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So the Vet gave her the seal of approval. She did say that everything seems to be in order and her hips are fine. I definately think that it was a case of her being bored. We have switched things up and she knows now that once she does her business a few times the rest of the walk is for her. I try and keep the walk limited at 45 minutes to an hour since if I gave her free reign to sniff and say hello to everybody (people, dogs, cats, squirrels) we would be out there for awhile.

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Heya Buddys pal,

The day after i posted the picture of her little lump it turned black and fell right off. Actually i am not sure when it fell off i just knew it wasn't there. The bump underneith also slowly went away. We have her penciled in for a vet visit this weekend so i will let you know what they say. Thanks for the concern!


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I am not sure if this is Gauche within the B community, but i figure it is worth a shot.

I was wondering if any GTA Basenji owners were going to Woofstock 2012 this year? The one time we went we ran into 2 other B's and it was kinda neat. I know our little one got a big kick out of it and it was a nice day of treats, SWAG and socializing.

Anyone else thinking of making it out this year?

Hope to see some of you there!

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Here is something i have been wondering.

How long is 'too long' of a walk for our B?

The wife and i like to do a nightly walk around the neighbourhood and we notice that around the 2km mark she starts getting tired (or bored). She isn't quite as attentive on leash and she starts rubbing her head on the ground and wanting to just roll on her back and rub herself. Generally a quick tug on the leash and telling her "We are almost home" will get her moving, but yesterday my wife had to physically pick her up and carry her for a bit.

Is this a sign of something wrong? Hip problems etc or are we just taking her for too long of a walk? In the house and backyard she has quick spurts of energy, but that is usually followed by a quick nap on the couch.

Is this Normal B behaviour?

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Hi All,

As part of our morning routine, my little girl refuses to get up till she gets her morning massage. She stretches out and i rub her back arms and legs, then flip her on her back and giver her a good belly scratch. While annoying at times, especially if i am running late for work, it gives me the oppertunity to notice any changes to her surface.

Friday morning i noticed a little white pimple like growth. It seemed to be filled with some sort of fluid, but i can't be entirely sure. It didn't seem to bother as i poked at it. But what worries me and the wife is that it has a firm mass underneith. I didn't think much of it since it is a holiday here in canada and our regular vet won't be infor a few days.

This morning my wife told me that it is getting darker. and from what i can see "the head" is slightly bigger. We are definately going to take her to the Vet, but i was wondering if we should take her to an emergency animal hospital.

She doesn't seem to be in any pain and she is only slightly annoyed that i poke and prod at it. She is her usual feisty self.

I am attaching a picture in hopes that someone can anyone offer advice or shed any light on what the growth is?


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I occasionally lurk the forums and have a private little chuckle at the stories that are shared. Also when i feel the need to bring myself back to reality i will go through the Rainbow Bridge section to prep myself for the inevitable.

It saddens me to say that we recently lost our girl at the age of 17. My wife got her when she was younger and she had been her constant friend and companion through moves. She was special to me because she made me a dog person, also being a Basenji Lab Cross, she was out introduction to the wonderful world of Basenjis. Many people might not have seen it, but her mannerisms and quirks prepared us for our little girl, Bassit.

When Bassit entered our lives at 6 months old, Cleo was already into her 14th year and had very little patience for a other dogs, let alone a basenji pup. They never seemed to really click, but ocasionally they would sleep curled up in a ball together. But more often then not The little one would kick the older one out of her bed or teasingly bite her tail.

My question is does she know she isn't coming back? Does she care?

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Just saw it! The Wife sent me a BBM and saved the commercial for me on the DVR! Bassit didn't really care too much

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Hey all,

Nothing makes me happier than taking our girl to a dog park and watching her run with around with other dogs. She generally likes to hang back, and then zip through a pack of dogs. By her 3rd or 4th pass she usually has 10 dogs that will join in her fun.

Are there any other B owners in the Pickering, Ajax, Whitby area of Toronto? Would love to arrange a morning trip to greenwood park and watch them run the B500 around other dogs.

Hope to hear from you soon

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Thanks for the welcome!

Our yard is fenced in and she usually lets us know when she needs to go out by sitting in front of or circling the mat near the door. When she does have her accidents i bring her out immediately and it usually takes a few minutes but she will do her business just so that we can go inside where it is warm.

She only seems to have the accidents when we are not paying attention to her (ie: somone calls or comes to the door, doing dishes etc)

I am not sure what constitutes as submissive peeing? But she has a "How do you like them apples!" way about doing it.

She is a Trip sometimes

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Our little 14 month old girl has been a pure gem for the time we have had her.

From her morning stretches and yawns to her late night snuggle they seem to outweigh all her 'badness' that we all know they can get into.

The only issue that we have with her is her need to pee whenever we aren't paying attention to her. Even if we answer the front door for just a second, she will squat and leave her mark.

For the most part she doesn't have any accidents and we give her plenty of exercise and she has alot of access to the backyard.

Has anyone else experienced this? How should we deal with it?

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