• The day after I posted about Promise (a few weeks after she crossed the Rainbow Bridge), we took Captain (Rugosa Rose to the Occasion) in to be euthanized.

    He was a Rosa son, from her litter of 1. I gave her spring second heat a try, figured the litter would be small, and he was born. Normally when she had a litter, she was in charge, the puppies did what she said! But not Captain. At 2 weeks he was bossing her around, and she was complying! That’s how he earned his name, Captain. He and my youngest son were close and if I had known Ben was going to join the Navy, I would have named him Chief (Navy equal to a Captain).

    He had the nickname ‘Butt head.’ He had a wonderful temperament, respected all humans in his life, so when he didn’t want to do something, he just ignored us. For instance, when I wanted him to go outside, and he didn’t, I had to get his collar, and since our floors can be a little slippery, I just had to pull him all the way to the door, and lift him out. Every time. I could never figure any other way to do it, that’s why my right arm is a bit stronger than my left. He did things like this whenever he had to do something he didn’t want to.

    The last time he did it, for the vet, was near the end, and he needed an ultrasound. The vet called me and asked if it was ok to sedate him, he was being a bit stubborn – Butthead!

    He was an example of a male basenji, as opposed to a female. He was calm, didn’t seem to hold grudges, easy going, and not a game player. That’s why, when he was 7 or so, he had surgery( was told it ight be $4000+). He was in for a dental, and I always do the blood work for older dogs going under anesthetic. The vet called me after he got the results, something was off, indicating a gall bladder problem. He did an ultrasound and found a mucocele in his gall bladder
    He did get his dental, some more bloodwork, and when I dropped him off for the gall bladder removal, they told me he would go home in 5-6 days. I got a call while he was in surgery, was told that the hormones could affect his recovery, so we neutered him(you know what, that probably was during the dental – can’t remember). The next morning after surgery they called and said he was ready to go. We didn’t really have to do much different diet wise either.
    When he was originally diagnosed, he was having no symptoms that we could see. That was the reason I do the bloodwork before anesthetic, and why he did so well after the surgery. Also the surgery was almost $2000 a lot less than we were quoted, that’s another reason I do the bloodwork.

    I was told the gals there fell in love with him, I guess he saved most of his Buttheadness for us here at home.
    He was an absolute pleasure here, and lived to his 16th birthday. He was like my other 2 girls I put down this year, his body was just worn out to the point of causing him pain if we waited any longer. He just turned 16.

    He loved to run with Promise and Gretchen, I like to think he still does.

    Now, just Freida

  • Three gone, one left. I'm so sorry for your losses. Butthead sounds like he was loved. Remember it all and hold Freida close. My thoughts are with you.

  • So sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences.🐾

  • @rugosab So sorry. I know how tough this is. I never look forward to this part of the dog contract. Hug that nose that's left.

  • I am so sorry. No other words.

  • So sorry for your loss.... hugs

  • So heartbreaking, my thoughts are with you, take care❤

  • Oh Freida-I am SO sorry for your losses! I just had to take my little girl, Binti (almost 10) in for a removal of a lipoma that was growing and interfering with her harness for walking. It was a tough decision but after a discussion with my vet about doing it now versus HAVING to do it later when she is a couple of years older, we decided now is the time. Thankfully, the operation was a complete success. I don't think I could had stood losing my beloved husband in April then Binti in September. Those two are my heart so I completely understand that your heart is broken. Are you going to rescue another curly tailed clown, do you think?
    Love to you.
    Nancy and Binti

  • @rugosab Just wanted to reach out and let you know that you’re still in my thoughts. Hope the heartache is easing up for you.

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