• In Memory of Kembe
    01/04/2006 - 10/26/2021

    It’s with a heavy 💔heart that I write this post. Today would have been my Kembe’s 16th birthday. Sadly I had to put her down on 10/26/21 - she passed away peacefully in my arms -it was the most traumatic thing I’ve ever had to do. Thankfully my breeder, Sally , and a former colleague assisted me in the process. The situation was extremely stressful because my regular vet would not allow me to be w/ her due to Covid restrictions - so I had to search for an alternative vet that would allow me to be with her. I have waited to post about her passing because I was so devastated - (I am still processing my grief). In April of 2020 she came down with “Canine idiopathic vestibular disease” -also known as 'old dog syndrome.’ Even though she recovered from that event after 4- 5 weeks, the episode definitely took a toll on her and that was the beginning of her decline. I noticed a deterioration in her cognitive and physical abilities after her recovery. Kembe lived a fabulous life but her last several months were difficult - she was diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Disorder (doggie dementia) the last 6-9 months of her life and at the end her eye sight and hearing were also fading - (but she always knew what time it was to eat - even on the very last day of her life). She was such a wonderful basenji and an important part of our family. She brought so much joy and happiness into our lives. We love you Kembe - may you run free - your spirit and memories will live on with us forever!

  • Very sad to read this. I've been down this road too many times myself and I know how deep the feelings go when you have to make that decision. Let the tears flow when they must.

  • It's never easy - but you can rest assured you gave Kembe the best possible life and let her go with dignity when her time came. She was such a lucky Basenji to live out almost 16 years with your family. And you have those fabulous photos, and many others I am sure. I love the frog-dog one especially - and the little lioness !!!

  • Your love for Kembe is a testament to the quality of your relationship and how well you cared for her. Her spirit will always be a whistle away. Please feel free to share your memories of her, she remains a part of our community family. {{{💕 }}}

  • Just always remember you will carry Kembe's soul in your heart for ever. Hugs... It is never easy but you gave her a wonderful full life and let her go with dignity.

  • @Kembe I love your photo tribute to Kembe. The swimsuit is priceless! Isn't it interesting that even when they've passed, they continue to entertain us with the love they shared? What a great doggie she was, and such a fantastic, good sport!

    Posting pictures of Jengo after he'd passed was great therapy, for me. That and all the support that I got from this forum including you! That was so appreciated.

    I hope that time will heal your heart... and maybe... down the road when you're ready... another new wet nose in the house.

    I'm just laughing to myself every time I look at her in that swimsuit! 👊 😁 👍

  • So sorry for the loss of your family member and also that you had the extra stress of finding an alternative vet. The photos are a lovely tribute and my favourite is the one of her in the swim suit too!

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