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That's hilarious!
I've been in the basenji world since 1995 and this is probably the funniest photo I've seen

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I can't add to what has already been suggested, but I was told this is VERY common in basenjis. It kind of from their African past - if you're a dog over there, it's best to wake up ready to fight

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All I have to say:
Don't you just love 'em?

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I had 2 female basenjis that had to be separated - ALWAYS.
One was easy, but in my mind I had to be fair and give each equal time not in the dog room (a sunroom on most house plans).
On nice days, the troublemaker could be left outside if we knew we'd be home in a few hours. In our case, the garage was not an option. it was dark, no windows in the area where we would have her, and it was just so not welcoming to any beast to be in. I would never put a toddler in there, so certainly not my basenji. She was meant to be with her people, or other dogs.
Our next idea was a pen we made in the dog room. It was 4' x 4', but before we left her in that, she showed us she could climb out of it! It was 4 ' high. So, we put a lid on it - 2 ex pens. The first night we let her scream. She went to each space on the side panels and bit them together - every one! Then, she did it so much, the next day I had to take her to the vet. She had worn down every tooth in her mouth, except 3, that he had to pull them out - all but 3! We couldn't leave her loose in the dog room because , unless she had access to her people, she was destructive.

To be honest, I can't remember exactly what we did. I think it was a bit more time with us than the other girl - who didn't seem to mind that much and was rather embarrassed for the breed because of the way the other acted.

The trouble maker was so much work, but I really cried when she was put down, at 17. I think she had a bit of OCD and other psychological problems - seriously, I do think that. I know no one would have given her the accommodating life we gave her.

lesson - be able to go to plan B, C, D ,E, because these beautiful creatures will test to see how creative you are!

I told people, when I placed a puppy with them, I don't place puppies with dumb people, you have to be able to admit that idea won't work, let's try plan B

(the trouble maker girl was crate trained until she was 2, and then NO WAY)

I wish you luck, and I suppose if it's only 2 times a week, it MIGHT be okay. You'll have to watch for any effect of not being able to see people at all for 8 hrs, will have.

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@elbrant The first time I took Ibis lure coursing: I let go, and she ran straight to the lunch stand! It was in the opposite direction of the field.
I don't think she could figure out why a dog would run after an empty bag, when everyone knows, they're much more interesting when heavy!

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My Ibis did that, so when she had 'episodes', we just took her and sat with her on the rocking chair. (Like we did when she was a puppy). She still loved attention, so when she was back to normal, we put her back down. Sometimes we did this 3-4 times a day.

I'm just hoping someone will do that for me when I act the same.

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You know, when you said that, I remembered. When ever our dogs got bit, like even a mosquito, we'd get the one loud shriek.
Ok, another gross story: My daughter had long hair, and once in awhile, the dogs would eat one. (we tried our best to prevent this from happening) When they had to poop, sometimes out would come 'poop on a hair chain. At times like this, and the mosquito bite, I think the shriek was more in surprise than pain, but we still tried to prevent the hair eating.

@jkent said in 4 month old basenji makes single high intensity squeak/shriek:

@tanza thanks, will bear that in mind. It doesn't happen often enough with no obvious reason that we've been concerned, but will keep an eye on it. We wondered at one point whether she was getting bitten by something but skin looks normal and she's not overly scratching.

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In my experience, a lot of coat texture seemed to be genetics. My dogs all ate basically the same thing, and in the beginning, the Ibis DNA coat was different than the Rosa DNA coat.
I said in the beginning, because though it was not the most important puppy quality, I did choose puppies to keep for possible breeding that had better coats.

I'm sure this was just my group of dogs, but in GENERAL, the ones with the coarser coats lure coursed much better (and caught rabbits in our yard) than the ones with the nicer coats.

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@elbrant said in Meet Rogue:

@roguecoyote said in Meet Rogue:

any ideas of what else this promising puppy could achieve?

Perhaps Agility, or Lure Coursing?
She's gorgeous!!

You all are forgetting:
Pampered Princess!!!!!

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