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South Orange County area rancho rancho Santa margarita area... my boys would love some play dates...

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oh hey!

Is this bourbons mom n pop? this is the Milosh n Zeus weve met a few times at 'happy tails'!


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so my boys use puppia mesh harnesses (real soft) but my boy Milosh gets very startled at any popping noise ( motorcycle fire works pop etc...) hes gotten bettre but he once managed to escape the harness ( iam alsways 2 steps ahead so i catch him before he reacts) that said i notice many basenjis have collars= do they work better on keeping them safe?

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Dade or broward? or closeby....my 2 boys would love to meet!

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@Dsims1976 really should contact BRAT -
i didnt want togo through the puppy stage as well- and hes been such a pussy cat!!!

i got my 2 year old basenji to accompany my other boy and hes been awesome!!!!

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thank you folks!

great info there Debra.

went with Nature's Logic Canine Turkey Meal Feast (ordered from chewy) seems its an easier food to grab online.

ill keep you guys posted!

also have a question- anyone feeds their pups yogurt for treats sake? how often or what brand, and how?....


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1.Nature's Logic Canine Turkey Meal Feast

2.Carna4 Hand Crafted Dog Food

3.ACANA Grasslands Regional Formula Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

so- currently they are eating grain free blue buffalo- but i really want to take them out of that, i know it maybe a little late in the game ( they are 7)- but i think its for the best health wise.
in their whole life span ive changed it once , they started with taste of the wild ,then to blue buffalo....
Vet says they are fine- but i want to start feeding them healthier.

has anyone tried any of these 3 brands with their basenjis?

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ah! been wanting to get that bed as well for outdoors looks comfy.

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Both Boys are 7!- Milosh adopted from a rescue (upfront)- Zeus adopted from BRAT!(in the back)

my life.

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So i have 2 basenji pups (6 yrs old)

I had Milosh since a puppy- and later adopted Zeus at 2yrs from BRAT. now they are both 6.

and well, my issue is Milosh is very vocal.

he just thinks that everyone should be in their place. if we walk down the stairs and Zeus is also coming down the stairs he growls- i know they respect each others space - and there are no fights that break out. - he DOES NOT attempt to bite.

Zeus is very mellow and calm- and ignores his growls. i just want Milosh to respect and understand that Zeus is entitled todo as he pleases without Milosh approval.

is this normal having 2 basenjis?

1- they are not from the same liter.
2- they are both males
3- they dont dog fight./ they play with one another when they like.

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