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I don't see any Basenji but that's just a guess. If it matters, DNA tests are cheap, easy to administer, and pretty good. Way better than anyone's guess.

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Is this the hip? There is hip replacement surgery, which might or might not be appropriate given the dog's general health. In humans a shot in the joint is usually definitive. If the pain goes away then it's the hip. If it doesn't then it's not. If you think hip surgery is an option find a vet who does a boatload of them.

It's possible there is some back/spinal cord/nerve involvement. It's always a good idea to rule that out. (That doesn't mean there isn't osteoporosis).

There are several alternative therapies but if it's bone on bone then it's just a big OUCH. 😢

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A new puppy is frequently a trigger for aggressive behavior. The reason might depend on whom the aggression is directed towards. The puppy? Threats to the puppy? Acute general unhappiness?

To some extent the reason doesn't matter. You don't want an overly aggressive dog. He can of course be trained, assuming there isn't a biological issue. It's all about reinforcement. If he gives you behaviors you want he gets rewarded. If he doesn't he doesn't.

While this is how it works, the trick is how to implement this. A good trainer should be able to show you how to implement this. I'm not a trainer but this will involve rewarding/treating when he's not aggressive and withholding when he is. Here's a funny video of how a bad dog trainer would go about getting a behavior you don't want -- lots of yelling and pulling leading to exactly the behavior you don't want.

The point here is that I've seen a lot of owners do some variation of this. Not as extreme but along these lines.

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@zande said in Hi from Sally.:

I keep dog food in a tin dustbin in the utility room. I scoop out the ration for the day each morning and from that ration come the treats. I put a few in the bum-bag which goes on walks with us, adding a few extra cos some of the dogs we meet recognise me as a soft touch.

But it also means my own dogs don't get 'extra' - they just get their daily ration. They know 'Biscuits' and 'Bickies' and come racing back when I whistle.

That is a brilliant solution! Really great. It can be hard if you're training to ensure your critter(s) aren't getting an extra meal.

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Sally will do great. Inside, under a blanket, and looking out the window at the winter landscape, she won't be too cold at all! Will be quite the temperature change though when she goes outside.

Hot or cold outside, she's very cute.

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You're looking at two ends of the "toughness" spectrum. Seems like a good call to get the Basenji second. The big issue might be getting used to a dog who will bolt after one who won't.

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That's a fantastic idea. Here is the schedule:

For a spectator I think agility is hands down the most interesting. Unfortunately it's on the weekend so perhaps not the best for meeting breeders (if you care). This also doesn't seem to be Basenji only, so if you want to see Basenjis then probably not the best.

Lure coursing can be fun and there is a lure seminar on Monday. So Monday for that and Tuesday for Puppy and Veteran Sweepstakes?

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High likelihood that a DNA test will tell you. Agree with Tanza that the traits you are mentioning are not exclusive to Basenjis. Dogs are ultimately individuals, so there is wide variation within breeds. Personally I don't see sheep dog but my guessing is likely inaccurate. You know better.

In any event she's cute enough to be a Basenji!

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@morgansc said in Extra Long Heat in Young Unbred Basenji:

@zande Nice. I'm flat out with an international move but when I come up for air, Feeb is neutered ( a requirement by the breeder,) and subsequently registered, I'll definitely fill this out. I'm trying to hold out until she is least to spay her...

Agree with Zande that 3 is the youngest. Let them develop first. The breeder "requirement" is more or less BS. You can't be forced to neuter. The actual leverage is registration. If you don't neuter then you can't register the dog or any puppies produced by the dog.. But if you're not interested in breeding then registration isn't terribly important. I don't blame breeders for holding registration. They may not know you and having someone turn a dog into a breeding machine isn't what they want. My guess is if you told the breeder you weren't breeding but you didn't want to spay for health reasons they'd be fine with that. Lots of times it's the opposing case. People agree to keep the dog intact and then spay/neuter.

I also think that breeders are overly confident in thinking they can determine what a puppy will be like as an adult. Michael Jordon couldn't make his high school basketball team and he turned out to be a decent player! LOL

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@morgansc said in Extra Long Heat in Young Unbred Basenji:

@zande I don't know what that is so... probably not. What is it? 🙂

Wonderful resource for all of us!

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