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Hi Sara-Maude,

I agree with the other posters about mentioning your actual age, but hey, I completely get your whole story. I wasn't allowed to have a dog when I was growing up (I'm now almost at retirement age) because my mom had been bitten by a dog when she was young. Long story short, after my mother died when I was in my 30's, I finally felt I could get a dog and I'm very glad I did!

Until I got my own dog, I 'd always be happy to pet my neighbors' dogs and play with them and whenever I would see someone walking a dog, I would ask if I could pet the dog. I liked another poster's suggestion that volunteering at a dog rescue, if that had been something I had known about when I was a teenager, I would've taken advantage of that opportunity.

My wife had a basenji mix when she was growing up. I saw my first basenji at a dog show where we talked to several basenji breeders about the breed and read all I could afterwards. I would recommend that you and your mother do what I did, see the breed in person.

People on this forum often criticized for being overly judgmental about inquiries from people about getting a first basenji, please know that everyone wants to make sure that it's the best match, for the person AND the dog.

Best of luck!

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They are spectacular-looking dogs. We've had two purebreds and now own a mix. If you want a dog who will be wagging it's tail like crazy when you come in the door, that's not a basenji. I used to say if I "unzipped" my basenji, out would step a cat, and I like that. Think dog with a cat's smart and discerning personality and you have the basenji personality.

Having said that, they can be cuddle dogs who like nothing more than to cuddle by something or someone warm.

Some basenjis are not particularly dog friendly. And they DO shed. Oh, and they're not fond of RAIN.

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Had a similar thing happen with a rabbit I had. Osteosarcoma of the toe. It's rare but I agree with all other posters, you should have it taken care of ASAP.

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I agree with previous posters--she's beautiful!!

I had to laugh about her reptile companions. She probably thinks that's the way it should be (or they've explained to her that as a predator like they are, she should be silent! )

Thank you for the beautiful picture!

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That is an incredible picture--such a beautiful girl! Is she from African stock bloodlines?--I noticed the looser tail (my B had a loose tail as well and had African basenjis in his bloodline).

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I've had two purebred basenjis and now have what I consider a basenji mix--not confirmed from DNA testing. When we saw him at the shelter, we immediately thought he might be a basenji mix due to his looks.

Now after having him for 3 years and observing his looks, his behavior, his awesome speed and a nice yodel, I still think he's a basenji mix.

VERY interesting to read the posts about what other owners have learned about their dogs with the DNA testing.

I wasn't specifically looking for a basenji mix when we went to get a new dog, I just wanted a friendly, mid-sized dog and he happened to be there, looking "basenji-ish".

When people ask me what breed he is, I tell them he's a Mixie, we suspect basenji, maybe beagle, maybe whippet, maybe brittany. Whatever he is, the DNA ingredients created a very nice dog.

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I'm not replying specifically to what you've written, but wanted to share a resource I found on Pet Food from the Tufts Veterinary school

This site has much useful information on feeding our dogs and cats, I came across it when researching kidney disease in cats.

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Good afternoon Cherif,

It seems like your little one wants attention and in fact that is what she needs. The more you can socialize a basenji puppy by being with them as much as you can in the beginning goes a very long way to having a very nice adult dog. Remember, she is a baby right now and everything is new and sometimes scary.

Regarding the replies you've received, I've come to realize that although some people express themselves very bluntly, everyone here is a fierce advocate for the breed. Their replies can be, shall I say, a bit "basenji-ish" - very independent and wary of strangers?

Last thing--basenjis really are not like any other dog breed. Not all of my friends who met my basenjis were thrilled by them. They liked the way they looked, but since basenjis do not run up to strangers and wag their tails and seek attention, my friends didn't know what to make of them.

I feel that they are more like cats in dog suits.

You are in good hands, advice-wise now, and you are in for a treat with your new pup. Please post some pictures when things have calmed down.

"Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.” --W.R. Purche

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Thank you Debra!! I appreciate you turning him around so all the blood didn't rush to his head in the photo!! 😉

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Prior to 2016, we had two basenjis, our last girl died in October 2015 at the age of 16. So, we had decided to go the shelter route and find a new dog. Just happened to see this guy from North Carolina and snapped him up immediately--he is definitely a mix of basenji and other hounds. He YODELS!!! When I come home in the evening, he'll greet me at the door with yodels! Smart as a basenji, a tissue scrounger like our last two, but not as independent at all. Very dog friendly, which was not the case with our b's as they aged. Such a playful and always happy fellow, very much adored and loved. Thinking of trying him at either agility or lure coursing in the future.

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