• Kiya was such a spunky, happy, stubborn, and sweet tri, we had her for almost 16 years. Although she was diagnosed with a rare incurable disease (lymphangiectasia / PLE) in the last 6 months, she fought till the end and acted like nothing was happening. Despite losing half of her weight and mobility in her hind legs, she still managed to get up and tried to steal our toddlers food, she was always so food driven and nothing would deter her from stealing the food scraps, even after a full meal of her own. Not to mention chasing stray cats in the backyard, she could run so fast even at her old age.

    I know that she knew how much we loved her and how hard we tried to help her. Not surprising she went on her own terms, while we were out and did not want us to see her suffer anymore. Her brother Chance is still around and misses her a lot.

    This forum was created in part because of Kiya and will remain her legacy for as long as possible.


  • oh Alex, I'm so sorry! My heart is with you and your family during this. 😢

  • So sorry to hear this, I have known her since she was a baby! But she is no longer in pain and running free... Hugs. Run free Kiya and Alex remember that you and the family will carry her soul in your heart forever. Hugs to Chance... too

  • @tanza thank you for the kind words, we are really sad to lose her, she had some much life in her even with the disease, but we know that she is not suffering anymore.

  • @elbrant thank you

  • @Alex Damn Alex... I'm so sorry. Kiya looks like a sweet rambunctious spitfire. Losing a dog, which let's face it... after 16 years she's a family member, is soul crushing. I'll have to go back and search for your threads. I've only been here for a couple o years. I wish I had words that would help heal your hearts... but for me I learned that the best remedy was time, two more dogs and six puppies. I really need to learn moderation.

    Hoping your hearts heal, and Chance's too. I "Liked" your post because you chose to share this with us. Thank you...

  • Very sorry to hear this. I know you will miss her forever.

  • Really sorry for your loss.

  • @Alex
    It’s been 10 months since my Kembe passed - but I still feel the pain. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes. So sorry for your loss - please accept my deepest condolences. Run free Kiya! 💕🐾

  • Am so very sorry, Alex. My tri boy Mr.T will be 12 in December. We lost our last 2 b's at ages 17 (Jenna went in her sleep), but Zak I had to have PTS as he had dementia really bad. Its never easy loosing these furkids. Kiya will live forever in your heart and memories, never to be forgotten. She is running with the wind and sunning herself in the warmth of the sun. Until you all meet again, someday. HUGS

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