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Dogs of all Breeds will not eat something that is toxic to them. My little girl never ate Raisins or Milk Chocolate. She did enjoy the random York Peppermint Pattie because DARK Chocolate does not make the Heart race.

My Girl loved Graham Crackers with Cinnamon and Honey but there were other treats she preferred. She loved Raw Carrots that I bought for the Horses and she also loved Broccoli!

They know what not to eat so the Cinnamon is ok.


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@patty I saw it on PBS Newshour. There is currently an Ebola outbreak there and the Islamic State refuses to allow people to be treated. They are a horrible scourge on the Planet and Basenjis can get Ebola too!

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She is gorgeous and a keeper! She looks like she has lots of Basenji in her but I do not know what the rest of her could be!


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@susanlvs2jmp As others have said BRAT is a great resource. You should also keep working with her because Basenjis are extremely intelligent and she will want to bond with YOU as you are the Leader of the Pack. I would not give up on her so soon, she may become a fantastic companion for your other dogs.

Please rethink giving her away!


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@selimahope When I first got my Dog a gal at the Horse Farm insisted she was a Jack Russell Terrier. She had never heard of the Breed. I am glad you have taken it upon yourself to adopt this Dog and if you live defensively you won't have a problem. I wish people would stop breeding to other Breeds as these Dogs are now on the International Endangered Species list due to the Islamic State haven taken over the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Enjoy your dog!


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@khaipan I am all for altenative modalities but CBD Oil or Cream has not been tested on Domestic Animals. Having said that I would not put the stuff IN your Dog's mouth. It is for Topical use only. I think that the more experienced humans who have been owned by their B's will provide good advice.

I hope you find a solution!



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@theoriginaldev A very lovely Dog indeed! Enjoy him!!!


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There is little data or studies regarding Medical Marijauna used in Animals for an alternative modality for treatment of any kind. One Article is simply not enough. I have considered trying the CBD Cream for my Back pain. There have been many studies regarding Medical Marijauna for treating Auto-Immune Diseases such as MS. One Vendor is 'Charlotte's Web' and their products are legal in all of the 50 states.

I would not treat my Dog with Cancer with this stuff because it is a topical and we do not know if applying it to the Dog's skin will irritate the Cancer.

Good luck and you may try feeding your Dog Vegtarian Dog Food because animal flesh and Fish encourages the growth of Cancer. My Antigone had a Carcinoma when she was 12. I had it removed and changed her diet to a Vegetarian and she lived to be 16 years old.

Diet in my experience is the best way to manage a Dog or Cat with Cancer.

Good luck!


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@tanza I have flown with a Kitten that I rescued from the street when I lived in Boston. My late Dad flew us both 1st Class and there was a seat for me and a seat for the Kitten's Crate. My Dad for some strange reason named that Kitten 'Billy" even though she was a female. She adored my Dad and always made a huge fuss over him.

The ONLY way I would fly a Puppy, Kitten or whatever animal you have would be in 1st Class with 2 Seats. Non Stop flights too.

If you cannot be present when your pup is transported I would drive and take your current dog with you. That way he will not feel left out and just be curious about the Pup.


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