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I have had over the past years basenjis with CCD and it is, to say the least, saddening to see. Our senior basenji, Wendy is now 16 1/2 and is pretty much avoiding CCD. We have been, on advice of our vet, to giver her a supplement for eventual CCD, and that is Sensilife capsules. After about 2 weeks, she really showed a remarkable increase in awareness. We still are on it, now for about 5 months. The thing is, this or any other supplements must be started before any signs of CCD for them to work. It can delay the onset, but cannot reverse it. We are hoping that it will still delay the inevitable, as with other basenjis that we have had, it comes pretty fast and the outcome is always the same. Anyway, it does take a couple of weeks to take effect. Not that expensive-we get ours from Walmart Pet Rx and 1800Pet Meds. At this point in time, for you and me, we both are trying to slow the advancement of aging in our precious basenjis. It is so hard, I wish you luck.

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I'm so very sorry for your losing Cosmo. We lost our Emma and Cody last year just 7 months apart. Wendy is our nay basenji now and a senior that gets doted on and spoiled to no end. As you know, it's so very heartbreaking! Cosmo will live in your heart and loving memories forever!❤💕😪 Take care!🙏🌈😪

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Our Wendy, 15, had her liver enzymes get pretty high. Her medication, it seemed, was killing her appetite. She looked at food, but walked away without eating. She now gets a 1/2 Prilosec morning and evening. In the am she also gets 1/2 dose of Entyce and that kick starts her appetite quite well. After a week of the appetite stimulant she is now eating regularly-3 small meals a day. It so hard to watch them not eat, knowing that they are hungry too. Prayers for you and your b.

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My rescue, senior female basenji, 13+, has her liver enzymes go from 375 to 1000. Should an ultra sound be necessary? Maybe hepatitis? Would like more information when I talk with the vet on Thursday, the 30th. Anyone have experience with this health issue? Thanks.

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@t-jones Hi. I too am in Florida, Melbourne area. Would you supply me with the breeder you spoke about that is in Georgia? I am looking to replace a recently departed male basenji that we had.

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We recently got, Wendy, a BRaT rescue basenji, our 3rd, this past July, '17. She is very healthy, but her owners showed no affection to her and locked away in a back bedroom most of the day, due to having another dog the owners loved dearly. I took her as a foster and then adopted her, but she will not baroo - opens her mouth like she is going too, but no sound - nothing. My other 2 baroo all of the time and Wendy just stares at them--does not try to imitate or any effort toward "singing".. Any ideas to change this around?

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@2baroos What brand of dry Lamb and RIce do you use?

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We tried Purina Pro Plan food on our 3 rescues. Even though we gave this to them a little at a time to blend in over several weeks, they ALL had very runny stools and it would not stop. In fact, the more Pro Plan they got the more trips to the yard. Gave it up, and no more problems. This was Pro Plan dry and wet. Same results either way.

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My female basenji, Emma, a rescue, now 12 years old and the 7th BRaT rescue that we have had over the years. We currently have 2 additional BRaT rescues, both 12 years old. Have had Emma since she was 14 months old. Lately she has gotten very picky with her food in the am and sometimes refuses to eat at all. She is, and always has been, on the "lite" side coming in on average of 15 pounds. She will eat her evening meal with no problem. Tried to get her to eat about noon, and she picks at it. I would like to put some weight on her, as she is getting rather skinny, but how to do it is the question. Her entire life she has been a good eater, but now the mornings is a refusal. Looking for ideas to gain weight for her.

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Our basenjis boy, Cody, developed SARDs when he was 6 years old. One day we noticed that he could not see out of his right eye and was bumping into things on his right side. Got to the vet ASAP and it was confirmed that he lost his vision in the right eye. Recommended we see an optimologist. We did the next day. By that time, Cody was having a hard time with vision in his left eye. They did the retina tests and confirmed to us that it was SARDs. By the next day he lost his vision in both eyes. 3 1/2 days and his vision was gone! He was completely healthy at the time. We were devastated, but our vet said that Cody will cope with his loss of vision, better than we will. It has now been almost three years and you would never know Cody could not see. We do not move any furniture around or leave things laying around the house. He gets around like he can see. His hearing and sense of smell has grown tremendously. He goes out in the back yard, though not far from the house, by himself, we take him on walks. He has developed a thyroid condition since them and is on medication. He has developed allergies and when they act up, it panics him and his "gyro" gets off and he will bump into things until he settles down. Our Cody acts the same when he has to go out side…antsy or as we call it agitated. Cody does, at times, we believe, gets depressed. He will sit and hold his head down and stare at the floor for several minutes. We know that he is sad about losing his vision. Cody was a rescue from TN when he was 18 months old, so we have no contact with the breeder. Cody, like your basenji, sticks very close and likes to touch our leg when walking with his nose. Lays by one of us constantly. Other than that, he is "normal" and one would not know that he is blind. We are very lucky to have him and hope for a long life for him.

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