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High likelihood that a DNA test will tell you. Agree with Tanza that the traits you are mentioning are not exclusive to Basenjis. Dogs are ultimately individuals, so there is wide variation within breeds. Personally I don't see sheep dog but my guessing is likely inaccurate. You know better.

In any event she's cute enough to be a Basenji!

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@zande Nice. I'm flat out with an international move but when I come up for air, Feeb is neutered ( a requirement by the breeder,) and subsequently registered, I'll definitely fill this out. I'm trying to hold out until she is least to spay her...

Agree with Zande that 3 is the youngest. Let them develop first. The breeder "requirement" is more or less BS. You can't be forced to neuter. The actual leverage is registration. If you don't neuter then you can't register the dog or any puppies produced by the dog.. But if you're not interested in breeding then registration isn't terribly important. I don't blame breeders for holding registration. They may not know you and having someone turn a dog into a breeding machine isn't what they want. My guess is if you told the breeder you weren't breeding but you didn't want to spay for health reasons they'd be fine with that. Lots of times it's the opposing case. People agree to keep the dog intact and then spay/neuter.

I also think that breeders are overly confident in thinking they can determine what a puppy will be like as an adult. Michael Jordon couldn't make his high school basketball team and he turned out to be a decent player! LOL

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@zande I don't know what that is so... probably not. What is it? 🙂

Wonderful resource for all of us!

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Vets can be a problem. I find, even with experienced ones, I have to call them to heel from time to time with reminders !

This might be different in rural areas, but most vets in urban areas have very little experience with puppies. There aren't many breeders and of those many do their own vet work to save money. It's a bit sad actually. One reason that many vets are unhappy with their jobs is that they got into the profession because they love animals but their practice mainly involves animals in pain, including the unappealing job of putting animals down.

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@donc Thanks for this info! Yogurt, she does get a dab of yogurt with her combined raw meat and Nutri-source small and medium breed puppy kibbles twice a day. Do you suggest cutting out the meat and yogurt?

Yes. The yogurt for sure but I'd probably skip the meat as well. I'd also feed her less than usual. This will probably work because her season is probably/hopefully going to stop shortly regardless. 😉 I'm pretty sure I've read that more calories are associated with seasons. Makes sense when you think about it. My observation is that milk products make a difference but I have no scientific evidence to support that.

FWIW my guess would be that the change from red discharge to pink in week three marked the Luteinizing hormone surge, which suggests a longer but normal cycle. Keep a record because they tend to repeat the same pattern.

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While there are huge variations in seasons, six weeks is getting to the long end though probably still in a tail of the distribution. I'd probably wait one more week or a week and a half and then take her to the vet. But the vet might not find anything. Sorry that the two of you are having to deal with this. The fact she's her normal self suggests there isn't anything untoward gong on.

One thing you might do is look at what she's eating. Don't know what you're feeding her, but you might want to cut back on her kibble and eliminate any additional food, especially milk products, if those are in the mix.

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Can you breed for temperament? Absolutely. That's been demonstrated with the fox project in Russia which turned foxes into proto-dogs. With 100% certainty? Absolutely not. More a tendency, with pups in the same litter having different basic dispositions. In some ways it's the same as breeding for specific physical characteristics, which is the usual case.

It's a bit of a moot question because breeders have traditionally breed for conformation, which may cut against a desirable temperament. (Note the temperament characteristics in the fox project resulted in physical characteristics, and this likely cuts the other way). One issue is that it's hard or impossible for buyers to judge temperament. I've been told that some puppy mill type breeders will tell customers that they'll pick a puppy with exactly the temperament they want -- at a few weeks of age! Right. LOL

Totally agree with Tanza that temperament is the starting but not the end point.

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Well welcome to the US and hope you have a great year.

I would NEVER put a dog in cargo if there was anyway to help it. Too many possible issues. I've taken a pet in cabin a couple of times and it worked well, but no guarantees. Every airline has its policy on pets in the cabin. Toby will probably be over the limits, which might be 20 pounds, but I really doubt they will ask. If he fits in a Sherpa they'll likely let it ride.

Just make sure you call ASAP and get a reservation. One thing in your favor is that so many people claim their pet is a support animal that the cabin crew seems surprised that you're actually paying the kennel fee.

You might also consider some anti-anxiety medication. It might make things easier for him and for you. And finally, not sure how this works in Columbia, but in the US you have to take the dog out of the crate when going through security.

PS: Love those nice long legs! Such a handsome boy.

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In the vast number of cases (well over 90%) dogs get returned to their owners. First, if you have next-door or something similar, check there. That's a fantastic resource. Second, drive around and look for the dog and signs. When we find a lost dog we will put up signs. Third check with animal shelters. I haven't heard of pawmaw but it couldn't hurt.

Good luck!

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No doubt your dog felt disrespected. LOL At first I didn't see that innocent face at the top of the pic.

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