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I remember soon after we got our first basenji pup, we were out walking him and he just sat down at one point and wouldn't budge. We were horrified we had walked him too long. Based on that we halved the time/distance and increased both slowly. I would err on the side of shorter walks when they are pups.

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Laughing out loud at your post. YOU will need to wear sweaters and put extra blankets on because your basenji block the heat vent with his body which will drastically reduce the heat coming from the vents in your house to you, the human residents! Welcome to basenjis!!!!

On the other hand, the summers are a great time to see them stretched out snooZing away in the sun.

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Back when I had basenjis, we had gotten this little girl after we moved into a new house. She was not yet housebroken and so could not be let out when we weren't home. One morning soon after we had moved in, we came back from picking up lunch and our new neighbor came walking over to the car.

She explained that she had called the police to come to our house while we were away. She heard this horrible screaming, and knew we had dogs, and was concerned that something had happened to one of them.

So, the cops look in the front windows and what did they see?- just a little dog sitting in a crate, looking mighty annoyed at being crated.

So, I understand the issue you're having.

We never crated her after that, we blocked access to areas with baby gates and we were lucky she never chewed herself free. If we gated her in the bedroom, the bed usually was too enticing and she just took a nap.

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Hello, just thought I'd add my two cents. I used a 50-foot web lead when walking my basenjis in a lovely park with rolling hills that is close by. My dogs loved the freedom and quite honestly, I wasn't interested in having them off lead. Both dogs had very strong prey drive and they'd see a squirrel and that was it. Squirrel chasing is better than treats!

I have a nylon 50-footer that I use on the beach with my guy, same thing, he can run and play but it's almost impossible to call a dog and have the dog hear it with the sound of the ocean and waves breaking

That said, I wish you good luck in training your b to walk off leash to be able to enjoy a walk in the woods. Please give us an update when you've gone on your first adventure.

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Hi Fern,

I concur with Joan, this forum is very valuable for a basenji owner. And, if you're put off by people's posts about Woody not being very "Basenji-looking" please remember that it really doesn't matter. What matters is that you have done a wonderful thing, rescued a dog in need. From what you wrote, Woody's behavior seems very basenji-ish, Shiba Inus are very similar and from a person I knew who had one, even MORE stubborn that basenjis.

We call the behavior you mentioned Jax's "gravity boots"--he just won't budge! I started doing a 1-2-3 count with him. I say "one" and wait about 6-10 seconds. Then I say "two" and wait about 6-10 seconds more. When I say "three" we go. Jax has learned that "three" is IT. If you do that consistently, Woody will probably remember it. I like it because it gives him time to sniff what he is interested in (a dog's main sense) and it gives me control as well. So it's a win-win situation.

I LOVED reading that Woody was on his dog bed!!! With the rescues I've had and know about, it takes about a month for them to understand that this is the new normal and relax.

So, final words--stay on the forum!! I rarely post but I read it weekly.

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Hi Sara-Maude,

I agree with the other posters about mentioning your actual age, but hey, I completely get your whole story. I wasn't allowed to have a dog when I was growing up (I'm now almost at retirement age) because my mom had been bitten by a dog when she was young. Long story short, after my mother died when I was in my 30's, I finally felt I could get a dog and I'm very glad I did!

Until I got my own dog, I 'd always be happy to pet my neighbors' dogs and play with them and whenever I would see someone walking a dog, I would ask if I could pet the dog. I liked another poster's suggestion that volunteering at a dog rescue, if that had been something I had known about when I was a teenager, I would've taken advantage of that opportunity.

My wife had a basenji mix when she was growing up. I saw my first basenji at a dog show where we talked to several basenji breeders about the breed and read all I could afterwards. I would recommend that you and your mother do what I did, see the breed in person.

People on this forum often criticized for being overly judgmental about inquiries from people about getting a first basenji, please know that everyone wants to make sure that it's the best match, for the person AND the dog.

Best of luck!

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They are spectacular-looking dogs. We've had two purebreds and now own a mix. If you want a dog who will be wagging it's tail like crazy when you come in the door, that's not a basenji. I used to say if I "unzipped" my basenji, out would step a cat, and I like that. Think dog with a cat's smart and discerning personality and you have the basenji personality.

Having said that, they can be cuddle dogs who like nothing more than to cuddle by something or someone warm.

Some basenjis are not particularly dog friendly. And they DO shed. Oh, and they're not fond of RAIN.

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Had a similar thing happen with a rabbit I had. Osteosarcoma of the toe. It's rare but I agree with all other posters, you should have it taken care of ASAP.

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I agree with previous posters--she's beautiful!!

I had to laugh about her reptile companions. She probably thinks that's the way it should be (or they've explained to her that as a predator like they are, she should be silent! )

Thank you for the beautiful picture!

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That is an incredible picture--such a beautiful girl! Is she from African stock bloodlines?--I noticed the looser tail (my B had a loose tail as well and had African basenjis in his bloodline).

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