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They are spectacular-looking dogs. We've had two purebreds and now own a mix. If you want a dog who will be wagging it's tail like crazy when you come in the door, that's not a basenji. I used to say if I "unzipped" my basenji, out would step a cat, and I like that. Think dog with a cat's smart and discerning personality and you have the basenji personality.

Having said that, they can be cuddle dogs who like nothing more than to cuddle by something or someone warm.

Some basenjis are not particularly dog friendly. And they DO shed. Oh, and they're not fond of RAIN.

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Had a similar thing happen with a rabbit I had. Osteosarcoma of the toe. It's rare but I agree with all other posters, you should have it taken care of ASAP.

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I agree with previous posters--she's beautiful!!

I had to laugh about her reptile companions. She probably thinks that's the way it should be (or they've explained to her that as a predator like they are, she should be silent! )

Thank you for the beautiful picture!

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That is an incredible picture--such a beautiful girl! Is she from African stock bloodlines?--I noticed the looser tail (my B had a loose tail as well and had African basenjis in his bloodline).

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I've had two purebred basenjis and now have what I consider a basenji mix--not confirmed from DNA testing. When we saw him at the shelter, we immediately thought he might be a basenji mix due to his looks.

Now after having him for 3 years and observing his looks, his behavior, his awesome speed and a nice yodel, I still think he's a basenji mix.

VERY interesting to read the posts about what other owners have learned about their dogs with the DNA testing.

I wasn't specifically looking for a basenji mix when we went to get a new dog, I just wanted a friendly, mid-sized dog and he happened to be there, looking "basenji-ish".

When people ask me what breed he is, I tell them he's a Mixie, we suspect basenji, maybe beagle, maybe whippet, maybe brittany. Whatever he is, the DNA ingredients created a very nice dog.

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I'm not replying specifically to what you've written, but wanted to share a resource I found on Pet Food from the Tufts Veterinary school

This site has much useful information on feeding our dogs and cats, I came across it when researching kidney disease in cats.

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Good afternoon Cherif,

It seems like your little one wants attention and in fact that is what she needs. The more you can socialize a basenji puppy by being with them as much as you can in the beginning goes a very long way to having a very nice adult dog. Remember, she is a baby right now and everything is new and sometimes scary.

Regarding the replies you've received, I've come to realize that although some people express themselves very bluntly, everyone here is a fierce advocate for the breed. Their replies can be, shall I say, a bit "basenji-ish" - very independent and wary of strangers?

Last thing--basenjis really are not like any other dog breed. Not all of my friends who met my basenjis were thrilled by them. They liked the way they looked, but since basenjis do not run up to strangers and wag their tails and seek attention, my friends didn't know what to make of them.

I feel that they are more like cats in dog suits.

You are in good hands, advice-wise now, and you are in for a treat with your new pup. Please post some pictures when things have calmed down.

"Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong.” --W.R. Purche

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Thank you Debra!! I appreciate you turning him around so all the blood didn't rush to his head in the photo!! 😉

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Prior to 2016, we had two basenjis, our last girl died in October 2015 at the age of 16. So, we had decided to go the shelter route and find a new dog. Just happened to see this guy from North Carolina and snapped him up immediately--he is definitely a mix of basenji and other hounds. He YODELS!!! When I come home in the evening, he'll greet me at the door with yodels! Smart as a basenji, a tissue scrounger like our last two, but not as independent at all. Very dog friendly, which was not the case with our b's as they aged. Such a playful and always happy fellow, very much adored and loved. Thinking of trying him at either agility or lure coursing in the future.

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This picture would break the Internet--congratulations on a beauty!

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I agree it depends on the dog. My basenji girl had the police called on us when we had moved to a new house.

We had her and an older male basenji. We went out and had crated her, I think we may have had our male with us, maybe to a vet appointment? We came back and our new neighbors came over while we were getting out of the car and told us they had called the police...because our little girl was howling and screaming so much that they thought something awful had happened to her.

When the cops got there and looked in the window, there was nothing wrong, just a little dog in a crate who did not WANT to be in a crate.

When we first got her she totalled up about $1000 in damages --sunglasses, shoes, a chair--almost sent her back to the breeder, she was so different from our male basenji. She put the B in b-i-t-c-h!

We did not crate her after that unless we also crated our male with her. She was an inveterate waste basket surfer her entire life, but that was about it for any further mischief.

Whenever she was at the vet for a procedure and had to be crated after a surgery, she let them know her displeasure quite loudly. We always got prompt notification that we could come and get her!! LOL!

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Wonderful wrinkles on that head!!! My brother always asked me "well, how can you tell if they really ARE worried?" LOL!

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Wonderful basenjis! Congratulations! My b's avoided looking at the camera/phone after puppyhood. I guess I used up all their goodwill by then! Only could get profile shots after that!

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You really shouldn't let him drive, the cops don't like that ! 😁

He's great! Shango sounds like a typical B. one time we were ALL first time owners...

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Congratulations! As a former owner of a brindle b, I am thrilled for you!!

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What a wonderful black and white b!!! I had a lovely black and white girl for 16 years--she was very opinionated!!! Enjoy your handsome man!!

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I'm a Pennsylvanian and unfortunately the state is infamous for its puppy mills; some are operated by Amish farmers who live in Lancaster County.

If you drive the Pennsylvania Turnpike from the Philadelphia region to Lancaster County there is a huge billboard 0_1547047988771_mills.PNG saying "Welcome to scenic Lancaster County, land of Puppymills" that that has been paid for by a wealthy Pennsylvanian sympathetic to the plight of these dogs.

Some farmers will have their children sit by the roadside near their farm with a basket of puppies (and who can resist a child with a puppy?) and the prospective buyer does not get to see the stacked cages of poorly maintained dogs of all breeds that are used to keep this business going. Simply put, the Amish regard dogs as livestock and a revenue generator.

I would take the advice of the members of this forum. Also check the Basenji Club of America website for a list of breeders and the American Kennel Club (AKC) website.

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You're doing a great job introducing the cat to the basenjis, I would continue to do what you're doing, but don't leave them alone just yet. I would keep them in different rooms while you are away.
Also, as another person said, the cat and the bird will be more of a challenge, since the cat is more likely to hunt the bird. Keep the supervision going with all three species.

My basenjis always wanted to chase cats they saw outside, but did not chase the cats we had, because they had been socialized and they thought of the cats as part of the pack.

Estás haciendo un gran trabajo presentando al gato a los basenjis, yo continuaría haciendo lo que estás haciendo, pero no los dejes solos todavía. Los mantendré en diferentes cuartos mientras ustedes estén ausentes.
Además, como dijo otra persona, el gato y el ave serán un desafío mayor, ya que es más probable que el gato cace al ave. Mantener la supervisión con las tres especies.

Mis basenjis siempre quisieron perseguir a los gatos que vieron afuera, pero no persiguieron a los gatos que teníamos, porque habían sido socializados y pensaban que los gatos eran parte de la manada.

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Hello and congratulations on your new pup arriving this winter!

I never woke up my basenjis while they were sleeping at night, but definitely when you wake up, you will need to take your B outside immediately (or as soon as you can get a clothes, shoes and a coat on!). Also when your puppy has gone outside, give him/her big, big praise. Some people also have used a command like "do your business" when letting the pup outside to go --it is another reinforcement of the routine.

That being said, a puppy will have accidents in the house--don't fuss, just take the pup outside (to instill the routine of going outside to go ) and then bring the pup back in after a few minutes.

Nature's Miracle is a great product to use to clean up urine, it breaks down the enzymes in the urine and keeps your floors clean.

A puppy will play, play, play, then bonk! take a nap, then up again, play, play, play. Taking a pup out for a walk is the way the puppy will learn to walk on a lead and also learn about the world, so take your pup out often to explore the world and give him/her time to learn. I remember one time we were walking our pup and he just STOPPED and sat down--he had reached his limit! So we picked him up and carried him home. It is a great memory.

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In the early 2000's my 7 year old basenji developed Fanconi disease. He was on the Gonto protocol and his blood tests showed that the Fanconi was well managed. He he started to have seizures and we took him to a neurologist, who suspected Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis (GME). We did not have an MRI done. We made the sad decision to put him to sleep when he went into a seizure one night, temporarily lost his eyesight and just howled and howled (he was not a vocal dog at all). Pictures of him from that time showed a very tired dog. Until we looked at those pictures about 6 months later, we hadn't realized the toll it was all taking on him. Still miss him, he was a remarkable dog. Just wanted to share this with Derek, since his situation sounded similar.

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