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Us too…..The funny thing too was that they stayed right there while we ran to get the camera and take the picture. Usually when they are doing something camera-worthy, by the time we get the camera, they have moved.

Rio (tri) is quite the "character". I think she was the runt of the litter, but she has been the best!

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Saw this picture of our dogs just sitting on the stairway! It was a funny sight.

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Here is a video clip we took a few days after we brought Rio home. Rex was not adjusting to her very well at first. He growled and snapped every time she approached him. This video was the first day he came around. Now they chase each other around the house all of the time. If you have speakers, turn them on to hear the added music.


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Thanks for all the welcome messages!

PS - Thanks for the edit admin! I like the pics in the message body better. Not sure how to do that.

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Yeah, these weren't the best pics since I'm at work, but wanted to post one of each with the intro. Rex loves the Florida sunshine and Rio does have some crazy positions!


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Just following forum orders and making an introduction.

We have 2 Basenjis…..Rex the Red, who is around 6 years old and Rio (tri color), who will be 2 on Christmas Day.

It sure is funny to read a lot of the posts about this breed as we have gone through it all too....the good and the bad! Luckily, the good way outweighs the bad at this point!

Look forward to participating in this forum.



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