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@_neekko_ You need to research and read and research and read again and again. Basenji's are so special you cannot compare them with any other breed. You need to be at least half a smart as they are and two steps ahead and understanding this will help you. My George is 7 now and He's been in the family since he was 10 months old. I was lucky to have another dog, labrador, lurcher who taught George manners and socialising and as Hector was a gentle dog this helped. but even now recall can be difficult as George is such a foody I have to bribe him to come back but if he's found way. Picnics are a nightmare as he will see & smell one from the moment we get to the park & before he gets out of the car. With this in mind I have to scan the park first before I let him off the lead, if I let him off. Hector passed last September and George has become closer to me and life is easier but I still keep learning all I can. You may find your Basenji hard work to start with but believe me eventually you'll have the most wonderful, loving, amusing, crazy dog ever. Good luck

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What a sweetheart.

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0_1522060307559_lazy (3).JPG

At last I've managed to get George's picture on here

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George does that too with all four legs in the air very cute

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@debradownsouth I'v tried this but the image is too big. Ill have to try something else

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Hi, Be under now illusion Basenji's are the smartest in the room and if you can be at least 1/2 a step ahead of them you will be in with a small chance. Your previous experience with your Great Pyrenees will be a good start but rather than having a 50lb lumbering toddler, you with have an impish speed freak and you will have little chance of catching them. They also can jump onto the worktop from stand still so make sure you don't leave any food out. On the best side, she will be the cuddliest, loving snuggle and loyal little girl you could wish for.
Try chopped carrots for treats and train with praise and cuddles. Never chase after her if she runs off as he will think you are playing the game but walk the other way. You may get a lot of negative comments about this but it works for me. I've only highlighted some of the problems I've had with my George and it's taken me 6-7 years working this out and he still gets one over on me now and again. Hopefully your won't have half of these problems and I wish you all the happy days I've had with George.

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There are some lovely photos on here. I'd like to include my George. How do you download them? I'm not very techy.

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Think of him as an adolescent child and believe me they are the worst. He's trying to push you to your limits and he seems to have succeeded. Their mindset at the best is "What's in it for me". My George is 7 now but I still have to be one or two steps ahead of him and he can still out wit me. You say he has severe separation issues.Do you talk to him and tell him that you have to go out for a while and you won't be long? I do, in fact I talk to him a lot. When you return make loads of fuss and give him a treat. They are a trying breed at best and I hope this bad behavior passes when he gets a bit older. Don't give up and Good luck

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Wow Basenji owners with their finger on the pulse Brilliant. My Basenji was a rescue from Spain. We got him at 10 mths and he was house trained from the start. I read everything i could on the breed ( and still do to remind me) and these are the main points that stick in my mind.

  1. Be two steps ahead of your Basenji at all times.
  2. Their attitude is 'What's in it for me'.
  3. When they run off, NEVER chase you'll just be joining in the game. They will come back when they are ready.
  4. NEVER, NEVER shout at them, you'l just wind them up.
  5. They are very loyal and want to be close whenever they can,
  6. Don't let them off the lead.
    My George is all of these things and more. His hunting instinct is for food. He can sniff out a black sack, dropped food or something revolting but tasty at about 40 yards and when he does if he's off lead, he's gone. Now he knows the best spots where he usually finds food regardless of traffic, hedges, garden etc. If he doesn't find anything then I can get him back by shaking the box of carrots I always carry. He really keeps me on my toes. He's not too good on the lead unless he has his Halti harness, the he walks along side me nicely but if he's just with a lead on his collar he pulls very hard. He can slip his collar and harness if he chooses so I have to be aware in advance of anything he may want to chase after. When I want to let him run free I have to have a good look round and if he looks towards something he doesn't come off lead.
    When he was young he would chase with other dogs and play with my other dog but now he's 7 yrs and my other dog has gone to doggy heaven. George no longer plays but sniffs out food all the time and eats anything, it's a nightmare. At home he ignores my cats and sleeps all day cuddled up to me on the sofa. He sleeps next to me on the bed at night and sometimes I wake up with George next to me and my 2 cats also snuggled up. I'm now disabled and have limited energy but with all this I wouldn't have it any other way. He's a thief, an escape artist, food fanatic, loving, cuddly, talkative boy and I love him.
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@eeeefarm I think I would rather risk high sugar that what unknown rubbish in shop bought treats. Also, as I always seem to attract other dog wanting treats, which I'm happy to give not so many lke carrots.

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