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Scary stuff! We've reportedly had a couple of cases up here but I noticed that there seemed to be a cluster of cases in the South Wales area. Very worrying 😕

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Really??? I don't know where you are getting your misinformation from. You seem to know who I am but continue to hide behind your moniker.
The stud dogs I used ARE health tested and as far as I am aware Champdogs is a reputable website.
May I suggest that you check your facts yet AGAIN and retract your libelous comments.

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I don't understand why you are being so hostile! There was no PRA test for Elsa when I showed or bred from her but was tested for Fanconi and PPM. Yes, I still show and if you look more closely at my page you will see that Freya has been tested for PRA, PPM, Fanconi and hip scored. She also had a thyroid panel done before being bred from. Zola has not yet been bred from as she is too young so has not had all her tests done yet but has been hip scored and PRA tested. Two of my dogs have only just turned one year so have been too young to hip score thus far. I do my health testing in stages, as I decide to breed from them...or not.
Have you checked the Zande database to see what I have bred or which of my dogs have been used at stud? Or even checked on the Champdogs website to see if my boys are listed as stud dogs?
Unfortunately, many puppy farmers are KC listed here in the UK and have their puppies registered, so I'm afraid your argument falls flat on its face. Sadly, the UK KC requires NO mandatory health testing of Basenjis or even recognizes the testing that we do, so maybe you should check your facts or ask before accusing people of being rubbish breeders.

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I am a member of Champdogs and any health tests listed on the Champdogs website have to be verified and backed up with the necessary paperwork. All of my health tests are listed. I am in no way a puppy farmer or a BYB!
You can only list health tests if you are a paid up member. Breeders may be listed for free but only only have their own pages if they are a paid up members...this does NOT mean that they don't health test!

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Hi Everyone, I know, I haven't been on here for a while.
We have had such a good week! Rocco has officially been awarded his Show Certificate Of Merit 😃 and we also found out that Elsa is in whelp 😃 😃 YAY!

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Great pictures Shelley.x

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Hope he finds a new home soon - very sad.

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I've a feeling Madam is going to come into season soon. Rocco is doing that chomping thing and tempers are getting a bit short :eek:. Never had an entire male before, so this is a bit scary (he was too young really to realise what was going on last year).

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Well done you two! Very well deserved.x

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Just be careful, you might get bitten by the showing bug, lol! 😉
She is beautiful Shelley. I hope you are still bringing her on Sunday.
Uncle Rocco sends lots of licks.xx

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