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@joeyq Both Ivee and Tag weigh around 27 pounds and I have worked them up to the recommended dose of six drops. Right now I only give them to them at dinner time.

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CBD oil has been helping my 17 year old man B with severe arthritis and my 15 year old B with bone spurs on her spine stay comfortable. There is very little to no THC in CBD oil, so they do not get high. Cannabidiol receptors are part of the body's own pain management system, so they are simply relaxed from the pain reduction. I almost cried for joy the first time I saw my old guy curled up in a cozy donut shape grooming himself, as he had not been able to do that for a long time. My girl had been flinching when touched even very lightly on the back, and she does not do that with CBD oil. I've only been using it for a few weeks and it really started helping them quickly. I bought a small bottle online at Lazurus Naturals just to try it, and I will definitely be getting more.

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Thanks for the info! That was easy. This is a picture of Tag and Taj from a couple of years ago at a South Coast Basenji Fanciers fun meet. Would you believe these two, er, chubby and mature men tried lure coursing for the first time that day and LOVED it?


This is Ivee from a bit over a year ago being ever so slightly judgmental of my skills as her driver, LOL.

Hemet, CA

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Hi, I'm Linda, and I've been a member (though not a terribly active one since Facebook arrived) for a bit over 10 years. WOW! I became involved with Basenjis in early 2001 when I adopted a mostly blind 15 year old red and white B girl named Crystal who was about to euthanized because she was blind. She had belonged to an apartment neighbor of mine who had fallen on hard times, and since I was at that time moving to a house with a good safe yard with my elderly Lab mix, Camin, I offered to take Crystal, because other than her vision issues, she was still full of energy. In the remaining year of Crystal's life, she captured me heart and soul on behalf of all Basenjis forever!

I have been an active volunteer with BRAT (Basenji Rescue and Transport) for nearly as long as I've had Basenjis. Two of my current Bs, 15 year old Tag and 13 year old Ivee, are BRAT rescues. Taj, who you will find ample mention of in my old posts as my little guy I've raised from a pup, is now 13 as well. I also have a non-B muttlet, Little Horse (age 11 or so), who came to me via BRAT connections, but that is a long and complex story.

I would attach pictures of my crew, but I can't quite figure out how to do it in this new format, but I will share when I get the chance.

Have a barootiful day,

Hemet, CA

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Sabo, I used to live in Redlands. I moved before the dog park was opened. Love the name Dopamine for a Basenji – I teach psychology. 🙂

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Come on over to the So Cal thread near this one. I'm in Hemet, someone else is in Redlands, and another is in LA. We might be able to coordinate meeting at a dog park relatively convenient to all of us. I know there are a couple in Pasadena.

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I live in Hemet with my three Basenjis and would be interested in a play date toward the LA area as well.

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My Basenjis (Taj and Tag) and I are gearing up for the American Cancer Society Bark for Life at Chino Hills, CA to be held one week from today. We will be participating in a day of fun to raise money to help fight cancer and to honor all who have had their lives changed by cancer in one way or another. Whether you're a survivor, have a loved one who is a survivor, or have lost a friend or family member to cancer, you can make a difference in this fight.

Even though ACS focuses on human cancer, one of the honorees of my team's Bark walk is Taj's beautiful and beloved litter sister, Banners (Savannah), who passed away from cancer nearly 3 months ago.

I know most Basenji Forums members cannot attend this event in person, but you can do the Bark with us in spirit by donating to our team. Just as the nickels and pennies and dimes in your change jar eventually add up to dollars, so can small donations to ACS turn into a significant amount. Please consider supporting Banners' Brigade 2. Thanks.

Linda S. Krajewski
Hemet, CA

Home to Taj and Tag, Basenji boys extraordinaire
. . . with our special angels Ellie and Marco Polo forever in our hearts

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I am very happy for Medfly, too; they are an extremely worthy group.

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The queen of my heart left for the Bridge unexpectedly early yesterday morning. Ellie and I had a tremendous bond and, as another Basenji friend put it, she was my rock and most constant love. Godspeed, my most beautiful girl. Taj, Tag, and I are missing you so much and your gentle and loving spirit will be with me forever. Until I meet you again, my darling.

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