• Yesterday, Lisa (Deosil) lost both of her beautiful brindle boys in a house fire. Nobody was home at the time, but they were able to save pretty girl Calliope. Lisa is devastated. These two boys were the last "bred by"s she had. They were very sweet dogs and simply gorgeous. They were the first brindle Basenji I had ever seen.

    Lisa is the lady who gave AJ to me and Melody to my grandmother. She still has Calliope, but those two boys will be irreplaceable.

    My prayers the Grandmothers bring her comfort.

  • Houston

    Ah, my I don't know what to say..how awful..poor dogs and poor Lisa. I will be saying a prayer for her for comfort and peace.

  • I am so sorry to hear about the tragic loss of Lisa's two boys. I am pleased that Calliope was saved.

  • How very tragic - my heart goes out to Lisa.

  • Oh how awful, awful, awful. so sad

  • God Bless, Lisa, my thoughts of peace are with you.


  • Oh this brings tears to my eyes.

  • So sorry to hear about your loss. My heart goes out to you please take care.

    Rita Jean

  • Thank you, everyone, for your kind thoughts. I'll pass them on to Lisa.

    Melody is the sister of Pokey and Puca. This loss has, in effect, shut Deosil down. Calliope is 9 years old and I seriously doubt Lisa will breed her again.

    I still haven't found out how the fire started, but the boys did have a chance. They were not locked in their crates.

    I can only imagine, myself, how I would feel had it been AJ. Thinking about it makes me shiver.

    Again, thanks, y'all.

  • Fire is my worst fear. Even with dogs loose and a pet door, the smoke can take them before they know it.
    Hugs to everyone involved. Its just awful.

  • I am just beyond words. Please give Lisa my condolences. Losing a dog is horrible, in a fire unthinkable.

  • First Basenji's

    How terrifying… I'm so sorry this happened. My condolences to all...

  • Oh, I can't EVEN imagine the pain she must be going thru. Just the thought makes me sick to my stomach. My heart breaks for her. I would never be able to get over the thoughts that would be going thru my mind, knowing what they must have gone thru. How absolutely, …..I don't know what word to use.
    Time does not heal, I think I grieve more now for my boy than I did almost a year ago when I had to let him run free. Grief has taken his place. If you stop grieving , then what ?????? Their personalities are bigger than life.
    Sorry DEbbi Downer aka PJ

  • PJ, like you, I don't know what words would feel soothing for Lisa.

    I lost my Lucy girl in April. She was 6 years old, and admittedly, overweight. It was storming on a Saturday night; she went out to go to the bathroom, and never came in. My 20 year old daughter was home alone (the rest of us were overnight in Orlando). Rosie spent the whole night looking for her, furious that she "ran away" at first. Later, she was consumed with worry and convinced she was hit by a car. Our other dog, Joker, stayed by her side and shook for no apparent reason. Somehow, he knew. Rosie called me in the morning and when I told her to go look outside, her tone of voice went from "Mom, I know she's not out here, I'm wasting my time", to "Oh my God!" Our precious girl was laying, under a tree, at peace with herself.

    Like you, while Lucy was at peace, my heart was not. The grief, the retrospection of what I should have done different…. well, that's still there. Lucy was never fixed, and I always wanted her to be a mom, because she was such a gentle, loving soul. She was a comforting soul for all of us.

    Well, it's 7 months later. Last night, as I waited outside for Lola to do her business, I talked to Lucy. And under that starry night, PJ, I realized that in her way, Lucy did have more puppies. Because of her sudden death, I started researching on the internet, and I found this forum. I learned about "Halo", a misunderstood young girl in Chicago. We adopted her. In the meantime, there was a girl named Sophie that was abandoned in Florida when her mom moved north. We adopted her, and she is now with my daughter Maggie. My sister had taken care of Lola, and fell in love with the breed, and found a rescue in Missouri, who she named Bacchus. And then this lovely girl named Becca needed a new home in Miami.... she is now living with my sister and Bacchus.

    No, not one of these four basenjis will ever replace my Lucy. I still grieve for her... and yet, I'm comforted by the fact that there are now four happy basenji's in my family. Lucy didn't give birth to these dogs, but she is certainly their mother in my heart. 🙂

    Much love. Patty

  • Patty
    I'm sad to learn of your little Lucy girl; they teach us so many lessons about love, don't they.? She must have worked her magic to provide the opportunity for you to come in contact with her "litter" of rescues. Lucy knew they would be in good loving arms.
    It certainly is the time of year when we give thanks for our blessings, but I think every day an impish Basenji makes us smile is a day to be grateful for.

  • Oh, how tragic. 😞 Run free at the bridge, boys. xx

  • How very heartbreaking. My condolences to Lisa. I know there are many beloved Basenjis that guided the boys across the bridge.

  • So sad, poor babies. Run free beautiful boys.

  • I really don?t know what to say, it?s breaking my heart only thinking of her boys and their family…
    Hugs for all....

  • I'm so sorry. They will be greatly missed. How much damage was there to the house?

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