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Naomi is a beauty, to be sure. She is definitely dainty at 16 pounds. Those big old bells would wear her down! Maybe some little Christmas bells???? Ha Ha.

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Ditto, on Kembe's comments on the hand-made hunting bell. Too cool!
Izzy-Bella does appreciate her ever-changing fashionable collars, but I'm not sure how much--or little--she would like a bell around her neck, or anywhere else.

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Oh gosh, I love this thread. Years ago I researched these bells, because it just seemed that a Basenji parent should have a Basenji hunting bell. But, alas, the prices were SO exorbitant. I could have dealt with $200, maybe even a bit more, but $600 and beyond? Not so much. I would still dearly love to own a bell. I did buy a very "dear" vintage slim book about Basenjis, which I bought in lieu of the bell. I do not recall anything in it about putting the bell around the stomach. But, who knows? Correct me if I am wrong, but I think Basenjis exist in a very wide swath of The Congo, so maybe different peoples/tribes have different customs.
I would LOVE to have an authentic bell.

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Oh my lord, I am so extremely sorry for your loss. This is devastating. We are all thinking of you and sharing your pain. And leaking tears.

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I see Basenji, for sure. But I am a very biased person, with a 3/4 Basenji, based on DNA testing; but one who the nay-sayers on this site would no doubt probably poo poo results if they they just looked at her photos.
Nevertheless, that is a really adorable dog: super duper cute. The ears are wonderfully delightful, maybe not so much Basenji-like, but so much else is Basenji. Do the testing!

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Beautiful! She's a peach. Enjoy!

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Oh my gosh. When I first read this posting, my heart jumped, because I thought a Basenji smothered in bed with its people. My Basenji sleeps deep under the covers every night, so I had horrible images of Death Under Cover. Never mind she's been doing this for almost
ten years.
And then when I saw the deconstructed dog bed, it was like, oh duh, been there done that. How many crate mattresses have we gone through this past year? It seems that our girl yearns for the most expensive tempurpedic-type mattress out there. When her beloved most
favorite mattress had to be finally disposed of, alas, every subsequent mattress was summarily destroyed within mere days. The current replacement is a paltry replacement, but
it is working so far. Lord knows, the new kitten loves it.
Anyway, I think these furry people denand the best in beds. They have standards. Swedish Tempurpedic, preferably with built-in massage capabilities. Otherwise, it's a flurry of foam. Been there.
It's all too funny.

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Wow, my Izzy-Bella would be so jealous. Squirrels and bunnies send her into mad-dog frenzy. Oh, to capture one of those pesky little vermin--sublime! She tries, but, alas, no luck.

Izzy loves Big Dogs. She is an unashamed little Ho. She tries to kiss their faces and their ears. It's frankly embarrassing.
She doesn't hate small dogs, as long as they like her. But she yearns for handsome manly Dwayne Johnsons of Big Dogs.

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Good on you, Patty. I agree. The DNA tells the story. You simply cannot look
at a mixed breed and declare a conclusion.
Several years ago there was an article centering on visual recognition, particularly featuring possible pit bull heredity. There were about a dozen pictures of dogs who all looked like flat-out pit bulls. Almost all were not. So much varied DNA in these featured mixed breeds, and dogs with extreme pittie features had no pit bull DNA at all. Fascinating. Meaning probably in the other direction that some cute little guy like yours can contain Basenji DNA, whether the arrogant purist breeders like it or not. Basenjis are notorious escape artists. In a previous Basenji group that I belonged to, there were at least two rather notorious and egregious escapes. One involved a dog entrusted to a breeder for mating purposes. The dog escaped and was never recovered. Egregious irresponsibility. The other escaped during a family trip and was missing for weeks. Fortunately, it was recovered safe and sound, but who knows what sexual havoc it wrought during its adventure.
Let us know what the testing reveals. I hope there is Basenji in there somewhere.

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