• Max 8th August 1997-21st September 2009

    Think of Max and you think huge, kind, calm, comforting, gentle,
    He has left an enormous hole in our lives; there will never be another like him.
    He was always there, a calm comforting presence; you could rely on him to always be there, part of the furniture.
    Always a sympathetic ear if you needed to talk to him, he?d look up at you with his kind Brown eyes. He understood so much.
    Despite his size he crumpled if anyone raised their voice at him, yet he guarded us and kept us safe.
    Once someone had come through our gate and were accepted by us as friends, Max always remembered and never barked at them again,even years later.
    Recently I had taken him out for a walk off his lead, he noticed the postman across the road and kept showing an unhealthy interest in him. I believe this was because he recognised him as someone who regularly came down our drive but not through the gate.
    To say he was motivated by food would be an understatement; he certainly lived to eat and would clear his meals at lightening speed.
    He also enjoyed his walks and could read your mind if you were thinking of taking him. Once he heard the lead jangle he began his bouncing around in the hallway and when 11 ? stones bounces around it sure makes a noise.
    In his later years he had two speeds when out walking, slow and slower, he would just plod along enjoying the sights and sniffs.
    He loved to find a patch of long grass to walk through to tickle his tum.
    His nickname was Cromwell because he wouldn?t allow the cats any frivolities in the house.
    If he heard them scratching at the rug or even just playing with their toys, he would hurtle out from behind the settee to put a stop to it.
    He saw it as part of his job.
    He loved to play with his own toys though and had a selection of Teddies that he enjoyed carrying around.
    We?ll miss your happy laughing face, your swishing tail, the thump thump in the middle of the night as you dragged yourself along with your front paws to stretch.
    Your rich Red fur, clicking claws on floorboards, deep bark if someone dared to walk past the house.
    Tripping over you as you lay in doorways, tripping over you in the kitchen as you waited hopefully.
    Pinching the Cat food, finding the muddiest puddle to paddle in.
    Know we love you and miss you terribly; you may be gone from this life but will always be here in our thoughts,
    Run free Max

  • My condolences to you for your loss of Max. He sounds like he was a wonderful dog. He will always be with you in spirit knowing you had a great life together. What great memories you write of him.

  • My heart goes to you Shelly the memories are so nice, You two were so very lucky to have each other and your love for one another. Take care.

    Rita Jean

  • I am so sorry for your loss of Max. What a beautiful tribute to a friend. Run free Max…
    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you grieve for him...((Hugs))

  • Houston

    Beautiful memories and very nice tribute to your beloved Max.
    I so treasure our memories with our two dogs that just crossed the bridge..
    I have actually commissioned an artist to paint piece of art of Lou, my husbands dog, to give to him..

  • what a lovely tribute to your beloved Max Shelley.

    Run free Max….

  • Thank you everyone for your kind words. You will have to post a pic of your Lou, Basenjimama when its finished.

  • I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Houston


    I just got the proof of my painting of Lou and I love it. It turned out great and shows Lou's beautiful, peaceful demeanor….I truly think my husband will love it..

    Original picture

    Painting made..

  • The original picture is stunning…can't wait to see the painting...what a lovely idea...

  • Petra, Lou looks gorgeous and sounds rather like Max in personality.
    Its seems the pic of the painting has been removed?

  • Houston

    I put it in here, but I guess it got lost..so here it is again..

  • WOW its gorgeous, i'm sure your husband will love it. What sort of paint has been used?

  • Houston

    It is acrylic, I opted for that instead of oil, since we have a lot of oils already and I wanted something different. I think she did a splendid job. My daughter is stunned at the way her Lou looks and that is all the confirmation I need, I am sure my husband will love it as well.

  • My sympathy on your loss of Max. He sounds like a really wonderful companion and was lucky to have lived his life with you.

  • Shelley,

    I'm sorry for you - sending prayers & hugs your way…

  • @Basenjimamma:

    I put it in here, but I guess it got lost..so here it is again..

    It's lovely. I'm sure he'll love it…

  • So sorry for your loss Shelley.

    Victoria. x

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