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Truly hilarious.

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Try. contacting Cindy Griswold at She's really near Austin, and I'm 99% sure she doesn't have any puppies, but if there was a reputable breeder near you with puppies she would likely know about that.

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@eeeefarm said in Basenji Reactivity- please help!:

No, I don't walk in the middle of the street, but I do cross the road, as I am guessing most people have to do from time to time. 😉

I've never had a problem with this when crossing a street, which I think I've done thousands or maybe tens of thousands of times. I have never thought about it, but most likely the conditions when the crouching occurs -- another dog slowly approaching from a distance -- doesn't happen when crossing the street. If it did I'd just drag and keep going, but as best I can remember it never has.

On the other hand, for some reason Basenjis LOVE to stop in the middle of the street. To FLAP. No idea why but they all seem to think it's a great idea, which it definitely is not.

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You seem to be doing a great job in most respects!

The biting business is pretty much on the humans. Basenji puppies, and I'd assume all puppies, learn how to bite between 8 and 12 weeks. They bite overly hard, the litter mate yelps, they stop and learn that this was a mistake and pull the bite more the next time. This is trial and error, and since trial and error takes repetition, it's also why the puppies are full of scabs! LOL

I've heard/read that squealing helps. IOW when she bites you just let out a loud yelp and stop whatever you are doing, which is more or less what the litter mates would have done. Worst case is she grows out of it and learns eventually.

That said I have had a lot of scabs on the backs of my hands.

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I'm with Tanza. It's normal for many Basenjis. Just let it go.

You also need to understand that a Basenji isn't going to be as easy to train as most (all?) other dogs. LOL I'm actually quite impressed you have him walking as well on the lead as you do. This is not so much of a "wasn't done right when he was a puppy" as it is "that's how they roll".

The good thing is that if you're in Africa your little guy will understand* how to sneak attack and attack the lion from the rear so as to distract him from his task of eating you!

[edited: substituted understand for undertones]

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@eeeefarm said in Positivity?:

Basenjis are also extremely photogenic....

Love the first shot in your post. Always helps when you get down to their eye level. Your fifth one reminds me of a piece of art we have. It has vignettes of things that dogs do which make some people uncomfortable. One of those is titled: "Full Frontal". Ha ha.

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She is soooooo cute! I'm in love. 🙂

You're right to be feeding her in the crate. Keep that up. You might add a blanket to the cushion so she can curl up. As she gets older, you can do crate games. I just did a search on YouTube and came up with several. I looked at the one by martinisranch and liked it. Take a look.

If she screams when you're in the shower, best thing to do is to keep showering and ignore her. Remember that you're always shaping her behavior and they are not dumb. So if she screams and you pay attention you're telling her that to get attention she needs to scream. If you don't pay attention and take her out when she quiets down, she'll learn that if she wants out she needs to be quiet. I realize this is easier said than done.

All puppies can be destructive and Basenjis are always the best! So you are well advised to crate her. The good news is that around two -- I know seems forever -- they usually grow out of the need to chew on everything and are usually fine out of the care.


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Good suggestion from tanza about contacting the owner of the sire. Out of curiosity what makes you think the problem is Giardia? I'd assume it was something else. Lots of possibilities, and probably most or all puppies have diarrhea at some point. If it is Giardia then you'd expect days without any issues other than foul odors.

To me the weight is low, but I've seen other reports of similar weights on pups who turned out OK. Limited experience but I'd expect the weight to be closer to 15 pounds than 5 pounds at 12 weeks.

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He seems like he's having a Basenji good time. So cute. Transition will take more than a few days but you're well on your way. FWIW I know you can tire him out. It's just that he gets over it in a hurry!

As a suggestion, if he likes that toy I'd practice having him chase it. If you decide to try lure coursing the training will come in handy.

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Try searching for "crate games" on Youtube. Should be able to get him liking the crate.

But not sure how long you expect him to be in the crate. As Tanza says, at 12 1/2 weeks they are going to be very active. And of course it would be a different story if there were other dogs.

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