wrong. A DNA test would give you a better idea. They're not expensive and easy to do, so I'd suggest trying that out.

Regardless of the outcome, cute pup!

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I think the standard recommendation is a year. I doubt there would. be a big problem switching to adult food a bit early or late. But when you switch you want to do that gradually.

I'd have to look, and I'm not sure I have records for that late, but 19 pounds at 5 months seems about right. Hard to say though. Some have posted here with what I'd say are insanely low weights and they have done OK.

As for how much to feed him, the best way is to look, keeping in mind that at under a year it's probably better to err on the high than the low side. Cups are not such a reliable way to do it because some mixes have a lot more calories than others per unit volume.

Seems like everything is good. No doubt 1000% better than what they would have gotten in Africa.

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@salemsockmonkey said in Red Storm:

@donc We named him Storm because he would tear through the house like a tornado! ❤😩.

I understood the origins. Most definitely! LOL

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Very cute! Why did you ever name him "Red Storm"? LOL

We have one I sometimes call "Boogie Red Terror"!

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I have to say that just reading the headline my initial thought was: "no, a Basenji is not for you". But Shar Pei's are, IMO, not the easiest dogs to deal with. Plus you have something of a pet menagerie, the maintenance of which requires no small amount of pet skills. So my guess is that you would be fine.

The great thing is that if you get an older dog from a reliable breeder you will have a very good idea of what you're getting. Puppies are more hit and miss in that it's hard to tell at 12 weeks how they'll turn out. So if you can find a Basenji which has the right personality you might have a good situation, enjoyable for both you and the dog.

My only question would be the cats and birds. Put crudely, Basenjis are killers. That would be something to consider.

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Most puppies or young dogs will chew up things. I think Basenjis are worse than average, but I'm not they're are that much worse than average. They may just be more inventive.

It's also an age thing. At some point, I'll say 2 years old, they grew up and you don't need to crate them.

I wouldn't think of not crating a pup or younger dog. Too many things for them to destroy. I also don't think they mind the crate. Sleeping in the crate on on the sofa, it's more o less the same.

As far as getting a companion, I think that's a good recipe for partners in crime! LOL

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You are definitely not over-reacting. This sounds fairly serious. My guess is that if they believe it is an allergic reaction to something they'll give Willow a shot which will calm things down.

Some dogs, like some people, are more allergic than others. But allergic reactions can be horrible and even life threatening so you don't want to mess around with them.

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@tanza said in Just received my 4 Months old Basenji:

@donc - My comment is that when you give them a space that IS Theirs... and you are not in the home they will settle down... but if you are home, they need to be with their people

Completely agree. I was just addressing leaving her alone during the day when I assumed everyone would be out. I see that as different than alone in the kitchen at night. Now that I think about this, your point about being home or not may be the difference between night and day. At night you're home. During the day likely not.

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