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@kembe I live in a Condo but my Dog knew to ask to go out. When she was 12 she had a Carcinoma and when it was removed I had to pick her up to put her on the Bed. She lived for 4 more years and this year would have been her 20th Birthday. I think the Doggie Door is a great idea. These dogs love to run, at least mine did...

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@mike67 My girl was called Mbera because that is the Congolese name for Piano. She was a Tri and her photo is in my profile. She was about 9 months old and she was chewing on a stick! I never used her Congolese Name but did call her Antigone because like her namesake, she refused to negotiate. Since nobody could properly pronounce her name I called her Tiggy. When she passed it felt like I had lost my child.

Enjoy your new little homewrecker!


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@dagodingo I am so sorry for your loss. High Liver Enzymes is an indication of some form of Liver Disease. I am sure that the Breeder will be in touch. I have high Liver Enzymes myself so I drink a lot of water with Lemon Juice added.

The longer we have them the worse it is. Losing a B is like losing a child. That is how I felt when mine passed several years ago. I took her everywhere with me except to the Grocery store. The spot on the Bed where she slept still feels strange without her.

Please know that you took great care of Suzy and she knew she was loved. That should take the edge off but it is so very hard.

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@debradownsouth I did no such thing. Seeing a Dog or any animal on the Internet is not enough info to just think the animal is for you. I said to do their homework and research the Breed. After they do the research then they can make an informed decision. How many of these Dogs end up as Owner Surrenders in Rescue? Chew on that for a minute and recall that inexperienced people usually dump the Dog.

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@flash I am so sorry for your loss. I have lost 2 of my Horses in a traffic accident. That was 17 years ago and I still grieve for my 2 Geldings. You must pay extra special attention to your little Girl. My Dog was so eager to go for a run that she had a Coller and a Harness. The Leash was attached to the Harness so I had control of her Chest.

Please take all the time you need and there are folks here who have had similar experiences. Sometimes it is just good to write about it and know you are surrounded by others who have had a similar loss.

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@eeeefarm Not only was your Dog gorgeous but the Horse is too! You are clearly a fantastic Animal Steward! Continued happiness for you and yours!


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@giza1 I was not assuming anything. She stated that she had seen a Dog on the Internet and based upon that she wanted to get one. I wanted to be sure she did her homework as these little Homewreckers are quite a handful for those that have no experience with them. I would hate for her to get a Puppy and not be able to deal with all the Stubborn, Take No Prisoners, Refusal to Negotiate aspects of the breed. All of that is exactly why I love the Breed. I had mine for 16 years and we went on a lot of adventures together.

They are Fabulous Dogs for those who can deal with that Personality!


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@debradownsouth I have a friend who lost 2 Austrailian Sheepdogs on a Delta Flight from LAX to JFK. Death in the Cargo Hold is more common than you think. Some Airlines treat Pets as Luggage and that is not right. So I must disagree with you regarding long Flights. The Vets recommend SEDATION for any pet that goes on a Plane. Olympic Horses have to Fly to the Games and I know a woman who was on the flight where a Horse had to be euthanized because he was so hysterical he put his hoof through the Wall of the Cockpit. The Pilot ordered the Horse to be put down. Lengthy Plane Rides and Animals just do not mix.


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@eugenec You should check Countries that are closer to where you are. I cannot think of a Breeder in the United States that would sell you a Basenji puppy. The Flight takes a very long time and the Dogs are always in the Cargo Hold. I have brought Cats from Boston, MA by Air and I had to buy a seat next to me so I could keep her with me. Dogs die in the Cargo Hold and they are petrified even if you give them a sedative.

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@cody-cowley Please check with The Basenji Club and they will steer you in the right direction.

I think your friend needs MORE info about this Ancient Breed. They are hard for people who have never had one. I would tell her to not get a Basenji as it a not a good idea. She can look for another Breed which may be more appropriate for her level of experience.

Thanks for asking the question even if you dislike my response!

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